Tear Away Embroidery Stabilizer – 1.8 Ounces Medium Weight 12 X 50 Yd Tear Away

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  • Excellent tear-off
  • Tears away cleanly and easily
  • Adds great stability
  • Used by national and global clothing brands

Product Description

Big tear gone. Tears clean both ways.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4.5 x 4.5 x 12 inches

Item model number


Item Weight

1.85 pounds



Date First Available

October 2, 2017

How long does it take to be dissolved when it comes into the water? 10 seconds? 1 minute? 10 minutes? or more?

This tear away stabilizer does not dissolve in water. There is a specific stabilizer that dissolves in water.

where does this product come from ? Shipped from ?

I don't remember and I no longer have the box. You should check the seller name, click the link and it might tell you where the seller sells from.

Does this iron on to the fabric before it is hooped ?

No, it is not iron on stabilizer. I just put it in the hoop and laid the fabric over the hoop.

Is this a sticky stabilizer for ez frames?

No, it is not sticky. It is a heavy tear away stabilizer and it works great! It says medium weight, but it is the heaviest I have ever used. I love it!

What is the clear covering to use when embroidering towels on top of the stabiliaer, hoop, towel.?

I use a clear water soluable or a tulle works great too if you have matching color.

Can you wash your project if you're not able to tear away all the stablizer?

Absolutely. Over time the tear away stabilizer will probably wash away.

Will this tear away cleanly or is it a soft, fuzzy tear away?

It is a soft, fuzzy tear away, not a clean tearaway. You can definitely tell what was left after you tear it away.

Does anyone know how this compares to Pellon 806? I prefer the more paper like for some things.

I also use pellon for some projects but not for embroidery. There is less waste with this as it fits most hoops perfectly.

Can I use this for sashiko embroidery?

Hi Gladys, I would not use a tear away that is thick on delicate open stitches. It would distort or tear them. Use a light tearaway or a cut away product instead. This product works well with thick dense embroidery designs like a filled in pumpkin:)

What is the content of this stabilizer? Polypropylene?

It is 100% cotton.