Janome Blue Sewing Machine Bobbins With Storage Case,25 Count

Amazon.com Price: $31.99 (as of 21/11/2021 01:23 AM Details )

  • 25 bobbins per pack
  • Sstorage box included
  • Ooriginal Janome sewing machine bobbin

Product Description

These Janome Blue Bobbins with storage case are available as a special limited edition item. Janome Blue Bobbins with Storage Case comes with twenty-five blue Janome J bobbins and is packaged in a Janome branded blue design storage container for easy carrying and storage. The Janome J spool in Janome Blue Bobbins with storage case is made from a special combination of rubber and plastic that gives them better wire retention, absorbs machine vibrations and reduces noise. Janome J bobbins fit all standard Janome sewing machines, except the MB4 and < > serial machines. Offer only valid for destinations in the United States.

Additional information

Package Dimensions

12.56 x 8.7 x 6.06 inches

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Item Weight

3.36 pounds



Date First Available

January 11, 2013

what size is the bobbins? I'd need 15

I own a Janome and bought the extra bobbins from the dealer. After discovering these on Amazon I purchased them and they work well. But I do not know their size.

Will these fit Janome 128?

Yes, these bobbins will fit the Janome 128. This is the same as the class 15 bobbin (metal that is used for the older Singer sewing machines). You don't want to use a metal bobbin in the 128, use the ones in this picture. Hope this helps.

Do these fit Janome HD3000?

These bobbins fit most Janome and Elna machines. I'm not familiar with yours, but I'd be surprised if these didn't work!

Are these janome j bobbins? there's no j on them.

Janome Blue are for Janome. There will be no J on them

Will these bobbins fit a Janine DC5100?

I got these & the pink ones and use them all the time on my Janome which calls for #15 bobbin I believe.

Will these bobbins fit a brother ce1100prw?

These bobbins are "Class 15" bobbins, or "style J" for a Janome - if you reference the bobbin chart at the following: http://www.punchwithjudy.com.au/shop/skin/common_files/pages/en/bobbin-compatibility-list.pdf, it states the Brother CE1100PRW takes a "Class 15" bobbin. You can also look at the Brother Website online and confirm the bobbin size. My experience with this particular product is that they are very good quality.

Do these work with janome skyline s6 machines?

Hello, yes. These are 15 class bobbins that will work with all Janome machines including the Skyline S6. Thank you!

Do the Janome Blue bobbins fit the 9000 Janome sewing machine?

I have a 5000 Janome sewing machine and they fit this machine. From what I have read, Janome machines all use the same bobbins and needles, etc.

Do they fit on janome jem gold model 660

If your machine uses J bobbins they might fit but you might want to check the Janome website they used to have a way to contact them about parts

can i use standard metal bobbins in my Janome?

Class 15 bobbins are required in my Janome - you HAVE to check your user manual, call Janome or your dealer where you bought the machine from. Using the wrong bobbin could make it not work.