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Different Ways to Display Embroidery: Stunning Showcase Ideas for Your (2024)

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different ways to display embroideryYou’ve poured your heart into embroidering stunning designs, and it’s time to showcase them in different ways!

Frame your masterpieces in shadow boxes or hoops for a 3D effect, or mount them on canvas for a gallery-worthy display.

Transform ordinary clothing into wearable art with embroidered accents.

Get creative with sculptures, ornaments, or even upcycled furniture featuring your intricate stitches.

Curate a striking gallery wall grouping your pieces, or install an interactive exhibition.

Don’t forget digital displays – professional photos and videos let you share your art globally.

But these are just the beginning; keep exploring to uncover more breathtaking possibilities for your embroidery.

Key Takeaways

  • Unleash your creativity and think beyond the traditional frame – from adorning furniture with your embroidered flair to crafting whimsical sculptures that bring your designs to life in three glorious dimensions.
  • Looking to add a personal touch to your wardrobe? Embrace the art of wearable embroidery! Transform plain fabrics into walking canvases with intricate stitches and bold patterns that will make you the talk of the town.
  • Why limit your embroidery masterpieces to the indoors? Let nature be your muse and craft seasonal displays that celebrate the changing hues and textures of the great outdoors. An embroidered wreath or landscape scene will bring a touch of earthy charm to any space.
  • In the age of digital everything, don’t forget the power of technology to showcase your needlework to the world! Share stunning photos and videos of your creations online, or even stitch a QR code that links to a virtual gallery – the possibilities are endless, my friend!

Framing Embroidery

Framing Embroidery
Framing your embroidery in a picture frame, shadowbox frame, or hoop frame is an excellent way to showcase your artistry and protect your work. These framing options allow you to display your embroidered pieces as stand-alone art or incorporate them into larger wall displays and gallery presentations.

In a Picture Frame

Framing embroidery in a traditional picture frame adds instant sophistication. You can:

  • Use a standard frame with a mat board cut to size
  • Float the fabric in a frameless display case
  • Stretch the embroidery over an artist’s canvas
  • Wrap the excess fabric around a simple wooden frame

Consider the frame’s color, texture, and style to complement your stitched masterpiece. With careful framing, your embroidery becomes a gallery-worthy showpiece.

Shadowbox Frame

For a unique 3D effect, consider displaying your embroidery in a shadowbox frame. These deep frames offer excellent preservation techniques and allow you to create themed displays with complementary objects. You can find shadowboxes in custom sizes, or have one made to perfectly fit your embroidered masterpiece. Explore various mounting options for a striking presentation.

Hoop Frame

Alternatively, you could frame your embroidery directly in the hoop itself.

Choose a hoop that complements your piece—round hoops offer a classic look, while square or oval hoops lend a modern vibe.

Stretch the fabric tautly and secure it in the inner hoop.

Then, tidy the back with a fabric-covered board or felt circle and mount the outer hoop.

Hang your embroidery hoop on the wall or display it on a tabletop easel.

Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings
Wall hangings provide a striking way to showcase your embroidered creations. Tapestries, banners, and quilt hangings are versatile options that can transform any room into an artistic haven, allowing your needle work to take center stage.


After framing your rectangular embroidery, consider displaying it as a tapestry wall hanging. You can easily hang it by:

  • Using a tapestry rod and clips
  • Installing tapestry hooks on the wall
  • Sewing a sleeve at the top for a dowel
  • Attaching grommets and tying it to hooks
  • Stretching it over a canvas frame

Tapestries add warmth and texture to any room while showcasing your embroidery skills.

Transform your embroidery into an eye-catching banner! Lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen make ideal banners. Opt for vibrant colors or subdued tones to complement your embroidery patterns. Rectangular or square banners create a bold statement when hung on walls or draped over furniture. Canvas works well for wrapping around embroidered pieces for a clean, gallery-inspired display.

Quilt Hanging

Looking to display your embroidered masterpiece as a quilt hanging? Consider the quilt size, pattern, and colors when creating a cohesive design. Hang it prominently, like above a fireplace or bed, to showcase your craftsmanship. You can even incorporate the quilt into a gallery wall for a unique, eye-catching display.

Decorative Accents

Decorative Accents
Enhance your living space by transforming your embroidery into decorative accents like pillows, fabric panels, and table runners. These functional yet artistic pieces bring warmth and personality to your home while showcasing your craftsmanship.


Creating embroidered cushion covers and personalized pillow shams adds elegance to your living space.

  1. Unique throw pillows: Enliven couches with vibrant patterns.
  2. Decorative bed accents: Showcase artwork in bedroom decor.
  3. Custom lumbar pillows: Offer comfort with style.
  4. Themed collections: Coordinate designs to set a cohesive look.

