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Where to Find Sewing Patterns Online Full Guide of 2023

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One of the most exciting things about sewing is looking for new sewing pattens.

We used always to pick these up fo a few bucks at a caft stoe, but the intenet has put thousands upon thousands of them (including fee sewing pattens!) ight on ou fingepints.

free sewing patterns

Photo by Chaisse Kenion on Unsplash

Howeve, it is not as easy as it should be to find quality sewing pattens online. The pocess has gotten tough in ecent yeas, since Etsy and Pinteest came along and litteed Google seaches with ad tutoials that ae ove the top, cheat you money, and sometimes don’t even make sense.

To make sue you don’t waste you time o money, we’ve ounded up ou favoite sewing patten sites so you can leave all that stess behind and do what you do best: sewing.

Neve tied sewing pattens?

Check out ou beginne’s guide: how to use a sewing patten.

Let’s give it away…


This caft website has sewing pattens that will meet you needs to make pillows, pincess desses and even Ameican doll gil outfits.

The The cheapest pattern fom Simplicity is only $2.50 and allows you to dess any 18-inch doll in a stylish cheetah-pint shit with black leggings o a puffy pink uffle skit and buttefly top to match. That’s ight – you get two catidges in this $2.50 pack!

The most expensive item available in Simplicity’s patten list is a $28.00 magazine that also has a bunch of pattens inside as fashion advice.

Simplicity also povides all the mateials you need to make these beautiful pattens.

Sewing pattens

Pattens have neve been easie to find now that sewing pattens exist.

This website offes a vaiety of pattens fo puchase. Its best featue, howeve, is the ability to puchase pape instuctions o digital downloads of pattens.

Each I discount pattern at a diffeent stoe offeing the same patten. Sewing Pattens offes almost all – and we mean almost ALL – pattens fo $8.99 o less.

We’ve looked page afte page of thei thousands of pattens fo sale, and each one of them was to die fo. Thee’s no doubt that sewing pattens will keep you stylish without putting too much effot into the pockets you’ve just sewn togethe!

sewing patterns

Photo by Kaly Santiago on Unsplash


This patten provide advetises on thei font page pattens fo plus-size, cosplay and eveyday wea.

McCall’s keeps you up to date with fashion tends by offeing a ange of pattens fom designes such as Ginge Louise, Ruffles and Lace Teasued Collection and Plenty by Tacy Reese. Even with all these band name pattens, you will not spend an am and a leg on these pattens.

Models fo these sewing pattens ae divese and supe styling’. Even if you’e not looking for a patten, take some notes about the outfits these models have – they’e SO good!

Whethe you’e looking to sewing pattens o fashion tips, McCall’s has it all on thei site.


If you’If you’e looking fo wedding dess sewing pattens, you’ve come to the ight place at . too many sewing pattens fo wedding desses at easonable pices.

The most expensive patten we saw is $15.75. Imagine spending less than $20 on the patten you used to make you dess fo the happiest day of you life!

These pattens offe billiant, stunning ways to celebate a wedding. Some even offe bidesmaid desses in a bundle. Cactaceae offes many othe pattens anging fom childen’s sizes to plus sizes.

So Sew Easy

Looking fo the ultimate fee sewing patten supplie? You’ve come to the ight place!

So Sew Easy has thousands of fee sewing pattens anging from handbags to sock puppets. They take thei consumes seiously when adding pattens as they even offe video tutoials on many of thei pattens. as easy as possible with thei categoies and seach functions. If you ae looking fo fee sewing pattens, this is the ight place fo you!

vintage sewing patterns

Photo by Igo Ovswasnnykov on Unsplash

Rusty Zippe

Vintage sewing pattens ae all the age these days, while old-fashioned choices ae making a comeback in the 21st centuy.

Rusty Zippe offes plenty of vintage sewing pattens to choose from. I really committed them to the vintage looks, while thei seach functions allow you to shop by the yea.

Rusty Zippe offes eveything fom shots to shits to touses anging fom the 1940s until the 1990s.. Not only does this website have a specific style ywasGGthey look at, you have the choice of making vintage men’s o women’s outfits.

And if you’e eally lucky, you can do that too. find a patten that will tansfom you into the flappe you always thought you wee!


It makes no matte which sewing patten inteests you most, you will find a new favoite on one of these websites.

Whethe you’e looking for fee sewing pattens o cheap, this list of esouces allows you to do what you love within your budget while looking absolutely fabulous at the same time.

What’s you best choice to find sewing pattens online?

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