Fiskars (45mm) Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter, 1, Steel and Orange Price:  $8.30 (as of 20/12/2021 07:00 AM Details )

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  • Fashion Classic Loop Rotary Cutter features high quality precision ground 45mm premium steel rotary blade for long lasting sharpness
  • The curved loop handle design provides a natural fit to your hand, improves the control and hand-hold the cutter while rearranging materials
  • Slide knob extends blade during use, locks it in place and retracts for safe storage
  • Ideal for cutting multiple layers of fabric, paper, felt and vinyl, blade can be attached to both sides are mounted for both right and left handed users

Product description

The Fashion Classic Loop Rotary Cutter with an 45 mm blade makes cutting a variety of materials comfortable and easy. A curved shape with a loop handle feels natural in the hand and provides extra comfort and control, while a versatile design offers excellent visibility for both right and left-handed users. In addition, a sliding knob extends the blade during use and retracts it for safe storage.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

1.13 x 3.75 x 9 inches

Item Weight

2.56 ounces


Fiskars School, Office and Craft Division

Country of Origin


Item model number

195210 1021

Can this be used to cut thru batting - about 1 inch?

yes, if you have a ruler to guide you and to hold it down so you can get through. Batting is not hard to cut. I do think that it dulls your blade some.

Is there a pinking shear rotary blade available?

There are curved..wavy blades but not exactly pinking shears

can it cut carpet?

Yes, it can cut carpet, but the blades won't last very long. And, you'd probably be better using the 65mm style and blades. Still, there are probably better options for carpet.

is this cutter manual or battery operated?

Weird, it says it takes a battery…


Yes, I believe it would cut through vinyl Sir. I have used mine to cut both ridged and soft natural leathers, fabrics from shear to heavy. It moved through fluidly without any difficulty. Unfortunately Sir it does have limits. You have to be aware as to how many layers you want to put the blade through. I would try on some scrap layered vinyl to find the best amount to cut through without difficulty. Truthfully, I would be lost without my rotary cutter.

can it cut leather for bracelets?

I have not used it to cut leather for bracelets, but it is a very good product and and it's my fabric and paper too!

Will the Fiscar blade fit the Olfa cutter

NO, do not use Fiskar's blades in Olfa cutter or use Olfa blades in Fiskar's or use the off brand blades. The Olfa blade is specially engineered for Olfa Cutters only. Using the wrong blade in a Rotary cutter causes very bad injuries. The blades will cause the Rotary action to freeze up. That is: Stop the blade from turning. It will ruin the fabric your cutting and may damage your Fingers or hand. See, Amazon: Olfa Rotary Blade Refill Pack RB45-5 (45mm)

I used the cutter only once and then it stopped working. i used a cutting board, and i was only cutting fabric. am i doing something wrong?

It doesn't seem to work too well for me either. I am cutting vinyl and sometimes it doesn't cut.

Can you install th titanium blade on this model?

The only limit to what is possible to install is if the size is correct for the central axle and for the width of the blade. You can install any blade that fits correctly.

Does it work well for cutting pages out of magazines? I.e. I'd like to cleanly trim whole pages from magazines as close to the binding as possible.

I imagine it would. I do think that it would cut through more than one page though. You would have to hold the magazine very flat to clear the thickness of the guards on the blade. Also there would be a "bump" as it got on and off the magazine. A single edge s razor or Xacto knife might be good also.