Brother Coverstitch Serger, 2340cv, Sturdy Metal Frame, 1,100 Stitches Per Minute, Trim Trap, Included Snap-on Price:  $412.36 (as of 21/12/2021 19:11 PM Details )

  • METAL FRAME: The Brother 2340CV is a sturdy, coverstitched serger made with a metal frame and internal parts. The 2-needle 2-3-4 coverstitch functions are great for working with stretch fabrics, as well as creating necklines and hems
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Featuring tri-cover stitch, wide and narrow cover stitches along with easy-to-follow color-coded threading and cover stitch capability from 3 millimeters to 6 millimeters for thicker materials
  • 1,100 STITCHES PER MINUTE: The 2340CV has a maximum sewing speed of up to 1,100 stitches per minute, so you can sew more in less time. Differential input: 0.7 – 2.0 millimeters
  • EASY TO TURN: A high-speed thread gripper system, color coded guides on the machine and threading thread make the C2340CV easy to use
  • ACCESSORY FOOT SUPPLIED: A standard foot plus blind stitch and gathering foot are included with the 2340CV
  • This product is intended for sale in the US only at 120 volts and any other use or sale will void the warranty

Product description

The Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch is an advanced serger designed to allow users to create a wide variety of coverstitches on multiple weights and types of fabric. The flexibility to create constructive and decorative applications is made possible by the advanced technology incorporated into the Brother 2340CV serger. Some of the advanced user features include wide and narrow coverstitches, tricover stitches and an easy looper threading system. The 2340CV also offers color-coded threading and adjustment knobs, helping to deliver higher quality stitching

The addition of a presser foot button, snap-on feet and differential feed allow you to adjust the stitch length and speed of the material flowing through this advanced sewing machine. The Brother Cover Stitch is made with three needles and one looper thread that allows you to create professional hems, chain stitches and decorative stitches. This machine is exceptional for making the perfect T-shirt with very little effort. The variety of useful to decorative coverstitches allows users to finish edges professionally with a single or double topstitching look. With this machine you can make durable straps for dancewear and swimwear or a chain stitch finish for hems or belt loops. This product is also backed by a 25-year limited warranty with toll-free technical telephone support for the life of the product

The Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch comes with an accessory bag containing a needle set, four (4) wire nets, tweezers, four (4) spool caps, four (4) spool mats, a cleaning brush, an Allen wrench, a soft cover, and an instruction manual

Eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics

Additional information

Product Dimensions

13 x 15 x 13.4 inches

Item model number


Item Weight

1 pounds



Date First Available

January 1, 2009

Everyone says it is difficult to take the fabric out? Doesn't a coverstitch machine work like a serger, so you just sew it out and cut the threads?

No, you can not sew off the fabric. No, raising the presser foot does not release the tension. I bought this for my wife and daughter. All of the suggested methods for releasing the thread didn't work. Only by opening the looper cover, pulling the looper release, then pulling the fabric back with your left hand, while holding 3 tension release buttons with the right hand, were we able to release the threads. We tried every suggestion -- I am not one to give up on anything mechanical. But the only method was not very practical way to end sewing and highly frustrating!

do i really need to buy all the feet for this machine ,or can i use it right away ?

The machine comes with the basic foot to sew most garments. The addition feet are for specialized stitching and are to be purchased as needed. I suggest purchasing the machine and add additional feet later. -CB

can I buy a cd or dvd for the 2340 cover hem sewing machine? wezzie

Go to brother website and you can get one there. But you can find tutorials on YouTube. Go to YouTube and then search their site for coverhem sewing machine and or the 2340 coverhem sewing machine. By the way, this machine comes with a dvd.

Since this machine does not have free arm ability, how difficult is hemming a narrow wrist sleeve?

It’s easy... turn sleeve inside out and put the foot inside the wrist.

Can somebody give a list of the types and number of feet that come with this machine?

A blindstitch foot and a gathering foot come with this machine. Other included accessories are an accessory bag with needle set, thread nets (4), tweezers, spool caps (4), spool mat (4), cleaning brush, hexagonal wrench, soft cover and operation manual.

does it do a chain stitch

it does a straight stitch on top and underneath it does the serger looking stitch.I guess you would call it a chain stitch.this machine works great.

i'm looking for a serger with a heavy duty fabric capability, sewing 2-4 layers of denim or canvas, does the CV2340 do that?

The 2340 CV is not a serger. It is a cover stitch. If you look at the hems on cotton jersey shirts that is what a cover stitch does. Also swim wear. The hem will not pop when stretched like it will when sewn with sewing machine. Hope this helps.

Can I use this machine to hem silk chiffon?

Yes for sure. You may have to adjust the stitch, but I guarantee you will be impressed with the result.

Will I need to buy 3 to 4 cones of thread just to hem a garment?

No...just wind some thread onto some bobbins and put them on the spindles instead of entire least, that's what I do. You can buy larger bobbins for industrial machines that will hold more thread and you won't run out in the middle of a project like I have done before on the smaller bobbins. It doesn't matter what kind of bobbins you use as long as they fit on the spindles.

Does this machine can use like surger and blindstitch machine?

It can't be used as a serger. I like the finish it gives when hemming a garment but it is very difficult to remove the garment from the machine when you are done stitching. That is my only complaint about this machine.