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Cost to Reupholster Outdoor Cushions (Cushion Recovery Tips 2023)

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Finding the labor to do this job is not the hardest part of the process. Many individuals are willing to function for also a tiny quantity of money. The tough part is locating the person that has the skills and skill to reupholster outdoor cushions

While you may discover somebody to do the task for affordable, you may not such as the outcome. Professionally done tasks ranged in the thousands depending on the thing of furniture you intend to be reupholstered.

To read more regarding the expenses of reupholstering outdoor cushions simply remain to review our post. It offers you the details you want for you to make the best choice concerning your outdoor furnishings.

Can You Reupholster Outdoor Cushions?

Outdoor cushions resemble any kind of furnishings cushion. That means that it is possible to reupholster them. The actual question is if you really want to do it or not. The trick is available in with the kind of textile you will utilize for the job.

If you pick a wonderful looking yet inexpensive textile, then it will probably discolor in the sun and the joints will be as well weak to remain with each other. Reupholstering outdoor cushions can be a lot of work and also you do not intend to waste your effort and time on economical fabric.

If you are doing it on your own, after that ensure to wash the material prior to you start stitching. Likewise, use the old cushion as your pattern. In this way your job will certainly be a lot less complicated and a little more affordable. When you reduced the textile for the welting cables, cut across the predisposition. This offers you a little offer when going around edges.

Just how Much Does it Cost to Reupholster Outdoor Cushions?

Prior to anyone can inform you the cost of reupholstering outdoor cushions, there are a couple of questions that require to be addressed initially. One, what kind of sofa or chair is it? Two, the number of seats cushions on the outdoor furniture?

3, what kind of material do you intend to use? Other questions should be asked however these 3 should obtain you an estimate on the cost of labor and materials.

The cost of material arrays in between $5 as well as $40 per lawn and also labor can run you about $500 to $900 just for a 2 seat sofa. Then the term sofa can be broken down into 11 different subcategories that contribute to the cost

A seat can run you between $700 and also $1500 depending upon the material as well as other aspects. The only means you can obtain a certain cost is if you call a reupholsterer and inquire to come out as well as offer you a price quote.

Estimates can additionally change depending upon the problem of getting the work finished.

Is it Worth it to Reupholster?

This is an excellent inquiry and it might depend upon just how affixed you are to your outdoor furnishings. There are some points to take into consideration when thinking of which way to take place this issue.

Initially, how much time have you possessed the couch or chair on your patio area? The typical life expectancy has to do with 20 years offer or take a couple of years. Will certainly the structure last after you recover the cushions

Second, exactly how eco-friendly are you? Buying brand-new furnishings may or may not add to the damage of the earth. That is an extreme point yet you get the suggestion.

Third, recouping an excellent outdoor chair or sofa will depend upon the top quality of the construction of the structure. If it is made from hardwood and also other high quality products it might be worth recouping. This furniture can be extremely expensive to purchase brand-new.

Fourth, is an individual preference variable. Do you wish to keep the exact same appearance or transform it as well as making the area look different? The cost in this might help establish which way you go.

Fifth, ask on your own just how much of a difference is there in between the cost of recouping and acquiring new. If it is just a $100 gap then purchasing new might be the better method to go.

In the end, it will certainly be your choice based upon your budget and financial savings. Recovering furniture is not inexpensive however it can be less costly than getting new ones.

The Total Cost to Recover Outdoor Cushions

The average cost to reupholster outdoor cushions is not mosting likely to be a set number. A great deal depends on size, materials needed, special attributes as well as style of the couch or chair you intend to be done.

Today, the average cost ranges in between $50 and $ 500. it is difficult to provide an exact overall cost since of the aspects pointed out over. Since is simply the quote from one company. You can go shopping about and see if you get a less expensive price.

This business is estimating a fabric cost of $50 to $70 per yard and labor expenses between $40 and also $100 per hr. So, if you only have 2 cushions that requirement recuperating you are looking at spending, at the reduced end of things, $ 180. The high end of the job would certainly be $340 without various other aspects consisted of.

To get a more specific number for your project, ask numerous companies to offer you with a quote. If you are going to do it yourself, then all you need to stress over is the cost of the textile, thread as well as other sewing materials like needles and zippers.

Your time is your own but you ought to figure out how numerous hrs you are going to need to do the job right and lay apart an excellent block of time to obtain the job completed.

Just How to Recover Outdoor Cushions Without Sewing

The initial thing you require to do is collect the supplies you require and make certain you have every one of them as well as sufficient of them. By doing this you do not have to stop your job to run off and locate more supplies.

