Juki Tl-2000qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

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  • Updated with LED lighting and one pedal control
  • 1500 SPM for Quilt Clothing and Home Decor
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Cast aluminum arm and bed for low-vibration operation
  • Extension table included for a large work area

Product description

Updated with LED lighting and one pedal control, 1500 SPM for quilting apparel and home decor. Stitch Length – Max. 6mm. Automatic needle threader. Stitches: Straight stitch, cast aluminum arm and bed for low-vibration operation. Extension table included for a large work area.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

17.8 x 8.6 x 13.8 inches

Item model number


Item Weight

37.7 pounds


Juki America, Inc.

Country of Origin


Date First Available

November 11, 2010

what is the difference in this Juki TL 2000Qi and the Juki TL 2010Q

The Qi has only one tension knob and the Q has 2. The Qi doesn't have a speed control, but the Q does. The Q comes with several more presser feet, the Qi only has the standard foot, walking foot, compensating 1/4" foot, 1/5 free motion foot. If you ever need a Juki serviced take it to your local dealer and DO NOT send to Juki America Inc. I sent another Juki I own there after using it only 4 times and they still have not returned my machine or responded back to me. It's been a month since they have had my machine. I paid $1300 to a dealer in another state and sent my machine to Florida to Juki America for repairs and haven't received my machine back. Save yourself a headache and NEVER send a Juki to them. Pay the price and have it locally serviced. I wish I had known what an ordeal this has turned in to or I never would have sent my Juki for repairs. I don't have a machine back and I spent a lot of money. I hope I get my machine back some day.

how wide is the throat

I measured 8 5/8" from the needle to the vertical right side of the throat.

Does this model have the knee lever?

Yes! I use the knee lever! The machine is great I'm so glad I bought it! Several of my quilting friends have bought this machine after I raved about it

What feet does this model come with? Walking foot? FMQ foot? Zipper?

Mine only came with standard sewing foot (which is NOT 1/4 inch) and a walking foot. I had to order a 1/4 inch foot so I can easily have nice 1/4 inch seams.

do you use a quilting frame for this machine or do you just put it on a table?

Hi Chris, the Juki model TL-2000Qi can be used in a quilt frame or as a table top machine. We also have quilters who purchase a sewing machine cabinet and use it that way. Most of the users we have sold use it without a quilt frame. We have currently have specials on store demo machines as well as new. Just give us a call at 800.428.2804 and ask to speak to one of the Valley girls.

How does it compare to the brother pq1500 machine

I have the Brother PQ 1500S machine too. They are similar machines in they both sew at 1500rpm, only straight stitch, are both high shank machines so the presser feet will fit both machines, use the same bobbins too. The Brother comes with more presser feet than this Juki does. The Brother also has a pin feed system which is great for slippery fabrics. As a quilter, I find the Brother free motion quilts better and the tension is better. The Brother is easier to thread the needle. The Juki can cut the thread by pushing a button or by pushing down with your heel on the pedal. The Brother has a button only to cut the thread. Some people do not like the pushing of the heel to cut the thread because they might accidentally push their heel down. It did take some getting used to for me. I can push the button just as easily, so it didn't matter that it had that cutter by pushing on heel. I do like some of the Juki feet better, but Brother comes with more feet. I can use feet with either machine and I purchased the Juki 1/4" patchwork foot to sew 1/4" seams as I like it much better than the Brother 1/4" foot. I use it on my Brother machine too. I heard so many good things about this Juki, that i got one, but had my Brother for over 10 years and my Juki since last May. After sewing on both, I prefer the Brother overall. If I could have used both machines for months before buying one, I would buy the Brother and then buy a few extra Juki presser feet like the 1/4" patchwork foot (which I bought extra anyhow) and the 1/4" compensating foot (which comes with the Juki). The Brother hasn't had any issues in the 10+ years I have owned it. The Juki has tension issues when free motion quilting, so I use the Brother and have the Juki as a back up machine now.

is there a speed control on this machine

Just the foot pedal but it's not too fast like industrial machines that are hard to control. I think the only reason it's called "semi-industrial" is because it can go faster than most home machines I've used, and without vibrating off the table, but I wouldn't really call it "industrial" at all.

how is this machine with fine and delicate fabrics? i make quilts - but i also do some dressmaking -

As long as you use the proper thread and needles, you should be fine. This machine sews like butter. It has a perfect response time - no hesitation, no jumpiness at all. I would feel perfectly comfortable sewing lingerie on this machine.

how well does this work on very thin flexible fabric? & stretchy fabric? & heavy duty leather? thanks.

It all depends on the strength and size of the needles used, the settings (tensions, presser foot, stitch length, etc...) The machine works properly for all these materials if the correct settings and equipment are used (needle and thread).

I need a machine for leather, canvas and upholstery sewing. Is this the one or what would be best?

No. There isn't enough room when you lift the sewing foot to insert thick fabric. Although it might work for some; it could do thin leather ok and it does denim. But I don't use it to hem jeans through 4 layers of denim. I use my regular machine for that - it has enough torque and has more room for the thicker materials to travel between the plate and the foot. It also has a special jeans foot that helps me to jump over the thick jean seams. There is probably another Juki that will do these thicker materials. The 2000QI is great for quilting and thinks like that.