Handheld Sewing Machine, Mini Portable Electric Sewing Machine for Beginners, Home Diy and Travel, Quick

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  • HIGH QUALITY, LOW NOISE, NO INTERFERENCE: The production of the sewing machine uses alternative plastic materials, the production process is accurate, the sewing thread can be precisely controlled by adjusting the wheel, and the tightness of the sewing thread can be adjusted by tension regulation. Using a low noise level will not disturb the tranquility of others.
  • SMALL AND CONVENIENT: The body is small and light and can be operated with one hand. If the clothes are broken, they do not need to be taken off and can be sewn directly with one hand. It is convenient to always sew.
  • FABRIC AND APPLICATION: It can be used for sewing wall curtains, DIY small items, personal clothing, etc. It is suitable for non-elastic dense fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim, wool, felt, canvas, etc .
  • EASY OPERATION: Easy to operate, can be operated by manual, installed on the line can be used, the runner opens the presser foot, the shuttle core is placed horizontally, automatic routing.
  • ELECTRICAL AND BATTERY OPERATION: The sewing machine can be powered by battery ( except < > * AA battery).

Product Description




Package Dimensions:< >.< > x < >.< > x < > inches

Shipping weight: < >.< > ounces

Color: Black

Adjust thread tension:

1. If the stitching is too tight, turn the tension adjuster slightly counterclockwise.

2. If the stitching is too loose, turn the tension adjuster to the right.

TTo install a normal spool of thread:

1. Loosen the coil nut and remove the coil.

2. Side wire spool on extension spindle.

3. Connect the extension spindle to the bobbin spindle

Package included:

Handheld sewing machine*1

Additional bobbins with thread*2



Additional information

Package Dimensions

8.82 x 5.83 x 1.97 inches

Item Weight

10.2 ounces



Date First Available

August 28, 2021

Is it difficult to thread this handheld sewing machine?

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What battery does this handheld sewing machine use?

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Will this handheld sewing machine jam?

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Is it easy for beginners to use? Can it be used by children around 10 years old?

It is very suitable for beginners. I bought one for my little niece. She likes it very much and is easy to use. She loves to sew clothes for her Barbie doll. Hahahaha, it is really great!

Is this handheld sewing machine suitable as a mother's day gift? i want to give it to my mother on mother's day.

Yes, I believe this is a good Mother's Day gift. It is very convenient for simple sewing on the hem of the curtain.

There is only one needle on this handheld sewing machine. What needles do I need to buy?

No need to buy needles, free sewing machine accessories will be given. There is an extra needle and a threader, so you don’t need to buy it yourself.