Tailors Chalk Triangle Tailor’s Fabric Marker Chalk – Triangle Chalks for Tailoring, Sewing, Quilting, Crafting,

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  • ✅【Comes with multi-color option】- This unit comes with < > color options that effectively meet your variable needs. Fabric chalk helps to mark or indicate a specific part of the fabric quite clearly. This model is also quite suitable and reliable for your professional and home tailoring making it easy to hold and make marks. Sewing chalk works well over the woven fabric. On the other hand, for knitwear, you need to apply a little pressure to make a perfect marking
  • ✅【Ideal for professional tailors and home wear- Good size sewing crayons not to get lost too easily, Great for sewing, quilting, or craft projects, these crayons can be used to mark changes and draw lines directly on different fabrics
  • ✅【Easy to remove the marks from this crayon】- Test the crayon on a piece of fabric before marking on fabric, triangular marks sharp sew lines on fabric that are easy to see can be removed by brushing/dipping in water; use an iron or steam to squeeze out
  • (free from the fragile problem)- I am a SELLER in the USA and customer service is number 1 priority. Love it or your money back. Unsatisfied; Get a FULL REFUND. If you receive a fragile triangular tailor chalk set, please contact us, we will actively solve your problems.

Product Description

For anyone familiar with using chalk in place of a highlighter pencil, the ANDGOO Tailors Chalk with Holder is just what you need.

Tailor's Chalk Uses

It's for much more than just customization. While your seamstress or tailor the general use tailor's chalk, begin more hobbyists in their daily work or even kunstnijverheid.

you use the chalk material you use for several projects, including:

Making poppenkleertjes



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Ideal for professional tailoring and home wear

Triangular shape provides best edges

Marking running clothes, tracing patterns or drawing on raw fabric

Accurate drawing with thin edge and fabric-O easy to hold and draftYYOQJQ getting easier

Package Includes:

< > x Tailor's Crayons

< > Day Money Back Guarantee

Additional information

Package Dimensions

5.94 x 2.44 x 2.44 inches

Item Weight

4.5 ounces



Date First Available

May 18, 2020

what country are they make or they came from

Made in China

How do you remove the markings from this product???

Just brush it off. It’s only chalk and brushes away easily.

Sone are posting that these are waterproof, is that true? I sew almost entirely with quilting cotton fabric.

I use them sewing ,mostly quilts on cotton and always laundry after to remove marks. No problem. Never tried another way.

What is the size? The length of the side of the triangle shape?

Each side is just shy of 2 inches. The sides are slightly curved making them convenient to use. The edges are very sharp so give a very defined line. I really like them.