Juvenics Mini Sewing Machine- Small and Travel Friendly Sewing Machine – Foot Pedal- Portable for

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  • PORTABLE SEWING MACHINE- Designed to be ultra-easy to sew, energy-saving and space-saving, this mini sewing machine is equipped to deliver highly accurate stitches no matter where you are. Portable sewing machine is small and travel friendly
  • GREAT FOR SMALL PROJECTS Now unleash your creative side at home and create amazing yet simple designs and sew a variety of clothes sheets duvet covers cushion covers soft toys or birthday dresses etc for your kids etc as a sewing genius. It's lightweight and compact, so it's an ideal choice for quick repairs.
  • WORKS ON BOTH BATTERY AND ELECTRICITY- This small sewing machine runs on both electricity and battery; AC/DC adapter or four AA batteries give you the convenience to sew even if your power goes out. Don't let power outages stop you from finishing your designs, whether for small or large projects.
  • UILT-IN SEWING CAMP – Equipped with focus sewing light to make sewing easier, it also has two bobbin holders that allow you to sew things with a more durable setting, the portable sewing machine has a double lock stitch function.
  • SEWING MACHINE ACCESSORIES – This product is an ideal choice when buying a sewing machine for beginners as it comes with a detachable sewing table, a detachable foot control, four metal bobbins, one needle, one AD/DC adapter and one needle threader. This sewing machine also comes with pre-drilled thread and with a pre-set tension that gives you the advantage to start sewing straight away without any confusion.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

3 x 5 x 2 inches

Item Weight

1 pounds

Date First Available

August 27, 2020

What does the package include?

It comes with three threaded metal bobbins, two empty metal bobbins, one set of replacement needles, one needle threader, one 60” tape measure, a 110V AC adapter, a foot pedal, and an instruction manual. It is perfect for beginners and even professionals who want to undertake simple DIY projects.

Do i need the instruction manual, or can i just watch youtube videos?

There is no harm in saving the instruction manual. It always comes in handy when you have a specif doubt or a question about the product that only the manufacturer can clarify. Watching YouTube videos will be a bonus.

How does the automatic bobbin winder work?

It is a vital feature of the mini sewing machine.The automatic bobbin winder helps to wind the thread faster than usual and turns off when the bobbin has reached maximum thread capacity.

How is this sewing machine powered?

The machine comes equipped with an adapter of 110v.It also works as a battery-operated sewing machine by using 4 AA batteries.

Can this sewing machine do the reverse stitching?

It is a straightforward mini sewing machine and does not perform reverse stitching functions.If you want to achieve a reverse stitch,it will have to be done manually.

I want to stitch the tear in my pillowcases. Can I repair them on this mini sewing machine?

Sure! This machine is excellent for DIY projects. Make sure that your pillowcase is not too thick or fat.

My child is nine and wants to learn how to sew. Is this sewing machine too fast for her?

A regular sewing machine sews at the rate of 11-15 stitches per second, this mini sewing machine sews 2-3 stitching per second, making it ideal for your child to learn how to sew with ease.

Is this sewing machine child friendly?

When properly supervised, this mini sewing machine is perfect for your child to learn more about sewing, pattern forming, and simple stitches!

Does this machine need a particular thread to function?

No unique/ specific thread is required.The standard thread you get in gift stores will be perfect for this machine.

Can I sew without the aid of the bobbin pin?

The bobbin pin is like the heart and soul of every sewing machine. It holds the very thread that is used in the sewing process. It will be impossible to sew without it.