Singer 01512 Beginner’s Sewing Kit, 130 Pieces Price: $11.77 (as of 20/11/2021 20:52 PM Details )

  • The perfect starter collection, this sewing kit has everything you need to start repairing clothes or delve into crafts
  • Sewing kit includes < > thread spools, fabric scissors, seam ripper, tomato pincushion, tape measure, seamstress pins, hand needles, thimble, sewing gauge, needle threader and marking pencils
  • Kit can also serve as a supplementary package for experienced sewer set
  • 130 pieces total

Product Description

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Complete with all the basics for mending small tears in clothes or starting a craft project, this beginner sewing kit is the perfect collection of basics. This sewing kit contains fabric scissors and a < > marking pencils, making it ideal for those interested in clothing and clothing making. This sewing kit for beginners from SINGER offers < > pieces total, including: < > various spools of polyester thread (each 10 meters), seam ripper, tomato pincushion, measuring tape, < > pin seamstress, < > hand needles, thimble, sewing gauge and < > needle threader.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

1.5 x 7.06 x 8.13 inches

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Item Weight

4.8 ounces


Dyno Merchandise

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Date First Available

April 21, 2004

What kind of power it use?

Elbow grease.

I need only the seam gauge, scissors, pin cushon, seam ripper and measuring tape. How is the quality of these items?

"Do not buy" ... is my answer if you want a better quality for the $10 (?) purchase. Seam gauge is quite small, thin, and bendable; scissors was OK for now; pin cushion is very small and it will jump around trying to push in the pins (very unstable); seam ripper was the worst (quality was worse beyond worst) as it was unrefined and it will not cut/rip thread at all (blade is rough and jagged); measuring tape was OK. Threads were tiny spools maybe OK for carrying in purse when you might need to thread in emergencies; thimble was cheap looking/thin; i haven't used it seriously but pencils were dry/hard when i scratched it on paper; and the pins were very short for me to use. Mose of these items can be bought individually or in groups at a dollar store.

what material is the thimble

If you mean what is the thimble made of metal. It is not a "material" that is like cloth that is sewn together if that is what you mean. A thimble protects your thumb or finger from being hit by a needle.

What is the length of the measuring tape?

The measuring tape length is 60 inches/152 centimeters and the scissors are 8 inches.

What kind of battery does it take?

This product, Singer 1512 Beginners Sewing Kit, does not use a battery.

Is the 6" ruler plastic or metal?


Can’t figure out how to use seam ripper ?

One quick way to remove a long seam of stitching is to use the seam ripper to cut every third stitch on one side of a seam. Once that is done, you can simply pull out the thread on the other side of the seam. Does this help? If not, please email us at [email protected]

How many pins come in this kit?

Hi Dear Customer,This kit includes 100 pins.Thanks for your question.Customer Service, Yans' Store

What size or thickness of thread

The thickness of the thread is around 50 wt. and thinner. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.