Singer | Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine With 11 Built-in Stitches, Metal Frame and Stainless Price: $169.99 (as of 18/11/2021 01:45 AM Details )

  • SINGER HEAVY DUTY SEWING MACHINE: It has < > Built-in Stitches- < > Basic stitches, < > Decorative stitches, < > Built-in buttonhole – perfect for crafts, home decor, fashion sewing and more
  • ADJUSTABLE NEEDLE POSITION: The needle can be changed to one of three available positions to add zippers or a decorative touch with topstitching and cords
  • HIGH-QUALITY SEWING MACHINE: The heavy-duty metal frame adds: stability and with a strong motor, a larger amount of items can be sewn faster and more efficiently at < >,< > stitches per minute is achievable
  • ADJUSTABLE FOOT CONTROL SEWING MACHINE: Sew very light and heavy fabrics with ease by adjusting the presser foot pressure
  • BEST SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Heavy Duty < > sewing machine is a real workhorse. With a heavy-duty metal inner frame, stainless steel base plate, extra-high sewing speed and powerful motor, the SINGER Heavy Duty < > can sew a wide variety of fabrics.Volt: 120 V
  • This sewing machine is warranted for use in the US and Canada at < > volts only
  • Note: Before use, please refer to the manuals under Technical Specifications

Product Description

“THE SINGER HEAVY < > sewing machine is a real workhorse. With a heavy-duty metal inner frame, stainless steel base plate, extra high sewing speed and powerful motor, this sewing machine can sew through a wide variety of fabrics. Convenient features such as a top insert bobbin, a lowered button-sew feed, a built-in 4-step buttonhole and an adjustable presser foot pressure add a new dimension of convenience to heavy-duty sewing. With a 60% more powerful motor than standard sewing machines, it can sew through heavy fabrics with ease. It offers more penetrating power and speed up to < >, < > stitches per minute. The free-arm sewing machine provides professional results with easy access to cuffs, collars, hems and other hard-to-reach areas. Adjustable presser foot pressure control, can easily sew lightweight and heavy fabrics by simply adjusting the presser foot pressure. Decorative stitches can be set to a width of 6mm to suit your project. Needle position can be changed for individual projects, such as inserting zippers or cord and topstitching. The sturdy metal frame provides firm support and a long service life. PRODUCT DETAIL: Model Number – 4411 Description – < > Stitch Heavy Duty Sewing MachineProduct – Sewing MachineBob Class – 15 Needles – < > & 2045Light Bulb – LEDUPC – 037431883001Dimensions – < >. 5″”L x < >. 25″”W x 12″”HFeet Dog: DropFeet Type Included: Zipper, Universal, Buttonhole, Button SewingFoot Attachment Type: On/Off On/Off Number of Feet Included: 4Presser Foot System: High BarPressure Adjustment: FixedWEIGHT: Item Weight (lbs.) : < >. 5: General : < > year LIGHTING: Light(s): Built-in lighting for the needle area PRODUCT INCLUDES: Power cord included: yes STITCH SYSTEM: Number of built-in stitches: 11 Number of decorative stitches: 4 Number of stretch stitches: 0 Number of utility stitches: < > + Buttonhole (7 in total) Stitch width control: Adjustable DEVICE FEATURES: Cabinet position: Portable (fits in cabinet) LCD display: None THREAD SYSTEM: Automatic needle threader: None Bobbin Material: Transparent Bobbin type: Horizontal (top loading, drop-in bobbin) Needle Bar Position: CenterNumber of Needle Positions: 3”

Additional information

Product Dimensions

18 x 8.8 x 13.4 inches

Item model number


Item Weight

14.5 pounds



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Date First Available

January 1, 2010

is this machine good for beginners?

I am a beginner and I am super confused by the instructions - what in the world is a bobbin?? I don’t see a bobbin holder and the pictures don’t match the actual machine. I feel like the rest of the folks answering these questions are absolutely not beginners so they think it’s easy...

Is the internal workings, gears and working parts of this machine metal or plastic? Roger Bon

Most look like cast metal (Zinc, Aluminum or some alloy of them, the gears are a dull gray finish) shafts are polished steel, most ware surfaces are polished steel, bearings are bronze. I don't see any plastic gears or bearings. The frame is steel. I have not taken it apart completely so I am not 100% sure but as far as I can see it's all metal workings. Note- I am a machinst and I know most plastic now costs more the steel or aluminum and is becoming rare do to it's high cost.

My question is can this machine sew hems on demin pants?

