Leonis 5 Water Erasable Marking Pens Blue [ 78008 ]

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  • VIBRANT INK COLOR that shows up on most light-colored fabrics and some dark-colored fabrics depending on texture and darkness
  • SHARP AND FIRM PEN TIP allows you to draw precise lines with every stroke. Our felt tip nib can maintain its shape and ability to distribute ink smoothly for your entire use
  • EASILY REMOVABLE by using a damp cloth or washing with water, leaves no traces!
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY despite the smaller than average size to get you through a variety of sewing projects
  • EXTREMELY COMPACT SIZE allows our sewing fabric markers to fit perfectly in a standard sewing box and the like, convenient for storage and travel

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Product Dimensions

5.51 x 2.17 x 0.31 inches 0.8 Ounces

Date First Available

December 16, 2014



How well does the blue ink show up on black or dark fabrics? Will the pen ink cause dark fabrics to lighten after washing?

I've only used them on lighter Fabrics to mark quilts before quilting them. I've not had a problem with the ink causing fabric to lighten.

Will this work for marking quilts? is it a better quality marker than the water soluble markers by dritz and wrights? how long are the marks visible?

The markers disappear with water dampened cloth. Beware if you are spraying 100 percent cotton with water it will shrink 30 percent if you haven't already prewashed it. I try mark very minimal then use a lot of steam after to shrink all of the fabric. The color completely disappears. I love these over chalk as I feel chalk rubs off and I don't get as fine of a line. They do not work on black or navy fabrics.

Do you have to scrub/scratch the fabric a bit to get ink to show up? I'm looking for something gentler on my fabric/better ink flow

Thank you for the inquiry. This marking pen works same as general marker, so you can write fine line very easily. You don't have to scrub the fabric. Thank you.

What is the count for the 2 set together?

I received 1 of each.

Blue ink disappears with water, but reappears later when I iron fabric. Is it never safe to iron, even after ink seems like it's removed by water?

Thank you for your inquiry. The reason why blue ink reappears is that the ink is not removed completely. The ink will be removed with water, but if you don't use enough water and the ink remains in the fabric, it might reappear when the fabric dries regardless of ironing.

Is this a good pen to help with my simple sewing projects? Do the pen marks show up right away or do I have to wait a few minutes?

This is a marker from hell! It goes on right away but it doesn't come off. It wipes off with a damp cloth but in 10 minutes it reappears. I did this for 30 minutes and gave up. I will never recommend this products and even to an enemy.

Are these pens acid free?

Thank you for the inquiry. Our Water Erasable Marking Pens Blue contains acid. Please take notice to that point. Thank you.

Do these work on Leather?

I do not know if you really can use on leather, I have not tried it. But this is what someone else wrote on the, Leonis 5 water erasable marking pends blue ( statee. A: I think these will work on light colored leather and leather that won't stain if it gets damp or wet By Marcia Acker-Missall on September 6, 2020) you could take a small piece and try it. But I have never use it on leather, cloth only. I hope this helps.

Can these be used on stretched canvas?

Yes, it can be used on anything that would tolerate water because that is what erases the markings.

Do these work on acrylic yarn?

Theses are the markers from hell. They do not come out. Sorry that I brought them.