Juki Hzl-g220 Sewing Machine

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  • BOX FEED: Industrial sewing machine technology: In order to provide beautiful seams and excellent feeding performance, JUKI has adopted a box feeding system. The conventional feed mechanism is an oval movement. On the other hand, the box feed moves the conveyor in a box movement. This eliminates shrinkage and shifting of material. This precise feeding system provides superior stitch quality for a variety of light to heavyweight fabrics | Sewing patterns: < > Patterns including < > Font
  • GJ90 POSSIBILITY TO SEW FROM LIGHT TO HEAVY WEIGHT MATERIALS: The fabric does not shrink, even on extra lightweight materials. Thick handle makes sewing easy, Powerful feed: The HZL-G series has a powerful feed thanks to the improved presser foot construction. Heavy material projects, such as hemming jeans, can be sewn with ease! 3-12-3 layers of denim

  • WIDE SEWING SPACE: HZL-G series has a wide armpit space. Working with large projects is more pleasant and comfortable | High-quality buttonholes: The HZL-G series sews beautiful buttonholes, regardless of the type of material. < > buttonhole types are available to suit your needs
  • AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER: The automatic needle threader threads the needle easily without eye fatigue and allows you to quickly start sewing
  • QUICK PREPARATION OF THE BOBBIN: Just follow the guide and no need to pull the bobbin thread up to draw | Other features: LED light, fine overcast stitch, drop feed

Product Description

Computerized sewing machine with built-in sewing font

This JUKI sewing and sewing machine features an automatic threader, which can thread the thread perfectly through the needle threading with a built-in needle threader Front-loading bobbin that is easy to wind and insert. One-step buttonhole that creates consistent buttonholes in a style to suit your needs.

● Adopted Box Feed System
●< > Patterns including < > Font
● Lightweight Materials
● Buttonholes
● LED Light
● Fine Overcasting Stitch

HZL-G series has wide armpit space. Working with large projects is more pleasant and comfortable | High-quality buttonholes: The HZL-G series sews beautiful buttonholes, regardless of the type of material. < > buttonhole types are available to suit your needs

The advantage of the easy-to-load, top-load bobbins is that you can easily see through the window how much thread is left on the bobbin. You do not need to remove the bobbin case to install a new bobbin and you do not need to remove the accessory tray from the free arm to change bobbins. Drop-in bobbin sewing machines also have fully rotating metal hooks that move in one direction, are quieter and require less lubrication than under the oscillating shuttle hook and removable bobbin case systems.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

17.52 x 8.78 x 11.5 inches

Item model number

HZL G220

Item Weight

19.14 pounds



Date First Available

January 29, 2016

What is the difference between the juki hzl g210 and hzl g220 ? please. thank you in advance.

I chose the HZL-G220 because it was a big deal for me to have the built in thread cutting button. I did all the comparisons you are doing and this was the only difference I could tell from the description. It was SO SO worth the extra money to be able to push that scissor button to end my thread line, move my fabric to a new place, and begin a new stitch without pulling everything out, finding the scissors, cutting the threads and restarting every time I came to a new place. Wish I had invested in this years ago - quilting would have been more fun.

Which bobbins does it use?

Class 15 Regards, Roger Ayers e-Commerce Manager SewingnMore

Does this Juki have speed control?

Yes there is a slide on the front of the machine and it also responds to foot control pretty well as well

Can this machine do free motion quilting? What is the difference between this machine and the f 400? Or &600?

I bought this Juki HZL-G220 specifically for free-motion quilting and I am enjoying it. My biggest disappointment was that when I ordered a box of “Juki” quilting attachment feet, I should have ordered from Sew N Vac Direct in the first place. They are the vendor who sent my Juki machine through Amazon and they are the vendor who answered all my Juki questions, such as whether the walking foot I wanted would match my machine model. If you’re buying any Juki parts for free-motion quilting, as I did, I would recommend SewNVac as the vendor you use (your Amazon order will show “shipped from” so you know the company)....don’t go with an unknown and end up with a handful of attachment feet that aren’t even Juki brand and don’t match the picture. Happy quilting!

Does this come with a foot pedal? I don’t see anything in description saying so.

Yes it comes with a foot pedal. It can be used with or without the pedal.

do the feed dogs drop for free motion quilting?


Does it have extension table

It doesn't come with one, but you can get one separately.

what is the throat size?

I do not know the exact aize - but it is approx. 7” from needle position to the main machine post. I work on lots of large items and have had no trouble. I really like this machine.

Can this machine sew cotton?

Hi Tony. Yes, that machine can sew just about any fabric, with appropriate needles and thread. Thanks, Wayne Fabric Hut 757-588-1300

How well does this machine do with heavy fabrics like jean, canvas, or fleece?

I’ve only had the machine for a month, but absolutely love it and can tell you this will do the job for heavy duty fabrics. Ive been sewing a lot and the heaviest I’ve done is sewing through 4-5 layers of 100% cotton. It did the job, no problem.