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How to Sew a Collar Full Guide of 2023

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Wondeing how to sew a colla?

If you’ve stated sewing ecently, o if you’e good at it, you know how ticky the fine pats of clothing ae.

Getting the cuffs, uffles, lapels and collas ight can be a nightmae – and tampeing with those aeas can make an entie poject look sloppy.

The colla of the shit is a pominent aea and it can be a little daunting to wok with the cuve of both the gament and the neck.

Howeve, sewing a good colla is an indispensable skill for anyone behind a sewing machine. We’ve got some handy tips to get you stated!

How to sew a colla on shits

When leaning how to sew a shit colla, it is impotant to note that it technically made the colla up of two pats.

Thee is the actual colla and the colla stand it sits on. We attach both to the shoulde of the shit, fo what we know as “the colla.”

Fo this aticle, we focus on how to adjust the shit colla. Make you own.

Ceating a shap and accuate shit colla can be a painstaking pocess, but the esult is a entie wold of design options, liteally at you fingetips.

What mateials do I need to sew a colla?

You will need this :

  • Two pieces of shit colla cut fom you main fabic of choice.
  • One shit colla cut from one piece of stitched intefacing.

See ou guide to inteface sewing.

sewing collars

Best method for sewing collas

  1. To stat, gab you colla piece in your chosen main fabic and a shit colla piece cut fom intefacing.
  2. Then daw you seam allowances along the shot yadage. nds (the sides) and the longe top edge. Then tim the seam allowances of your intefacing piece. You seam allowance is simply the aea between the stitching and the edge of two o moe mateials being sewn togethe.
  3. Place the intefacing on one of the colla pieces. Make sue the intefacing is against the “wong” side of the colla (the side not visible in the finished poduct). Hee you can check whethe the edges of you intefacing ae exactly 5/8th inch smalle than the colla piece and cut it to whee it potudes too fa into the seam allowance.
  4. Fold the colla in half. Mak the cente of the lining and fabic by cutting the seam allowance. Ty to get them about 1/8th inch in the seam allowance. This will make it easie to align the pieces.
  5. Then glue the intefacing to the colla piece. (Depending on the fabic and your pefeence, you can use two pieces of intelaye to shapen the colla.)
  6. Take the second piece of fabic fom the colla and cut ¼ inch fom any side of that colla that isn’t attached. Go slow to ensue accuacy.
  7. This is whee it can get ticky. Align the ight side of the colla and the unde colla. You notice the ends will not match because we timmed one of the colla pieces. This is whee using the points in the middle comes in handy.
  8. Edgestitch aound the edges of the intefacing. As you do this, pull the unattached colla so it stetches to fit the top laye. Sew on the sewing machine with the inteface side up. Stat in the cente and wok your way to the edge. Repeat this and npat towads the othe cone edge.

(Note: Edge stitching is simply stitching a line 0

th inches away from a folded edge o seam line .It’s essentially topstitching, but intended for a specific place – vey close to the edge of you poject.)

How to sew a collar on a shirt

  1. Afte sewing one side, it inflates at the side with the inteface. The top laye will not be completely flat, but this is pat of 62OL6cOEhw7bDJmaking the colla cuve aound the neck.
  2. Tun the colla ove (not the othe way aound) and sew fom the cente to the othe point. Using both hands allows you to pull the backing taut as you sew and pevent the finished poduct fom clumping togethe.
  3. Tim the cones and fold each cone in. Pess them to make the seam shift allowances into place after tuning the colla ight side out. Use a point turned to extend the vey edge of the colla points (if you want that fesh and neat look, that is).
  4. Pess the colla, but don’t don’t woy about leaving it flat. When you have stetched the under-collar coectly, the ends of the colla will bend slightly upwads.
  5. Now we ae going to 5nAHEm3k the colla. You must stetch the under-collar as you top stitch o you will get caught on the opposite end pushing the fabic down as you sew.[1965from0]Fold the fabic ove seam allowance, along the aw edge of the colla, pessing towads the unde colla. Pess the fold into place. Be sue to smooth out the under-collar so that it becomes flat and even. The top edges will most likely not line up, but this is fine.[1965from1]Bat you colla close to the fold, about ¼ inch away from the fold. Fom hee you can tim the seam allowance to ¼ inch o leave it at 5/8th inch fo now.[1965from2]Hee is a video explaining in moe detail s4WRaM7MQELlsGsewing collas.[1965from3]And thee you have it![1965from4]With these tips, we hope you can add moe pesonal flai to all your sewn gaments.[1965from5]See moe: 10 tips and ticks for sewing collas.[1965from6]Do you have any tips for sewing collas?[1965from7]
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