Nose Bridge Strip Fabric Wrapped Copper Wire, Washable Sewable (White, 5 Yards) – No Plastic Price: $8.53 (as of 20/11/2021 20:54 PM Details )

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  • Washable – Fabric wrapped copper wire won't melt like plastic in heat or rust like raw steel
  • Save Time to put in no bag. Ready to sew
  • Firm and flexible – Bend comfortably around the nose
  • Easy cut with regular scissors – < > meter nose wire makes < > masks (3.5″ each)

Product Description

SHIPPING FROM USA Washable – Fabric wrapped copper wire will not melt like plastic in heat or rust like raw steel. Save time – no need to create a pocket to insert. Instantly sewable – sturdy enough, bend comfortably around the nose – < > meter nose wire makes < > masks (3.5″ each)

Additional information

Package Dimensions

4.09 x 3.94 x 0.55 inches

Item Weight

1.13 ounces



Date First Available

May 13, 2020

The wire seems very thin, I am concerned about breakage after repeated use. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I've had no problems. Wire is not "brittle." I hand wash our masks, but the wire pc is not sewn in, I have a nose sleeve at nose bridge area of masks, thus the insert can be removed if desired. I generally do, letting it sit in the tap-hot water (with a bit of mild detergent). I then swish everything around, change the water a couple of times, then gently "squeeze" within a hand towel. The wire pcs are placed on the shelf to dry. The masks can be hung overnight to dry (I use clips to hang them on my laundry room drying rack). Or you can dry them in machine, medium heat. So you can choose to keep the wire pc inside a nose sleeve, or SEW it in place (not my choice at all). My take is that if it is removable, then it can be replaced with a fresh piece at the point when (maybe) it might need to be. I LOVE this product, as does my friend to whom I gifted enough for 5 masks. She then ordered a pkg for herself! I especially like that it does not hurt my very sensitive nose/bridge, as I have neuralgia in my face and that area of my face is especially sensitive. Before this product, I had tried pipe cleaners (two different widths) and floral wire, all of which caused me great discomfort, not to mention that they had to be "bent" at the tips to keep from jabbing me. I put a small dot of fabric glue on the ends, and I've had no issues. Hope this info helps you decide.

Does the fabric cover soften when washed?

The nose bridge fabric keeps its shape and woks very well even after many washes. I truly like this product therefore I highly recommend it.

What gauge is the actual wire?

20 gauge copper. 1/4” wide fabric wrapped.

This says you don't need to makke a pocket. Directly sewable. How does that work?

A: I have directly sewn this every time. I make 3 layer masks. I find it’s best to sew this into the two layer side. I use a zigzag stitch. I place this wire, do a zigzag forward and reverse several times at the start to really secure the end, then zigzag the length of the strip, then again do multiple forward/backward/forward zigzag stitches to secure the end. Once the mask is flipped right side out, there is a visible stitch, but if you choose your thread well, it’ll be barely noticeable. I, however, always put this side toward my nose, so it doesn’t matter anyway. I’ve never had one come loose or break. I wash in a front loading washer and hang to dry.

Scissors to cut this item? Does that not destroy the scissors?

The copper wire inside the fabric is very thin (4 of these wire Bundled will make one regular copper wire you normally think of) and copper is a very soft metal in nature so it shouldn’t hurt scissors any more than usual. Please feel free to test cutting it with the scissors you own and return it back to us if not satisfied. Please be reminded the stiff fabric wrapped the wire gives just about the right amount of stiffness and flexibility to the nose bridge wire and you can’t cut that fabric with a wire cutter.

Can it be put into the washer and dryer?

Yes! But please be sure to consider what kinds of fabric and elastic bands you use for your masks or any sewing projects before washing. When washing masks we suggest....treat it like you would with bras with wire in it. Put it in a mesh so your masks don’t get tangled and don’t wear our prematurely. This wire fabric doesn’t melt but some elastic band with high rubber content you use for the masks might...also be aware some fabrics shrink more than others in the drier. That’s why most experienced sewers suggest people to just air dry face masks or set drier temperature low.

Is this product similar to boning?

Similar concept but our Fabric Wrapped Wire is much more flexible and follows the shape of nose bridge, while boning tend to be very rigid and structural material for strapless dresses and etc.

Are these similar to the strips they put on coffee bags? I've been searching for those kind but can't find them.

This is a similar concept. However these are fabric wrapped copper wire. You can sew right on top of it. The strips used in coffee bag ties are wrapped in plastic. Some people are sensitive to plastic and chemicals, especially near their nose.

What is the gauge of the copper wire?

The copper wire gauge is 20 (0.032" diameter or 81mm). You cannot cut this strip with a wire cutter. Use scissors to cut both the fabric and wire together.

What is the fabric content? Is it woven fabric?

I think it is cotton--it is woven. There are wo lengths of wire through it. I zigzag over it. It would not be comfortable against the skin.