Sixqjzml Style Sa156 Sewing Machine Bobbins for Brother – 30 Pack Price: $4.99 (as of 20/12/2021 00:30 AM Details )

  • Style SA156 Sewing Machine Bobbins
  • Bin Size Approx 2 2 1 cm 0 78 0 78 0 2 inch
  • High Quality Premium Sewing Machine Bobbins these transparent bobbins are made of plastic durable and practical the bobbin is smooth and will do not scrape thread.
  • S standard size can be used on most sewing machines such as brother, babylock, janome, singer etc. Perfect for anyone just starting out with an embroidery machine or a sewing machine.
  • P Package Content: 30 x Bobbins per pack

Product description


Material: plastic

Coil size: approx. 2 * 2 * 1 cm (0.78*0.78*0.2 inch)


BC-1000; CE-4000, 5000PRW, 5500PRW, 8080PRW; CP-6500, 7500; CS-100T, 5055PRW, 6000, 6000B, 6000i, 6000T, 8150; 4500D; ES-2000, EX-660; HE-120, 240; HC – 1850; HS-2000; Innov-is 40, 80, 900D, 950D, 1000, 1500D, 2500D, 2800D, 4000D, 5000; LB-6770PRW, 6800PRW; LS – 30,1217, 2125, 2125i, 6770;LX-2500, 3125, 3125E; NX-200, 250, 400, 400Q, 450, 450Q, 600, 650Q; PS21, PS-3700; PC-210, 210PRW, 420, 420PRW; PE-500, 700, 700II, 750D, 770, 780D; Quattro 6000D; Quattro 2 6700D; QC-1000; SE-270D, 350, 400; SQ-9000, 9050; VX-1435; XL-2230, 2600, 2600i, 2610, 3100, 3500, 3750, 5130, 5232, 5340, 5500; 5600, 5700, 6452; 3510, 3500T, 6562, 7700; XR-40, 46C, 52C, 65T, 1300, 9000, 9500PRW

Crafter’s Choice (BLCC); Creative Pro (BL37), Creative Pro (BL40); Decorator’s Choice (BLDC); Ellageo (BLL), Ellageo Plus (BLL2); Ellure (BLR); Ellure Plus (BLR3); Ellisimo (BLSO), Elisimo Gold (BLSOG); Elegant (BLG), Elegant 2 (BLG2), Elegant 3 (BLG3); Esante (BLN); Espire (BLSR); Grace (BL40A); Intrigue (INT); Quilter’s Choice (BLQC); Symphony (BLSY)

5000, 9000, 9500, 9700, 300E, 350E, 10000, 11000,10001,


6400 Series; 7312, 7322, 7350; Scholastic, Scholastic Plus XL1000, XL6000; 9910, 9920, 9940 Quantum Futura: 100, 104, 117, 118, 132, 132Q, 140Q; 2623, 2638, 2639, 2662, 3962;IZEK; 7400 Series

Not Suitable For: Singer Futura Embroidery Machines-CE-100, CE-150, CE-200, CE-250 and CE-350

Package Included:

30 Pieces Transparent Plastic Spools

Additional information

Package Dimensions

4.05 x 2.9 x 0.65 inches

Item model number


Item Weight

1.13 ounces



Date First Available

March 31, 2015

are these the same as size 15 class A bobbins suitable for top load brother sewing machines?


Brother XR3140 Are these the correct bobbins?

Did you buy them? Because my sewing machine is so XR3140. And I have the same question like you

Will this fit the brother xm2701 lightweight sewing machine?

I did a quick search on: XM2701 and SA156 which brings up the long list of Brother sewing machines that use the SA156 "Quick-Set top drop-in bobbins" which is on the Brother official website.

Do these work with the JX2517 model machine??? I couldn't find the compatible models listed.

These bobbins are universal modles for brother sewing machine.

Will they fit a babylock destiny

They are too flimsy and not the right size. They are nothing like the brand name bobbins.

The part matches the bobbin for my brother machine model #sc9500. but my machine is not listed. will this fit my machine?

The Brother website itself lists the many machines that use the SA156 "Quick-Set top drop-in bobbins". I did a quick search on: SC9500 SA156 and the full list of models shows on the Brother website. The SA156 bobbin remains the common standard while the list of Brother sewing machines gets longer and longer and longer.

Has anyone tried on brother nx400q?

I’ve used these with my Brother SE400.

Will these fit a brother LB7000 ?

I have a Brother XM3700. The bobbins were the same size as the ones that came with the machine. I’m pretty sure it’s compatible with most Brother sewing machines.

Will these fit a CS7205?

Check your owner’s manual for that info.

Are SA156 bobbins the same as class 15 bobbins?

Plain old class 15 bobbins wouldn't fit my Brother LX3817a machine. They had extra plastic ring on top & bottom that yhe ones that came with my machine didn't have. The owners manual specifies SA156 bobbins and states that they are class 15. So, is SA156 a particular subtype of class 15 bobbin?