What you need

  • Material – large enough to do the job
  • Leader or you can use a measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Iron – on Adhesive tape
  • Iron
  • Sticky back hook and also loophole fastener


  • Initially, pre-wash your fabric to ensure it won’t shrink after you put it on your cushions
  • Second, gauge the deepness of the cushions as well as note your material in the right spot with chalk.
  • Third, reduce your material along the chalk line. If you put a folded side on the fabric, do not reduce that.
  • Fourth, fold the textile over the padding as well as make it tight versus the folded side.
  • Fifth, reduced two strips of the iron-on sticky tape. Raise the top of the textile as well as place the adhesive strips right alongside the padding. After that on tool warm iron those strips right into place.
  • Sixth, After allowing the strips cool down, pull the backing off of them as well as put the material back in position and iron the other side. You can get rid of the padding if you want.
  • Seventh, let the sticky cool for a couple of mins and after that get all set to secure the opening. If you removed the pillow for step six, you can return it to the within the fabric however be careful not to grab the sides when doing this.
  • Eighth, fold up the raw edge in concerning 1/2 an inch and press with an iron.
  • Ninth, connect the sticky hook and also loophole fasteners to the opening, about 1/2 inches apart. Press strongly to see to it you have a secure fit.
  • Tenth, join the fasteners with each other as well as replace the cushions on your couch or chair.

Just How to Recover Outdoor Cushions With Piping

This is not a hard task to do, Mostly, it will certainly simply require time if you are an experienced drain. Also, you have actually to be prepared for any unattractive mess the textile has actually taken care of to gather gradually.

Right here are the actions needed to do this task:

  • Initially, you need to remove all the old outside material from all the cushions you mean to recuperate.
  • Second, this is where you utilize those old cushions as well as make a pattern to follow. Any type of paper will certainly work for you and do not ignore consisting of the bordering.
  • Third, reduced the textile for your sides, piping, edging, connections, as well as buttons. Next, set out your pattern and also cut the text of material for the cushion covers. Don’t forget any kind of joint allocation or raw side fold.
  • 4th, this is the moment to make your piping and it is a bit time-consuming. Hold your horses and do the job properly.
  • Fifth, Pin the front to the sides with piping. See to it the piping matches the fabric front as well as doing this with the textile right side up. Next off, layer the side panel with piping and pin with each other.

Utilize your fingers to hold every little thing tight as you stitch. Obtain as near to the piping as feasible. A zipper foot may be available in helpful as will a sluggish stitching machine rate.

  • Sixth, The back is made into 2 separate items so you can move the padding in when the textile cover prepares. After that sew the facility seam by hand as well as including ties right now.
  • Seventh, cover the buttons and include them in this action. After that hand stitch the back seam and also add the switches and also you are done.

Best Fabric to Recover Outdoor Cushions

There are a whole lot of fine textile options when you want to recover your outdoor cushions However there are some elements you need to remember when choosing the one you wish to use.

First, you require to determine exactly how much direct exposure to the components those materials will have. Second, you need to make certain the textile is at least waterproof otherwise water resistant. Third, determine on just how much you desire to spend on the fabric.

The material you choose will depend a great deal on your personal choices but do not get as well fancy as outdoor furniture is not the like interior decoration. Sometimes the simple fabrics are the best for the former.

Here is a listing of fabrics you have to pick from:

  • Canvas – it is a simple weave and frequently simple looking. However it is difficult and also can withstand the different elements like a champ. It is also economical and also can be painted with material paint
  • Duck Cloth – has a tighter weave than canvas and can be a bit smoother than canvas. Yet it is more difficult to paint and also make it fit your outdoor decoration. This material is a little bit extra expensive than canvas.
  • Textilene Fabric – is an artificial textile that includes a PVC finish, The layer makes it waterproof, resistant to fading as well as being a fire as well as mold immune. While it is long lasting as you get a plastic-like feel when resting on it.
  • Olefin Fiber – this is additionally a synthetic fiber material and also it is really functional in its use., With its capability to withstand sunlight, rain, mold and mildew, as well as warm. It is called plastic material.
  • Vinyl – if you are ecologically friendly, this is the textile you wish to use. Vinyl is recyclable. It is additionally hard, simple to tidy and also ought to last you a long period of time. Its downside is that it’s more plastic-like as well as can be sticky when you remain on it.

There are other outdoor fabrics you can take a look at and also use. However these are the leading ones that will make your outdoor furniture appearances excellent and last a lengthy time.

Some Final Words

Reupholstering your outdoor furnishings may cost you an arm and a leg if you are not mindful. Labor prices are high and also the various firms hardly ever use inexpensive fabrics. Expect to pay nearly as much for the cost of reupholstering as you did when you acquired the furniture new.

If you have the time, the means to save money is to do it on your own. But that calls for a little extra sewing talent and also a whole lot of persistence.

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