Janome Hd1000 Sewing Machine With Exclusive Bonus Bundle

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  • 14 Built-in stitches including utility stitches, stretch stitches and an easy to use < > Step buttonhole | The Janome HD1000 even has a built-in automatic needle threader – thread your needle easily and without eye strain. with a variety of accessories including: bobbins, felt, extra needles, two screwdrivers, seam ripper/buttonhole ripper, zipper foot, hem foot, buttonhole foot, a hem guide and a soft cover
  • The HD1000 has a free arm for sewing trousers, cuffs and collars and drop feed for darning, stippling, button fastening and other Free Motion applications
  • Bonus Package Includes: Janome Sewing Machine Carrying Bag Purple Fabric. *Tote is replaceable and subject to stock. Color may vary

Product Description

Style:Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

The Janome HD1000 has many of the useful features you would expect from a more expensive machine. The Janome HD1000 features < > of the most practical stitches, plus a built-in buttonhole and consistent performance on a wide range of fabrics. For everyday sewing, the HD1000 Janome sewing machine is a great value. Bonus Pack Includes: Janome Sewing Machine Tote Purple Fabric. *Tote is replaceable and subject to stock. Color may vary.

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19.69 x 16.46 x 11.81 inches

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26.3 pounds

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September 29, 2015

What is the heaviest thread, in tex, that this machine is designed for?

I haven't tested all thread. T-40 will be safe. Topstitching threads are also fine with an appropriate topstitching needle. Also when using heavier threads decrease the top tension and if using it in the bobbin, it may also need adjusting. Usually I keep two bobbin cases on hand, one specifically for T-50 and the other for specialty threads or heavier threads. I only use this machine for travel or just straight sewing. My answer applies to most home sewing machines with removeable bobbin cases. Happy Stitchin', BAMAY

Can I sew Leather, with this machine?

Yes. And don't forget leather needles and a nonstick sewing foot or Teflon foot, these do not come with the machine.

Will it sew fleece, polyester, rayon?

We bought the machine for our daughter, who sews dog collars- 2 layers of cotton webb, hemp or polyester webbing plus 2 layers of decorative ribbon. It sews through all the layers without a problem. She has also sewn 2 layers of jacket lining & it was fine. Something you might want to do is check out a Janome dealer, who might have machines to try out.

does it come with a case ?

what kind of case?

will this sewing machine work on hemming denim jeans?

This machine does great on denim. I love this machine! it is compact easy to set up easy to use but is a work horse I also love that it feels that way. I am 5'2" tall so I am hemming constantly denim is a breeze with this machine. My singer didn't like denim so well so I am very happy with my Janome!

How much does this machine weigh? I am looking for a machine to carry to classes.

it's not too heavy, but I wouldn't advise carrying it too far, anyway, I bought the piece of junk after reading all the hype about it, don't waste your money, buy a name brand. the first sewing i did was on a piece of cotton, strait stitch, it did okay, as soon as I went to a zig zag, it kept jamming up so much and the jam is inside on the lift bar, which means you have to unscrew the panels to get to the jam, I got so fed up with it never touched it since, i had a funeral to go to and was gone for a while and when I got back it was past the time of 30 days to return it so now I am stuck with an expensive piece of junk.

What is the throat space for this machine?

I'm not sure what you mean by throat space. If you mean the space between the presser foot and the throat, you can lift it about 3/4" to make room for thicker projects.

Has anyone sewn stretchy fabrics like knits and jersey with this machine? If so, how did it do? Did you change needles?

You should use a microtex or ball point needle for all knits. I use a teflon foot when I sew knits and jerseys and set the stitch to zigzag to allow for stretch. I have not encountered any problems using the hd1000 for these kinds of fabrics.

How does it handle with several layers of denim, as if hemming jeans? does the tension self adjust?

The Janome website claims that it will. I have not tried this specific task, yet.

do you recommend this machine for delicate fabrics...silk chiffons?

I bought this machine because they advertised it can sew heavy duty materials, like vinyl, denim, etc. When I received it, I sewed on some light cotton, it did a good job until I wanted to do a zig zag stitch. Then this piece of junk did nothing but jam up every few stitches, and to unjam it you have to unscrew the side plate, and even then you can't get into the jam. it keep on balling up on the lift arm and nothing I did would stop it. I got so frustrated I put it up before I threw it in the garbage. Unfortunately, we had a death in the family, I was gone for a few weeks and when I came back my 30 days were up and I couldn't return this crappy machine, have not touched it since, save yourself money and buy a good name brand and warn others about this piece of lousy plastic, which now, I am stuck with and can't use for it sits still jammed.