Reton 10 Yards Black Nylon Heavy Polypro Webbing Strap (1 1/2 Inches) Price: $7.99 (as of 22/12/2021 01:51 AM Details )

  • –Made of high quality heavy duty nylon material
  • –Length: about 10 meters. 9 meters
  • — Width: 15mm = 0.59 inches; 20mm = 0.79 inches; 25mm = 1 inch; 32mm = 1 1/4 inches; 38mm = 1 1/2 inches; 50mm = 2 inches
  • –Weather resistant and very practical and durable, machine washable
  • – Nylon webbing is not only perfect for outdoor use, such as climbing / seat belt / sling / camping / hiking webbing, but also a great choice for various indoor applications, such as moving luggage, shoulder bag straps, sleeping bag, long whip strap, cover strap, backpack accessory strap , fastening straps, webbing straps, etc

Product description

Measure:38mm, thin

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Material: Nylon
Size: 15mm/20mm/25mm/32mm/38mm/50mm
The color black
Package Included: 1 Roll x 10 Meters Nylon Straps

-Can be washed in the washing machine
-Weather resistant and very practical and durable
– Nylon webbing is not only perfect for outdoor use such as climbing/seat belt/sling/camping/hiking webbing, but also an excellent choice for various indoor applications such as moving luggage, shoulder bag straps, sleeping bag, long lash strap, cover strap, accessory strap for backpacks, fastening straps, tension straps, etc.[1965908]

Additional information

Product Dimensions

360 x 1 x 0.04 inches

Item Weight

6.9 ounces



Item model number


Batteries Required


How does this webbing compare to seatbelt webbing? Is it soft like a seatbelt or is it stiffer in texture? Thanks.

It is almost exactly like a seatbelt when compared to other webbing material. Not as thick as a seatbelt, but smooth, flexible, and strong. I have ordered it 3 times and received the exact same material each time. It is flexible enough to be folded lengthwise and sewn for handles (part of what I use it for). Does not shift on the diagonal easily - grabbing diagonal opposites of a short section would not cause webbing to shift out of the shape of a rectangle, if that makes any sense. This is a very good quality webbing, which is why I keep buying it :)

Is this webbing srong enough for replacement on Danish chair bottom?

not certain what a Danish car bottom is, but the product is seat belt webbing so I would suspect so.

I want to put larger straps on my duty belt equipment and put snaps on them. Is this strong enough for holsters like a / knife / axe / flashlight etc?

I would say yes. I am using as a waist strap for a sling style bag and the material seems pretty strong.

Is the 38mm "thin" webbing the smooth, tightly woven type of webbing?

Just like your cars seat belt material.

Would this be suitable material for making chalk bags for rock climbing?

Yes, I believe so it's very tightly knit, so it should hold chalks no problem as long as the seam are tight.

Can it be used for small tree stake? Thanks.

I don't know I returned it because I need velcro one..

What is the tensile strength?

I fixed my lawn chair with this stuff...It will hold your big are up!!! Over500 kg

Is this light enough to be folded over and sewn? I want to shorten my magic screen and need something to finish the bottom of screen.

Yes, I think it would be suitable for that. It's nylon, so where you cut it, you need to melt the cut end with a lighter or solder iron so it won't unravel.

would this work to repair thigh straps for a Molle holster?

I felt this product is a very high quality strap. I made a camera strap to hold a very expensive camera system.

I'm finding it's less than 1.5 " by about an 1/8". Did anyone else have this problem?

I purchased the 2" and it's 1 7/8". Maybe it's like lumber? The finished size is just a bit smaller.