Embroidex Sewing Kit for Home, Travel & Emergencies – Filled With Quality Notions Scissor & Price:  $5.99 (as of 19/11/2021 08:31 AM Details )

  • ★ THE PERFECT SEWING KIT – A sewing kit that contains only the most essential and best sewing ideas (sewing tools) and that too in an easy to organize kit – so you can find everything you need in an instant. Being a pro at quick fixes like replacing the button, mending your shirt seam, or mending the ripped hemline has never been easier. So be self-sufficient and do minor repairs yourself.
  • ★ EASY TO USE – The case has easy-access elastic gripper areas to make it easier to organize and find the right notions when needed. The kit includes scissors that can easily cut through lightweight muslin to even thicker fabric, a needle that can sew on a variety of garments and a seam ripper that makes picking out stitches incredibly easy. A kit that in a true sense makes your life easier
  • ★ SMART AND COMPACT – Embroidex sewing kit has an elegant look – thanks to PU leather finish and a compact design unlike other sewing kits available on the market – making it easy to carry in style is wherever you travel. With this kit in your bag, you'll never have to find a tailor for basic repairs again.
  • ★ A USEFUL GIFT – The sewing kit is a great gift for Christmas stocking, a frequent traveler, an artist, mother, grandmother, a backpacker, Tween Age Girls – Brides and Bridemates – Hostess Gifts and just about everyone! Equally good for use by both men and women, the kit is definitely something people would love to use and thank you for.
  • ★ SUPERIOR QUALITY ALL-IN-ONE KIT- Don't let its compact size fool you , the kit contains all the necessary tools needed for threading tools performed (two) or a folding tape. Each concept in the kit consists of high quality basic repairs – be it scissors, threads (14 spools), an assortment of sewing needles, shirt buttons, seam ripper, thimble, neterials to ensure they don't fail to perform their function urgently.

Product Description

Do you often struggle at the last minute to find a local tailor to replace your button, fix your shirt seam, or just adjust a hemline? events just because you are helpless and have no idea how to do the quick fixes? Or

D you just stop wearing a lot of your clothes because of these trivial but crippling issues?

Not anymore! With this all-in-one yet compact sewing kit you have the power and tools to do the small repairs yourself quickly. Carrying this essential kit offers you many benefits:

– No more struggling to find a thread, needle or scissors – All tools organized in a small kit
– No more fumbling around in a small box the size of a matchbox with loose needles that sting
– Never worry about finding a tailor for minor repairs again – can be very difficult when traveling
– Basic crafting or embroidery is easy even when traveling
– A boon to the performing artists – easy repair of any tear or tear that occurred during the performance or just before it

Why buy our sewing kit?

This sewing kit is the result of our many years of experience in the sewing industry and thorough research into problems associated with the sewing kits available on the market. Our product stands for what you buy it for – hassle-free quick repairs with high-quality essentials organized in a stylish case.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4.8 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches

Item Weight

2.88 ounces



Date First Available

August 5, 2014

Is this made in the USA?

i didnt check because everything broke the first time i opened the package. if this is made in the usa i am ashamed. this is the biggest piece of crap. do not buy

what type of material is the thread?

very cheap cotton .. u couldn’t even give these away... it makes me wonder how anybody could say anything positive... except.. how disappointing it is once u receive it.

Is the thread silk?

It's inexpensive sewing thread. Good for sewing a button on or tacking up a hem. Not for fine work.

A large view of a sewing machine needl

There are no sewing machine needles in the kit. There is a standard variety pack of regular hand sewing needles. But it doesn’t include machine needles.

What colors are the threads?

The thread colors are red, yellow, green, black,Orange, pink, blue, purple, white, and a darkerBlue. The thread is good quality,too. I have had no problems with breakage.

How do you get the needle holder open?

Pull it apart

Does this have a seem ripper?

The one I received did not have a seam ripper. Disappointed as that's why I choose this one.

Where is this made and if china what are the circumstances of the workers ie are they slaves to the ccp in concentration camps?

It is made in China, however I don't know the second answer to your question.

I’ve had trouble with travel sewing kit scissors in the past. Do the ones in this kit actually work?

Lol. Me too. They are what they are. Even the best are cheap metal so they will wear out. But I used mine even to trim my finger nails one night (I was desperate). And they held up. They are loose now but still cut thread. But considering how much stress they took to cut the nails, I think that’s pretty impressive. If they aren’t good enough for your needs then I suggest you also buy a pair of snooping scissors from a sewing store and add those to your kit. They are made ove much stronger materials and this kit has enough room to hold a good pair.

When closed, what are the measurements of the kit? Width, length, thickeness?

put it this way... size of a small ham sandwich.. it’s not functional.. for instance the tape is literally o let 6’ long this resembles a toy kit ... comical .. ex crept it actually cost u money.. so the guy making all these outlandish claims of a wonderful perfect kit.. is not so harmless.z he literally making up what ever he wants to say to sell these things... it doesn’t even have a label stating where it’s made... it’s jnbelievable a company somewhere makes this junk... it literally looks like it’s made out of other junk material.