Wooden Sewing Kit, Sewing Boxes Organizer With Accessories Kit, Sewing Kit Baskets for Beginners/adults/kids/women/men

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  • 【Sewing Kit Organizer】: High-quality all-in-one sewing kit with basic sewing accessories is suitable for your sewing and repair needs.
  • 【Sewing Kits For Kids And Adults】: These sewing kits are good for professional and beginners, Prefect sewing kit for household sewing enthusiasts, it is also a good sewing gift.
  • (Wooden Sewing Box): Retro style wooden storage box, it is much more durable than leather or plastic box. Button closure keeps basket lid closed to keep items organized.
  • (Professional Sewing Kit): Super quality kit, the fabric cutting scissors inside are made of stainless steel. And there is a natural camphor root wood in it.
  • (Sewing Basket): Sewing kit includes fabric cutting scissors, thimble, seam ripper, needle threader, 10 white and black buttons, mini scissors, 30 needles, 2 large size black and white thread, pincushion, 24 Bobbins thread in popular colors.

Product description

The kit is great and includes all sewing supplies. Have a system to keep sewing ideas together in this stylish and compact box!

Sewing Kit Box:

Perfect for everyday family repairs and finishing your knitting projects!

All In One Sewing Kit:

Have everything you need to get sewing too, They fit everything you need in a wooden box.

Good sewing Beginners:

It comes with buttons, safety pins, a pincushion, scissors, several spools of thread , a seam ripper, needles, a needle threader, thimble, basically anything you would need.

Package may include:

  • 1 Thimble
  • 1 X X X Pin Cushion
  • 1 Wood Block
  • 1 Mini Scissors
  • 1 X X X seam Ripper
  • 1 measure Tape
  • 1 X needles (30pcs)
  • 1 X Needle Threader
  • 1 X Pull Threader
  • 10 Veiligheidsspelden
  • X 10 X White Black Buttons
  • 1 Buttons
  • 10 X X X Color Stainless Scissors
  • 24 Flushing Threads
  • 9 X Large Eye Blunt Needles (3 sizes)
  • 2 X 500 Yard Threads (black and white colors)

Additional information

Package Dimensions

9 x 5.8 x 3.7 inches

Item model number


Item Weight

1.6 pounds



Date First Available

July 19, 2017

My wool sweater has a rip on the sleeve, will this have everything to help me sew it and fix it?

Hello, kristy : This sewing kit package includes contains: fabric cutting scissor, thimble, Seam Ripper, Needle threader, 10 White&Black Buttons, Mini scissors, 30 Needles, 2 large size black & white thread, pin cushion, 24 Spools of thread in popular colours, as the product picture show. Please check this contains item whether meet your need Have any question, just contact us anytime Have a nice day!

Is the thread cotton?

I can't tell. There is no label on the spools.

Hi! I was wondering the 24 spools of thread “standard” spools ?

No, I don't think these are standard spools. Standard spools would not fit because of the number of colors involved.

what is the size in inches?

Size of what? Box? Spools?

is the thread really cotton?

This was a gift so i’m Not sure if the thread is cotton.....I assume it is. I loved this set though it has everything you need and I almost kept the scissors for myself.

Can the thread be used in a sewing machine?

No. This is a repair kit deluxe.

Is the height really 3.5?

yes, the height is around 3.5 in

Is this made in US?

I don't think so. If it were, it would surely cost much more than the Amazon price.

Hi! I’m a beginner at this and was wondering what the wooden “wear” block was for?

I noticed in a couple of reviewers' photos, the block says "Shoes." It appears that the block is a reminder to "Wear Shoes" when working with needles. I no longer need this reminder, as I learned that lesson years ago when a long sewing needle plunged into my heel bone, snapped off, and required surgery to extract.

can the thread spools be inserted into a machine?

The spools are long tubular shaped not for machine use very standard.