Husqvarna Viking Jade 20 Sewing Machine Price: $549 (as of 21/11/2021 00:53 AM Details )

  • Extra Large 8″ sewing area with bright LED lighting
  • 82 beautiful 7mm wide stitches
  • Bovercharging bobbin with built-in needle threader winds from the needle

Product Description

The Husqvarna Viking Jade < > Sewing Machine is a fantastic sewing machine with great features and modern design in one. The machine of your dreams when you want your personality to shine through! Sew large home dec projects, quilts or garments with ease thanks to the large area to the right of the needle, 200mm (almost 8″). The sewing space is the largest compared to most other sewing machines in this price range. A sewing guide is useful in just find the type of fabric and sewing technique and I'll know what stitch and settings to use to get the best results. The clean, modern design looks stylish and hides all the included accessories, even the foot control. no need to hide your sewing machine in a closet It looks stylish anywhere Sew without the foot control for easy constant speed This feature is great for sewing decorative stitches long seams and bobbin winding It is also ideal for sewers with physical limitations 200 mm sewing space Start/stop function Sewing Advisor < > beautiful 7mm wide stitches Wide range of optional accessories Needle stop up/down Presser foot recommendation button One-step buttonholes Reduced feed dogs Free movement with every stitch Mirror image from left to right < > Needle positions Adjustable presser foot pressure Uniquely designed accessory pocket < > HUSQVARNA VIKING original snap-on presser feet included. Speed control Built-in needle threader View presser foot recommendation LED display Needle bobbin winding LED lighting

Additional information

Package Dimensions

23.9 x 16.7 x 11.3 inches

Item Weight

24.3 pounds


Husqvarna Viking

Date First Available

August 29, 2017

does this come with a free motion quilting foot?

It comes with these feet: Utility Foot A, Decorative Stitch Foot B, Buttonhole Foot C, Blindhem Foot D, Zipper Foot E, Edging Foot J, One-Step Buttonhole Foot C, Self-Adhesive Glide Plate, which is pretty good, considering the low price the Jade 20 sells for new. It's great machine for the money. I have other much more expensive Vikings, but got this Jade 20 to use as my mobile sewing machine when I needed to hold face mask sewing classes away from home. I ended up gifting my Jade 20 to a relative who needed a sewing machine, and I got myself the Jade 35, which is almost identical to the Jade 20, except it also has embroidery capabilities.

Does this machine handle extra thick layers of denim/jeans?


How is the quality and sturdiness of this machine? --- I want a sewing machine that I can use forever!!!

I recently bought this machine for my mother, who is 87 years old and heavy into quilting. Her previous Viking lasted about 10 years with very heavy usage. To save a couple of bucks, I replaced the Viking with a Singer and the circuit board fried in just over a year. I then bought another Singer which lasted less than a year before it literally started screaming. I replaced that with a Brother Ashley machine, which is still going strong, but since she said the Viking had been her favorite, I bought the Jade 20 too. She uses both machines daily for many hours and dad pulls regular maintenance and cleaning as recommended in the manual. The Jade appears to be a well designed and manufactured machine, as is the Brother (I cannot recommend Singer). As to how long it will last, that depends on usage and maintenance. Nothing lasts forever, but I was counting on this Viking to last until mom turns 100 and dad 102. I don’t see needing to replace it because of some new stitch or capability, as it’s a very functional and versatile sewing machine. I hope that helps.

Where did it original made?

My understanding is the Jade 20 was made in Sweden, but I haven't specifically looked up the documentation that came with the machine to confirm that.

Does this machine sew knit fabrics well? I mainly sew knit and would like a decent machine that doesn’t nest like crazy with knit & elastic or both!

This machine sews knits. It has settings for many fabrics. I see many types of fabrics and never had a problem. Just follow settings for the fabric you are sewing

Is this machine dual voltage?

Good afternoon Robert, it does look like this machine is dual voltage. Within the technical specifications manual, for "Rated Voltage", it states: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz.

what group number does this belong to?

Group 6. However, some accessories are exclusive for the Jade 20 (like the quilting extention table). I always reference the accessories guide when looking for additional pieces:

Is it a quiet machine?

This is by far the worst machine I have EVER owned! I’m embarrassed for Husqvarna Viking for putting their name on this!

Are the push-buttons on this machine flimsy? ---- Will they last?

They seem fine. Only had the machine one month, but I love it. Bought it in the reccomendation of a friend who has 3 husqvarna machines, and sold sewing machines at one time She has had no issues over the years

Can it do fonts?