Ultima Premium Sewing Machine Bobbins – Style Sa-156 Bobbins for Brother, Singer, Babylock, Janome, Kenmore

Amazon.com Price: $4.95 (as of 19/12/2021 02:32 AM Details )

  • High quality premium sewing machine bobbins
  • 10 style SA-156 bobbins made for Brother, Singer, Babylock, Janome & Kenmore sewing machines
  • Fit any sewing machine that accepts style SA156 bobbins
  • 7/16JGbin for consistent non-IFQ winding

Product description

Size: 10 Bobbins

High quality premium sewing machine bobbins from Ultima, The Quilter’s Favorite! 10 style SA-156 bobbins made for Brother, Singer, Babylock, Janome and Kenmore sewing machines, will fit any Brother that accept SA156 bobbins in style. Coils are 7/16″ deep and have a safety notch for consistent thread winding.

Additional information

Package Dimensions

5.28 x 4.17 x 0.63 inches

Item Weight

0.528 ounces



Date First Available

July 17, 2017

Are these size L with 8.9 mm width?

No. They are too tall.

does this bobbin fit a brother sr3774 machine

They fit my Brother Laura Ashley model.

Will these fit with Singer Quantum 9960 ?

For the 4th time I bought this product but but they would not fit my machine so I am trying one of my friends to give them to

Will they work in my Bernina 350

This is a class15 bobbin. Does your machine use that bobbin. If so yes it will work. I have a Babylock and it is perfect for it.

Will this fit singer 4423


What makes these bobbins "premium" as compared to the other non-branded plastic bobbins on Amazon?

These bobbins are the same ones that came with my top of the line embroidery machine. They are uniform in size and are not brittle so if you drop it they don't break. I have purchased the cheaper ones also and they are not the same size and the edges are rough so the thread catches. These premium bobbins are well worth the extra cost.

Will these work with my babylock aerial?

They work with my Babylock Destiny and Aria.

Will it work with dc3050 jancome

If it takes a class 15 bobbin it will work. I don't know your brand of machine. It fits Babylock, Brother, some Singers, some Pfaffs, some Janome machines and some Kenmore.

will these fit singer model 9100?

I do not believe that they will fit your singer bought them for my brothers machine

does it fit XP1 brother Luminaire

This is a standard class 15 plastic bobbin. It is what is sold with most brother machines especially the embroidery macbines.