Sewing Kit, 263 Pcs Large Sewing Kit Basic Premium Sewing Tools Supplies, 43 Xl Thread Price: $20.99 (as of 21/11/2021 07:57 AM Details )

  • ✅【263 PCS Premium Sewing Kit】: This large sewing kit is the < > New upgrade version, the sewing kit includes almost all the accessories you could ever need, it is also the most accessories in sewing kit on Amazon. Compared to the conventional big kit on Amazon, the number of coils has an upgrade of < > to < >, we have < > Large eye needles, < > Self-threading needles, < > clip, < > size knitting needles, < > different size colorful buttons and < > needle threader.
  • ✅【43 High quality XL thread spools】: this sewing kit contains < > high quality XL thread spools. < > base color yarn + < > rainbow colored wire + < > more black and white wire. The beautiful vibrant colors are ideal for your everyday needs. They are most color XL spools in sewing kit on Amazon. each coil is < > yards, excellent range of threads of more longer threads, thick threads, not easy to break, reliable for it! which is bigger than any other sewing kit on Amazon, well compact makes it easier to get and store all sewing supplies, also keeps every basic tool safe, neat and tidy, this ideal size can slide into suitcase, briefcase, desk drawer or car. You are always prepared for emergencies by hand. It has easy access to those quick repairs on the go, great for missing buttons, ripped seams, repairing a very special shirt, making a quick hem, DIY art sewing at home or simple mending. Perfect set for everyone. it is definitely something that people love to use regardless of the season. The sewing kit is a great must-have gift for a frequent traveler, mom, grandmother, backpacker, little girls!
  • ✅【Money Back Guarantee】: Confidence comes from high quality and our continuous pursuit of perfection. If you are dissatisfied, we promise a replacement or an immediate refund. Shop with confidence.

Product Description

Why choose our sewing kit?
2021 New Upgrade Version,< > PCS Premium large sewing kit, more sewing tools than other stores.
More quantities and colors of XL bobbin thread than other stores.
– This sewing kit contains almost all the accessories you could ever need. Just enjoy the fun of sewing!
– The sewing kit suitable for adults, travellers, kids, beginners, emergency, DIY and home.

Easy Carrying Bag:
All sewing accessories in a compact case, well compact, make it more convenient to get and to store all the sewing, this ideal size can fit in a suitcase, briefcase, desk drawer or car. Always be prepared for emergencies with hand sewing.

Great gift:
Ideal as a gift, this sewing kit is useful for frequent travelers, mothers, grandmothers, backpackers and young girls! The sewing kit is good for women and is definitely something that people love to use regardless of the season. A great gift for your loved one!

Ideal dimensions! Only measure < >.8” x < >.8” x < >.9″, it's the most compact all-in-one sewing kit you'll ever have!
Ultra lightweight!

Package includes:
< > * PU leather bag
< > * XL thread spools
< > * Coloring Pins
< > * Needles
< > * Needles for big eyes
< > * Self-threading needles
< > * Spare buttons (white + black)
< > * Colorful buttons
< > * Lock stitch marks
< > * Pins
< > * Spraying
< > * Hidden buttons
< > * Sewing Clips
< > * Plastic bobbins
< > * Plastic Needle Threader
< > * Thimbles
< > * Knitting needle
< > * Classic Pumpkin Pincushion
< > * Tape Measure
< > * Stainless steel scissors
< > * Seam ripper
< > * Fabric Pencil
< > * Tweezers
< > * Crochet hook
< > * Magnifying Glass

Additional information

Package Dimensions

10.94 x 9.02 x 2.44 inches

Item Weight

1.28 pounds



Date First Available

March 29, 2021

How do i start using the dang string!?! there’s no end that i can pull to use it! i’ve been trying to get string from multiple rows for over 30 minute

The end of the thread is tucked into the spun thread. If you look around the outside of the spool, you should see one thread that is at a bit of an angle and “disappears” behind other threads. Take a needle and pull it out. This is the end of the thread. If you find it difficult, there is plan B, Please pull out one of the thread in the spool and cut it with scissors or seam reaper.