[2 Pack] Fabric Chalk Markers for Sewing and Quilting – White and Yellow Sewing Chalk

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  • Make precise marks on fabric — The sewing chalk pencils are more ergonomic and much easier to hold and use than traditional tailor's chalk, allowing you to get precise lines. The pen's rounded design fits comfortably in the hand when marking fabrics
  • TTwo colors for easy distinction — This two pack of fabric markers for sewing and quilting has both a yellow and white chalk pencil. Both colors are bright and compatible with all fabrics, so you can easily see your lines and markings while you work
  • Great for measuring and creating patterns — Mark lines accurately while constructing or modifying garments with these sewing chalk markers for fabric. The chalk marks are necessary sewing concepts for professionals and general enthusiasts alike.
  • Create clean and consistent lines — The special chalk wheel technology helps you make precise marks on your garments and fabrics with the chalk ejection wheel in the fabric pencil. You can use the Chalk Sewing Pencil to accurately create both straight and curved lines. After you have finished using the markers for sewing, wipe off the pinstripes with your hand or a damp cloth

Product Description

A Tools Needed for Tailoring and Making Garments

WU9J When preparing to alter or construct a garment, a fabric sewing pencil is essential to ensure accurate and measured adjustments. embellishment placement and more.

OOur cloth pencils for sewing feature a metering wheel technology for thin, clean and stable lines, and will not snag or drag on your fabrics.

Although other cloth pencils require regular sharpening, our sewing chalk marker is remains accurate and ready to use.

Convenient to store and carry

The fabric sewing marks have a clip-on cap to prevent accidental marks and to protect the pen when not in use. bag or attach it to the fabric during transit.

How to use the fabric chalk pencil for sewing:

– Open the pen and draw a line or mark at the desired location.
– Choose from both colors to easily contrast the fabrics you work with.
– After you are done with the markings, use your hand or a wet cloth to remove the chalk.

These textile markers are compatible with chalk refills.

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July 8, 2021