The machine handled hems on jeans without a problem. The only issue we have had was with felt seeing felt causes felt dust which forms a ball inside which jams the machine. I needed to get it repaired after doing a project with felt

Is it easy to thread? Is it easy to fill the bobbin? Thanks!

It is easy to thread. And the bobbin fills easily. However when filling the bobbin go at a medium pace, as going too fast on this machine fills the bobbin unevenly.

Can you sew through leather?

The Singer model 4411 can sew "garment weight" leather. We suggest that a "leather point" needle, Singer type 2032, (using another brand can cause tension issues). Use size 16 or 18 needles depending on the weight of the fabric. Also use a Roller/Non-Stick presser foot would be preferable. When sewing on any type of heavy weight fabric we recommend following these instructions: Machine Settings: 1) Longest Straight Stitch (to allow for the thickness of the fabric. 2) Use appropriate presser foot for type of fabric 3) Moderate speed when sewing over multiple layers/seams (hand turn hand wheel for thick seams) . If you are planning to sew leather alot, you will need to change the needle often. If you plan to sew consistently on leather or on leather that is heavier than "garment weight" leather, You may want to look at an Industrial type machine.

will it sew leather

I would not recommend sewing leather on this machine. The machine I had broke after only 5 uses and the only fabrics I sewed on it were lightweight cotton, fleece & felt. If you have not yet bought this machine I would strongly suggest you buy something other than a Singer. The repair shop I took it to said that Singer has a terrible reputation and they are not owned by the same company that used to own Singer. I contacted the company about the problems I had with the machine & the fact that the repair shop said it wouldn't be worth fixing due to the poor workmanship of the machine and they basically said "too bad". The repair shop recommended buying a Brother or Janome, that those machines worked much better and were made to last longer than the Singer is. This Singer machine was for my mother and we bought it against the warnings on some reviews we saw because I have a Singer that's 20 years old that still works just fine, it's just the new models are garbage. Good luck !


The sewing head and its parts are warranted for 25 years, the motor for 2 years, belts,lamps...... for 90days. Must ship in original box. Labor is not included just parts. Full warranty info can be found on the Singer web page. We have not needed to use the warranty. Hope that's helpful.

Why does the needle gunk up? Bought it 2 mos ago; used for sewing cloth diapers maybe 40 hrs use & needle feels gunky. ?? frustrated!

I agree with the previous reply. In addition to sizing on the fabric or any other layers or maybe Velcro fasteners sewn through plus fabric fuzz that accumulates and should be cleaned out regularly but maybe wasn't...the problem is that needles should be changed after 8 to 10 hours of sewing...let alone 40 hours. Throwing away old (8 hours of use) needles is not wasteful. It's the number 1 most important thing to do for the sewing machine and what ever is being sewn. For instance...after hemming just one pair of jeans hems I put the old needle in a jar for disposal when the jar is full. Going through the very thick humps of the side seams makes the needle too blunt to sew the next pair of jeans hems without problems...that is what would be frustrating. Look online for USA sewing suppliers that have brand name needles for much less than $1 or higher per needle. It will feel better to pitch a 25 cent needle than a $1 needle...which can be the very same brand and type with the only difference is being purchased from different places. Don't be frustrated with a good sewing machine such as this Singer 4411 which Amazon has now for an amazing price (I'm not affiliated with either Singer or Amazon)...go online to a good sewing forum such as to ask questions about sewing and you will be happier and sew better.

Can you use it on leather

I have for small projects on thin leather . Im not sure that it would handle super heavy project., meaning thick leather or redoing a couch

hello,can you sew like sunbrella canvas with this small machine? and can you use a heavier thread like v92?

The Singer model 4411 is a home sewing machine. The Singer model 4411 can sew light to medium weight “Sunbrella” canvas with the proper needles and machine settings. Use size 16 or 18 Singer needles (using another brand can cause tension and timing issues) depending on the weight of the fabric. Since the Sunbrella material is normally used as an Outdoor & Marine Fabric, the issue would be using a treated thread. The coated or treated threads used for outdoor and marine fabrics can leave a residue in the threading track of the machine that will hamper how the machine functions. The Singer model 4411 machine is specified for all-purpose threads and not commercial weight threads even though it carries the name Heavy Duty. The Singer Heavy Duty machines, mostly, refers to the larger motor and faster speed, than commercial/industrial application. Also there is not sufficient clearance in the hook/race area to allow for the thicker, v92 thread you are asking about. If this is the type of sewing you are planning to do, you should look at our Industrial line of sewing machine.