8 Pieces Heat Erase Pens Fabric Marking Pens Heat Erasable Pens With 56 Pieces Refills

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  • adequate quantity: you will get < > pieces of heat-erasable pens with < > pcs refills, sufficient quantity ensures long-term use; And the fillings are in < > different colors, meet your different needs
  • Heat erasable design: the refill contains the ink that can be erased at a temperature up to < > degrees, you can use an iron to remove the marking without leaving any residue and do not wash or mess up your fabric
  • 4 Colors of refills: The fabric highlighters come with refills in < > colors, namely black, white, red and blue, allow you to mark appropriately on fabrics with different fill colors for a wide variety of applications; The transparent case can clearly see the color and the remaining amount of the refill, which is convenient for replacement
  • SSmooth writing experience: the refill has smooth water flow and a writing width of about < >.< >mm, it's easy to mark without getting stuck; The markings are clearly visible and not easy to mess, which makes it easy to measure and cut, bringing you a nice experience
  • B Wide range of uses: These heat-erasable pens can be marked on most clothes with clear ink color, suitable for sewing, tailoring , clothing marking, needlework, shoe labels, embroidery, cross stitch, etc.

Product Description

8 Pieces Heat Erasable Pens Fabric Highlighters Heat Erasable Pens With < > pieces of refills for quilting, sewing, DIY dressmaking

Highlight different colors of fabrics:
These heat-erasable fabric refills feature < > different colors, which allows you to highlight fabrics of different colors, meeting most of your sewing, tailoring and handicraft needs.

Wipe quickly with iron:
Compared to normal chalk marking methods, these heat erasable pens are designed with ink that can be quickly erased with heat, after a quick touch of the iron and the marks are gone, no residue to your clothes or fabric to mess up, no more worrying about the marks being rubbed off before your project is complete.

Multi-Purpose Markers:
The sewing fabric markers are widely applied in sewing and sewing, work well on garment marking, needlework, shoe labels, embroidery, cross stitch and more, you can also use them to draw complex patterns on fine handmade clothes and crafts.

Material: plastic
Color: red, blue, black, white
Size: < >.< > inch

Package Includes:
8 x Heat Erasable Pens
56 x Refills

Warm Notice:
Please put the cap on in time after use.
Keep it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
Do not use the product to fill out important documents such as contracts and signatures.
Allow < > – < >cm size error due to manual measurement.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

5.91 x 5.91 x 0.63 inches

Item Weight

4.5 ounces



Number of Pieces


Batteries Required


Anyone know how to just re-order the refills without the pen? I have lots of pens and just want the refills.

Enter that request (heat erase pen refills) into the amazon search engine. There are lots of refill only options.

How do you reload chalk?

These are not chalk. They are a liquid pen that has a tinted fluid that evaporates when you apply heat from an iron. I've never used them till a year ago and I LOVE THEM. Some fabrics have a slight shadow of where the ink was after you iron. It's not a color remaining, maybe just a remnant of what ever makes up this tinted liquid. But even that goes away when you wash it AND it is rare that this has occurred on a small number of fabrics. You simply unscrew the metal tip from the pen body and the refill comes out - similar to a regular ink pen refill. LOVE this particular pen design because the cap of the pen has a rubber pad inside that prevents the tinting liquid from leaking out. I ordered another company's pen and the cap did not have that and the liquid oozed out into the cap when I stored it and it was a huge mess and a waste of the tinted liquid. I don't call the liquid an INK because ink is a permanent die, this has different properties. It's not always as easy to see as chalk, but the advantages far outweigh that feature. Make a mistake, just hit it with a warm iron and you can start all over again. LOVE THESE PENS ! ! !

Where are the pens made?

The label on the box states "Made In China".

I purchase these erasable heating pens how do you open the pens put in the ink there no instructions and the end caps are hard to get off !!!

Open the end of the pen (silver part), insert the refill, and tighten it.