Embroidex 15 Pc Sewing Machine Presser/walking Feet Kit for the Brother, Babylock, New Home, Janome,

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  • 15 Foot set for low shank sewing machines
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Product Description

A Nice set by < > Several high-quality feet for your sewing machine. Works with all low shank sewing machines including Brother, Babylock, New Home, Janome, Elna, Toyata, Singer, Elna, Simplicity, Necchi, New Home, Kenmore, White Included are the following Feet all packed in a neat case 1- Snap Adapter on shank, low shank 2- Universal/Zigzag foot 3- Buttonhole foot 4-Satin stitch foot 5-Straight stitch foot/Quilting 6-Button foot 7-Zipper foot 8-1/8” hem/Rolled hem foot 9-Blind presser foot 10-String foot 11- Overcast foot 12 -1/4” Quilting Foot/Patchwork 13- Darning Foot 14 Gathering Foot 15-Drawing Foot

Additional information

Package Dimensions

7.3 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches

Item Weight

9.6 ounces



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Will this fit my 1408 | PROMISE™?

Alright, people, this is how you know whether these feet will fit your exact model of sewing machine:1. If your machine has a short shank, then yes. See the description of the product where it says it is for short shank machines.2. If your machine has a long shank or a slant shank, then they won't fit.How do you know what kind of shank your machine has? 1. Look it up on one of these nifty charts: https://www.anniescatalog.com/pages/shank_chart1.html or https://www.anniescatalog.com/pages/shank_chart2.html .2. If your machine isn't on those lists, like the Singer Promise 1408 in the question, then measure your machine manually. Here is a guide on how to measure your machine: http://imagehost.vendio.com/c/10003275/view/1085137796347_feet_info.jpg .Now, should any of these links go dead, just Google "sewing shank chart" or "sewing shank measurement" like a competent internet user, instead of endlessly pestering other buyers to figure it out for you.

Being newer to sewing, but wanting to increase my supplies, What do you think is better? This set or the set with 32 that is also here on Amazon.

I have been sewing for many years. This set will give you many hours of great sewing. I bought my set because I needed a walking foot for a quilting project. My local store wanted $40 just for that foot. This set of attachments was perfect for me. I especially like that everything is in a box that closes snugly. Buy the 15-piece set until you learn which feet you will use most often. Happy sewing, Jacqueline!

I have an older Kennmore machine bought in the late 80's. It uses screws to attach the feet. Will this fit my macine??

The adaptor that comes with the set screws directly onto the shank, and most of the feet snap on to this adaptor. Others screw directly onto the shank. They work with my early 70s Singer machine (except the darning foot, there's no clearance underneath the foot.) So as long as your machine is low shank I suppose it should work

Will these work with my Janome Magnolia 7318 machine

It looks as though the Janome Magnolia 7318 has a "short shaft". If this is tha case, the Embroidex set should work fine.

Is it a cording or piping foot? A newbie confused with the way manufacturers exchange names to this two different products. Thanks.

It's labelled as a cording foot & can be used for piping or cording. You can also use a zipper foot. Here is a tutorial at http://www.sew-it-love-it.com/sewing-cording.html Hope this answers your question.

Will these presser feet work for a Kenmore low-shank front-loading sewing machine?

Yes. The key point is "low shank" and Kenmore is one of many low shank brands. You should have no problem.

Will this fit a Brother XR-31?

If your Brother XR-31 has a short shank, then yes. It's a great value for the cost.


Having never worked with a Brother Sewing Machine, I cannot answer this question. I wasn't even sure it would work with my machine, but I was able to figure it out by looking into whether my machine was high shank or low shank, and it worked great. I don't remember how it all worked out, but if you look into it, you should be able to figure it out too. Sorry, I couldn't be more help. Good luck!

it work on brother xl3750 ?

It should if your machine has a short shank. The feet work well on my Janome and my Baby Locke machines. I believe that Baby Locke machines are made by Brother (not sure). I am very pleased with this purchase -- a great value for the price!

Does the walking foot have a seam guide attachment?

No it doesn't