Seam Ripper Set for Sewing Thread Removal – Sewing Supplies With Sharp Ripper, Tailor’s Chalk Price: $10.97 (as of 20/11/2021 21:43 PM Details )

    INAFRenew and complete your sewing accessories and supplies with this great kit from Gamo that will help you do everything the right way in your tailor's workshop.

    INAP SEAM RIPPERS FOR SEWING – No matter how advanced your sewing ideas are, you know that mistakes are inevitable. The good news is that they are no longer irreversible! with < > small < >.5” and < > large < With >.5” rippers you can cut threads quickly and accurately to remove unwanted stitches.

    INAFTAILOR'S CHALK – Good tailoring requires good planning. Trace your pattern onto any type of fabric with < > triangular pieces of colored chalk, < >.< > inches tall each. Create precise lines to cut with precision, without smearing. Clean, safe and convenient.

    DIMENSION TAPE – Use this flexible tape to measure up to < > centimeters of fabric. It can be easily extended to a convenient length and you can easily fold it for easy storage. Together with chalk, it is a great tool for transferring patterns onto fabric to form the basis for great clothing.

    INA TURN HARD WORK INTO A WORK OF ART – Whether you are a professional tailor, an amateur tailor, or you just enjoy designing , making and customizing your own clothes, this set of sewing accessories and supplies is the ideal choice for you. It will allow you to fully apply your skills to create beautiful garments for commercial or personal use.

Product Description

If you are so passionate, an ordinary needle and thread set for sewing just isn't enough, and some sewing ideas and supplies just aren't enough. You should add seam rippers, chalk and tape measure to your sewing accessories and tools.

Why? Because deep down you know, when you use thread to sew, there's a chance that you'll have to remove it and undo a series of bad stitches or separate two pieces of fabric that unfortunately don't belong together. .

Tragic as it gets seam, there's a sharp silver edge that allows you to save the day and make things right again. All you need is the right thread cutter! This set of < > blades with sharp tips and edges are perfect for precision cutting. Simply slide the tip of a seam ripper under a stitch and press the cutting edge against the thread to cut without pinching the fabric. Each sewing cutter comes with a clear plastic cap to prevent cuts and comes in two different sizes to suit your needs.

The set also includes the most basic sewing tools and accessories: > pieces of colored tailor's chalk to draw lines on the fabric and a tape measure to measure the lengths and widths needed for your pattern.

The Gambo sewing kit – tailor-made for your tailoring adventures.87MEHJ5SUX

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Package Dimensions

5.94 x 2.6 x 1.14 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces



Date First Available

July 3, 2020

Would this be good for weeding vinyl products cut on a Cricut?

Probably, but might blunt faster since it's meant for thread. You also get other items with this package meant for tailoring fyi