Singer | 5560 Computerized Sewing Machine With Included Accessory Kit, Hard Cover & Extension Table, Price: $199.99 (as of 21/12/2021 18:10 PM Details )

  • Whether you’re just starting out or a more experienced seamstress, the SINGER FASHION MATE 5560 sewing machine makes sewing easier than ever
  • 203 Stitch Applications
  • Easy one-step buttonhole for consistent results every time
  • Automatic needle threader threads the machine quickly and easily
  • Your machine may already be threaded for your convenience. Supplied accessories are located in the storage area at the front of your machine

Product description

Whether you’re just starting out or a more experienced seamstress, the SINGER FASHION MATE 5560 sewing machine makes sewing easier than ever. Your machine may already be threaded for your convenience. The supplied accessories are located in the storage compartment on the front of your machine. $90 included accessories 203 stitch applications Easy one-step buttonhole for consistent results every time Automatic needle threader threads the machine quickly and easily Hard cover and extension table included Use SINGER Class 15 metal bobbins

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Product Dimensions

22 x 13 x 15 inches

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21.4 pounds



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Date First Available

November 9, 2021

Does anyone know if this machine has metal gears inside versus the nylon or plastic ones?

Here is the link to Sears parts, hopefully you can see which parts you are looking for to see if they are plastic or metal. If it's not spelled out in the description I'd call singer with the part number and ask..

How appropriate is it for a first time sewer, beginner?

This is perfect for a beginner. I hadn’t touched a sewing machine in 40 years and was making elastic waist skirts in 2 weeks. I have also taught my 6 year old granddaughter to sew doll blankets and make Barbie sleeping bags. I just sit beside her to watch and she does everything. Also I found some good videos on You Tube that helped.

Does this machine sew on knit fabrics? Thank you.

You have to hold up the foot some or it will squish the fabric when it feeds, stretching it out. Also, this makes it complicated because of having only one hand to guide the fabric with. Be careful of that knob that tightens the needle on the left of the needle. It is longer than normal and will come down to hit your finger if you try to guide the knit. The teeth on the feed are very fine and do not seem to guide the knit in well unless the presser foot is very lightly holding the fabric, which the machine does not do. Fleece won't go, even light-weight micro-fleece.

does this machine have a "one-step buttonhole" as opposed to doing a buttonhole in 4 steps?

It does and it works very well (just try it out on scrap fabric and see how it works). I would comment (as of Jan 2015) that the recent buttonhole foot only has a red horizontal alignment mark on the left which means it's hard to make sure your fabric is correctly aligned. I put a marker pen mark on the right so that I could do proper alignment.

does it have a foot peddle?

I'm still looking for the foot peddle! where is it hidden?

does it have a walking foot

Hi Judith,No the Singer 7258 does not come with a walking foot, but you can purchase one on Amazon for about $12.These are the ones is comes with:General purpose footZipper footSatin stitch footBlind stitch footButtonhole footStraight stitch footOvercasting footDarning and Embroidery footGathering footRolled hem foot.I hope this helps you. This machine is a joy to operate and is a great choice.Debby

Any else encounter the E5 error?. I can't get the machine to work!

I received the following answer from Singer Consumer Affairs Department. May be it can help you.The problem may be that the foot control is not connected correctly to yoursewing machine.The receptacle for the foot control is recessed rather than flush with thecasing of the machine. When you insert the pin of the foot control youneed to make sure that it is pushed all the way in. You can feel it lockor click into place twice. If you stop after the first lock or click youwill think that the foot control is connected, however the connection isnot complete. As a result the foot control will not react to the pressureof the foot and the machine will not run.Try pushing the pin of the foot control into the side of the machine.This error can also indicate an electrical problem. Check the followingbefore you take it in for service.Remove all thread from bobbin and upper tension area. Remove bobbin casefrom bobbin area and check for loose thread in that area.Is the power cord plugged all the way in?Is the foot control pin pushed all the way in, it must sit flush with theside of the machine.Are you using a surge protector? · TURN OFF THE MACHINE · HOLD DOWN THE BACKSTITCH BUTTON WHILE POWERING ON THE MACHINE. · YOU MAY OBTAIN ANOTHER ERROR MESSAGE, SUCH AS E 7. · UNPLUG AND THEN REINSERT THE FOOT CONTROL. · POWER MACHINE OFF AND THEN BACK ON AGAIN.If the problem persists, please take your machine in for service.If your machine is still under warranty (Parts and Labor are covered for1-year from date of purchase), please take it or ship it to one of theauthorized Singer service centers listed on the attached document. You willneed to present a copy of your receipt for warranty work to be completed.Warranty work can only be done by an authorized warranty center; any repaircarried out by any other location will not be reimbursed. If you need toship your machine to a warranty center, you are responsible for theshipping costs to get it there; we will cover the shipping cost to send itback to you, providing you were required to ship it, to get it there.(See attached file: Service_Centers Electronic_12-6-12.doc)If your machine is no longer covered by the warranty; we recommend that youtake your machine in for service to a local Singer retailer. In this caseyou are responsible for any repair charges. To find a retailer/Servicecenter in your area go to, click on "Where to Buy" andthen enter your zip code. Here are your closest locations.

Can you lower the feed dogs?

No, the feed dogs cannot be lowered. Instead, it has a small plastic plate that you place over the feed dogs.

Can this machine be put in a sewing cabinet or must it be table top use only?

We had a sewing cabinet that was 40+ years old, which was built to hold our old Singer sewing machine. The old machine actual screwed into the old cabinet, and the old sewing machine could be flipped upside down, and disappear into the old cabinet. This new machine has no way to be attached to the old cabinet. However, we use the new sewing machine on as a table top, and it works just great that way! The new machine could also be used on top of the old cabinet, but it cannot be attached to or hidden in the old cabinet.

What is the dimension fof the throat of the machine?

The throat is just short of 6" from the needle to the machine, just about 4" at it's highest point, and that highest point is about 3" wide.