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AAbout the OLFA 60mm Ergonomic Roller Cutter (RTY-3/DX): The OLFA 60mm Ergonomic Pinch Handle combines comfort, convenience, strength and safety. It’s perfect for cutting fabric quickly for all your heavy quilting and sewing projects. This rotary cutter is preloaded with the OLFA 60mm Endurance Blade (RB60H) manufactured from high quality tungsten tool steel. It easily cuts through multiple 12 layers of cotton fabric. The easy-squeeze trigger automatically retracts the blade for safety. Compatible with OLFA’s 60mm replacement blades (RB60-1). Designed for use on a wide variety of materials including fleece, felt, wool, cotton, leather, suede, foam, vinyl and more. About OLFA: Ever since Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA CORPORATION, invented the world’s first snap-off blade in 1956, OLFA has been committed to developing practical and safe hand-held cutting tools. The blades of the OLFA brand are made of top quality materials, forged with technologies derived from traditional sword making, sharpened with technologies that give the blade a lifetime and finally finished with the craftsmanship that brings it all together. The holders and handles that allow users to get the full cutting performance of these high-quality blades are designed, developed and manufactured in Japan and subjected to strict quality controls throughout the process. OLFA prides itself on the unwavering quality that goes into every product it makes.

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Can this be locked in the open position or do you have to constantly have pressured plying the handle in to keep the blade exposed?

It locks in the open position and it also locks in the closed position, which makes it safer around children. You do not have to keep a constant pressure on the handle to keep the blade out when the blade is lock-open position. It lets your hand relax in that regard while you are doing cutting.

Is this the quick change blade model?

Based upon the picture, this is not the quick change model. I have this one and I love it, but I do have to think about the order in which I take the blade on and off since there are four parts to the blade change.

I want to know if the 60mm rotary is it easy to change the blade, like the newer 45 mm cutter.

I have both--and the 60 mm is just as easy to change blades on as is the 45 mm. I always remove the screws and washers and the blade carefully, setting them on a table surface in the exact order in which they were removed. I also make sure I know which way the washer faces, it does make a difference on how it all goes back together. Just pay attention as you disassemble it, and re-assemble it with the new blade in the exact reverse order.

Does the 45 mm olfa cutter hold 60mm blades? and visa versa?

I would not use the larger blades on a 45mm olfa. By doing so you will deteriorate the safe shield build into the cutter. The 45 may fit in the 60MM rotary cutter, but I would think it would not provide you with the control needed

Does the blade require regular honing or sharpening? How well do rotary blade sharpeners work on it?

I have not sharpened the blades yet. I think a light hone on leather would suffice. If you are cutting cloth or rubber, as I am, they will last a long time.I have no experience with rotary blade sharpeners.

Can this be used to cut thin polyethylene bags?

On the back it says can cut cloth, leather, paper, vinyl film, wallpaper and more. So it sounds like yes. Hope this helps..!!

Would this be the best rotary cutter for leather? If there's a better one, can you please share the product link? Thank you in advance.

I have never cut leather. Sorry

Does it have a yellow spacer that goes on the back side when changing blades?

It should have a black round spring that looks like a odd shaped washer. It should have the center piece then the blade and on the other side the spring and the washer.

Is the 60 mm ok for few cutting layers too? Rather have one that can do more and small jobs.

It is fine for 1 to many layers, especially straight cuts. However, if you are doing curves or shapes, a smaller blade is preferable.

this cutter is with rechargeable battery and let me know if practical to cut fabric cloth or terry cloth

This is a manual operated cutter. You squeeze the black handle to engage the blade. Use a self healing cutting mat under the fabric. Yes it will cut all kinds of fabric. Terry cloth, cotton, canvas, vinyl, etc.