Madam Sew Chalk Fabric Marker for Sewing and Quilting – Tailors Liner Pen Creates Consistent Price: $9.99 (as of 20/11/2021 21:43 PM Details )

  • M MAKE TEMPORARY MARKINGS on garments, quilt pieces and other fabric projects with Madam Sew Fabric Marking Pens to sew. Cleaner and more accurate than tailor's chalk, these cloth pens allow smooth markings to indicate changes or the placement of embellishments. The round, ergonomic pen holder and small wheel give you the maneuverability to draw straight, round or detailed lines, even on difficult-to-mark fabrics.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL FABRICS including cotton, leather, suede and synthetic fibres, Madam Sew Fabric Chalk rolls easily over knit and jersey pieces without dragging or snagging. Make precise, distinctive marks on each piece of fabric to trim jeans or alter a seam.
  • CHALK STAYS ON fabrics without inadvertently brushing or smearing lines and causing inaccuracies in stitching. After assembly or adjustments are completed, you can wipe off the chalk lines with your hand or use a damp cloth to gently wipe them off.
  • AVAILABLE IN < > COLORS for all your sewing projects. Choice of red, white or yellow. Our sewing chalk markers are refillable and fitted with caps with clips. Caps protect the dispensing wheels from damage, prevent accidental markings and ensure neat, tidy storage.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

5 x 1 x 1 inches

Item Weight

0.634 ounces


Madam Sew

Date First Available

July 29, 2020

Would it work for faux fur backing?

I have seen different types of backing on faux fur. Some is smooth and some is more like fine burlap. If you are using it to mark a line where you will cut or sew, I think it would make a line that you could see well enough to do that. I used it on some microfiber cloth that had like a short "fur" and it worked on that.

Can i use pounce chalk in them?

I'm going to say yes. I don't have any documentation to back this up but when mine run low I will purchase pounce chalk locally to refill

Will these work with stencils?

No. These work great for a very fine straight line or curves. The writing tip is a little wheal that rotates around distributing the powdered chalk from inside the cartridge or barrel. It’s not a fine enough point for stencils.

Where is it made?


where do you get the refills for this chalk pen?

Madam sew has refills as well as joann fabrics

If you iron over it, will that set the chalk?

It hasn’t for me . It brushes off easily after quilting

Has anyone ever tried it on yarn? I crochet and am looking for a product to use to mark where i want to sew amigurumi pieces.

It is not intented to be used on yarn and would rub off before you are ready to stitch your project together.

Does this work on felt?

I have not tried it on felt. It's a powder chalk and I'm having problems getting it to stick to fabric.

I have used this on a white background, and cannot get the yellow chalk off. I have tried soap and water and a vacuum, to no avail Any suggestions?

Sadly, we have no other secrets to removing the chalk. We've heard other customers suggest vinegar and water but since you are working with white fabric we would advise against that. Have you tried the yellow chalk marker on a different fabric? Perhaps try it on a scrap. The chalk marker you have is clearly not behaving the way it is meant to.

Are refills available?