Clover Slash Cutter Price:  $13.80 (as of 22/12/2021 01:42 AM Details )

  • Two interchangeable conductors; Straight slash cutting and curved slash cutting
  • Excellent for cutting fabric
  • Handy for right and left-handers
  • Country of origin: Japan

Product description

Clover 499 Slash Cutter

Additional information

Product Dimensions

3.66 x 0.64 x 8.67 inches


1 12V batteries required.

Item model number


Item Weight

2 ounces


Vista Partners Inc.

Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 24, 2008

can i use fiskars 28mm blade?

No, only Clover Rotary blades can be used. One blade is included.

Can it be used without the guard, just as a rotary cutter?

Since the guards are changable I'd guess you could leave both off, but the blade doesn't rotate like a rotary cutter.. I use a separate rotary cutter and use this to create chenille.

Do the strips fray after cutting? only flannel or regular cotton? cut/sew on bias? multiple layers? (how to use?!) ;)

I have used this to make "faux chenille" blankets. I used multiple (three) layers of flannel which fray a little when cut on the bias. This should work on pretty much any fabric that isn't too thick - or too many layers. I imagine you could also use it cutting in any direction.

Are other guide widths available?? (for the Clover) I haven't had any luck finding any. Thanks

Not that I’ve seen either as when making chenille, a skinny width is necessary.

Is there any way to actually use this blade to put blade in between the 2 plastic guides to trim to 1/8" ? I really purchased this to trim edge down

It’s really not designed to do that. As with any piece of crafting utensils they’re made for one specific purpose.

How is this different than the regular circular cutting tool they make?

This is not a circle cutter. It is for slight curves but really used to make chenille. It cuts between sewing lines to make them fuzzy.

when will i get my Clover Slash Cutter wish i pay for.

I got mine fairly quick- but that was 2 yr ago. Seems like overseas orders on everything are much slower now.

I bought one but can't get the blade to the fabric. What must I do? The blade stays above the blue guide and does not reach the fabric. So the fabric does not get cut.

The blue guide goes beneath the fabric you want to cut. So if you think if a sandwich the fabric is in the middle, the blade and blue guide are the bread.

Why does it say 28mm but the tool is stamped 6mm?

The 28mm refers to the size of the blade that is in the tool. The 6mm refers to the size of the blade that actually does the cutting.

Could this product also be used without the guide as a regular 28mm rotary cutter?

no, because the blade does not rotate like a rotary cutter tool. Only one section of the blade is exposed on the slash cutter until you advance the blade by following the instructions that come with the slash cutter.