Michley Lss-505+ Desktop 12-stitch Sewing Machine, White Price:  $49.75 (as of 21/11/2021 05:31 AM Details )

  • Two thread lockstitch
  • Replaceable presser foot
  • Stainless steel rotating hook point
  • Top drop-in magnetic bobbin for easy bobbin threading
  • Use hand switch or foot pedal to start

Product Description


The LSS-505+ desktop sewing machine has < > built-in stitch patterns and is easy to use for all your basic sewing needs. This small, portable machine can be used with a 6V power adapter or < > AA batteries. Features include reverse sewing, sleeve sewing, two speeds and an automatic bobbin winder. The machine comes with a built-in accessory storage drawer, a sewing lamp and a thread cutter.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

10.8 x 4.8 x 10.2 inches

Item model number

LSS 505

Item Weight

4.7 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 23, 2016

Is this a good machine for beginners(6-7 year olds)?

Yes, with guidance from an adult. I have used it with my four year old granddaughter. She likes to use it to make doll clothes.

My Mom is 89. She was once a remarkable seamstress, but can no longer grasp some simple concepts. Would this work for her for simple projects? Thanks.

Hello! This is a simple straight-forward sewing machine. Easy drop-in bobbin (you don't have to wind bobbin separately on top of machine). It does have different stitches to choose from, it's lightweight although not "toy-like". I would NOT use this for sewing a heavy fabric, like denim. It would be great for craft projects, sewing hems and the like. Hope this helps you! Your mom's 89 and still wants to sew..."GO, MOM!!!"

I am no seamstress and I always have a problem with setting the tension. Any suggestions?

The thicker the fabric the looser the tension needs to be.

what can I use for replacement needles

Regular standard needles for and sewing machine.

I would like to buy zipper foot to this machine but I find just singer foot in the stores. Where can I buy or order one? Do the singer or other foots fit to this? What do you use?

You need to purchase a presser foot adapter for any presser feet to fit these. (the adapter is $5 at most major sewing machine parts retail outlets) I had contacted the manufacturer about this before I purchased this machine and they told me (I'm not into presser feet so I don't know 1st hand) that for this machine, the screw that holds the presser foot that comes with it, is what you need to take in to a retailer so they can check for the size foot that will fit. I'm not sure if that is how the adapter is measured. The features of the machine, itself, is based on the features of the full sized, vintage steel Singer machines however, the plate is not interchangeable so this machine will not accomodate some presser feet, even if they fit the adapter.I personally, don't use presser feet w/this machine and didn't when I had a steel machine with all the PF and plates I could ever use. I prefer to adjust the material to sew backwards then flip it or hand sew specialty things but, I realize that isn't always an option that works for all things or everyone is always into doing.I'd suggest contacting a large retailer (or two) to verify that they have or can order the items you need and that they'll work with this machine. (Another Amazon customer had posted about presser feet-they had contacted a small discount repair store and got nowhere. I did research it and the adapter/s is/are on-line at various large parts stores. You can find these by googling "Where to purchase presser feet adapters?" or "presser foot adapter" then click on "shopping" on the results page or ask your local JoAnn fabric store, if you run into problems getting to the right retailer that may be on-line, only)Hope that helps!

Does this come with an adaptor to plug in to electricity?

Yes its electrical with a plug and also battery operated.

I am thinking about buying this machine, but I have just one question, which is, does it come with the thread shown in the picture?

This particular one says it comes with a 100 piece sewing kit, so I assume that it would come with the thread shown in the picture. The one I bought did not come with a100 piece sewing kit. This one should.

Will this machine do a gathering stitch?

My machine failed to work properly after 2 months of use. I cannot recommend it.

Would this sew through two layers of no pill fleece well?

Yes. I use it to make cage fixtures for my sugar gliders and it gets through two layers of fleece just fine.

How can I use the needle to pick up the bottom bobbin thread?

Make sure there is about a 2 inch tail from the bobbin. Clamp the pressure foot down and hand roll the threaded needle down to reach the bobbin.....and it should pull it up. Hope this works!.....I also googled different questions on how to do this or that and found YouTube was helpful..... Debi