Homgaty 2 Piece Treadle Sewing Machine Belt, 183cm 3/16 Replacement Leather Belt Treadle Parts With

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  • 【Premium Cow Leather Material】 The pedal sewing machine belt is made of high-quality cowhide leather, wear-resistant and not easy to break, its sturdy and durable properties ensure a long-term use
  • 【 Easy to install: sewing machine belt is supplied with hooks / connectors. You can easily fit the belt with a sewing machine: by cutting the belt to the desired length and drilling a hole at the cut end that goes past a belt hook, then close the belt with the machine over the hook and fix the belt. until the machine is tightened
  • 【Universal Pedal Sewing Machine Parts】Leather pedal strap widely suitable for the old type household sewing machine and pedal sewing machine. The length is SQXKG cm, the thickness is YECWF mm, a correct size which is suitable for most standard sewing machines, for example Singer. In addition, the belt has been lengthened to THMSF.RTGBT gauges to accommodate more situations, so you can cut it to your needs
  • 【Sewing Accessory Kit】Package Includes: LVYAV x Sewing Machine Belt Replacements with VAWQG Hooks, ISCBG x Sewing Machine Bobbins , ONDGP x Needle Threader, WUIZU x Sewing Machine Needles, QWHDY Sewing Hook, BTUCF Sewing Looper Clippers. This sewing machine set can fully meet your needs, you do not have to purchase it separately. It is an ideal gift for sewing hobby or your grandmother, but also a perfect gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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3.84 ounces

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9.21 x 6.69 x 1.69 inches

This set does not include a bobbin winder tire ring. Where do you all get yours? Thanks!

I bought mine from Etsy. Vendor: SewingMachineDepot (Singer Sewing Machine Bobbin Winder Tire Friction Wheel Fits Models 15-86, 15-87, 15-88, 15-90, 15-91). Works like a charm.

Could this belt work for an industrial consew sewing machine

I cannot say for certain, but it appears to be a strong belt. I am still in the process of restoring my machine so have not used the belt yet.

What size needle for a treadle machine No. 15?

Needle size depends on what you are sewing. The needles in this kit fit my Singer treadle, flat back/round front fits most machines. Needle sizes reflect the thickness of the needle. The smaller the needle number, the finer the needle, and the finer the thread it can accommodate. The larger the needle number, the thicker the needle, and the thicker the fabric it can so without breaking. There are other types of needle points for different fabrics--you wouldn't want to stitch silk with a canvas needle. There are several good sites to help you determine what kind of needle you need for a specific project.

what needle size industrial Singer leather machine 29 or 29-1 manufactured in 1873

My treadle is not an industrial leather machine but you'll want a triangular point heavy needle size 90/14 or larger.

Does anyone know what size/type these bobbins are? They don't fit my Singer 27-4 and didn't know if they'd fit any of my other machines. Thank you

The diameter of the bobbins is 2cm/0.8in,you can refer to the picture.You can refer to the picture to see if this size fits your machine