    These pieces transform everyday cushions into stand-out decor.

Fabric Panels

You can also showcase your embroidery as fabric panels for decorative wall hangings. Carefully curate fabric arrangement, color coordination, texture contrast, and pattern mix for an eye-catching display. Experiment with different material choices like linen, silk, or cotton for unique visual interest. Fabric panels elevate your embroidery, transforming it into captivating art.

Table Runners

Give your dining area an artistic flair with an embroidered table runner. Select a fabric that complements:

  1. Your table size
  2. The color scheme
  3. The room’s decor

Stitch intricate patterns, add beads or charms for unique embellishments. An embroidered table runner transforms a plain surface into an eye-catching centerpiece, showcasing your needlework skills.

Wearable Art

Wearable Art
You can transform your embroidery pieces into wearable art by incorporating them into clothing items like denim jackets, bags, or even shoes. Accessories like embroidered brooches, patches, or headbands also provide a stylish way to showcase your needlework and add a touch of personalized flair to your outfits.

Embroidered Clothing

Another wearable art option is embroidered clothing. Transform plain garments into works of art by adding embroidered patches, thread painting, needlepoint, cross-stitch, or stumpwork designs. Consider embroidering accents on jackets, jeans, shirts, or even shoes for a personalized and stylish look.

Garment Embroidery Technique Placement
Jeans Cross-stitch Back pockets
Jacket Needlepoint Cuffs, collar
T-shirt Thread painting Front, back
Shoes Stumpwork Sides, tongue
Dress Embroidered patches Hem, sleeves


You can also showcase your embroidery skills by creating accessories like embroidered jewelry or custom patches.

These wearable pieces allow you to flaunt your artistic flair while adding a personal touch to any outfit.

Embroidered necklaces, bracelets, or even hair accessories make unique statement pieces that truly stand out.

Meanwhile, custom embroidery patches let you display your handiwork on jackets, bags, or hats for a trendy, personalized look.

3D Displays

3D Displays
You can showcase your embroidery skills in a truly unique way by creating three-dimensional sculptures or ornaments. Transforming your embroidered designs into sculptural forms adds depth and texture, allowing you to display your artwork in an engaging manner that invites viewers to appreciate every intricate detail from multiple angles.


You could create stunning 3D sculptures using embroidery techniques! Consider these options:

  • Embroidered mobiles with dangling threads and beads
  • Fabric sculptures with wire armatures and embroidered details
  • Combining clay or wood forms with intricate embroidery accents
  • Mixing wire frameworks with embroidered panels for abstract shapes

Unleash your creativity and transform embroidery into sculptural art pieces!


You can also create ornaments with your embroidery for a stunning 3D display. Craft ornaments for your tree, jewelry, a mobile, or even for your car. They make unique gift tags too! Showcase your stitching skills in a delightful, decorative way by transforming your embroidery into eye-catching ornaments.

Gallery Presentations
You can create striking gallery presentations of your embroidery pieces by grouping them together in thoughtful arrangements.

Or you can craft immersive installations that allow viewers to appreciate the intricate details and artistic vision behind your work.

Whether you opt for a coherent collection highlighting a particular theme or technique, or an avant-garde mixed media display that incorporates embroidery into a larger conceptual piece, gallery settings provide the perfect platform to showcase your textile artistry.


You can create a visually striking display by grouping your embroidery pieces into triptychs, gallery walls, or shelf displays. Arrange them cohesively, perhaps by color, theme, or technique. Or use embroidered decorative patches to form an eye-catching room divider. Grouping allows you to showcase your skills while adding artistic flair to any space.


Taking it a step further, you could create interactive displays that truly engage viewers. Picture custom designs with display lighting that highlights every intricate stitch. Or themed exhibitions celebrating embroidery’s rich history. Online platforms also let you share your creations digitally, opening doors to new audiences worldwide.

Digital Displays

Digital Displays
In our digital age, capturing stunning photos and videos of your embroidered pieces offers a versatile way to display and share your artwork. Whether you aim to showcase your creations on social media, create virtual galleries, or simply preserve lasting memories, high-quality visuals can immortalize the intricate details and vibrant colors of your embroidery for years to come.


In addition to physical displays, you can showcase your embroidery through photos. Create a digital gallery by:

  • Photographing your pieces professionally
  • Editing the photos for good lighting and clarity
  • Sharing them on social media or a personal website

Photos allow you to easily share your work with a wider audience and keep a lasting record of your creations.


Along with photos, you can create videos to showcase your embroidery digitally. Capture close-ups of intricate stitches or film the entire piece from different angles.

Share them on social media or create a digital portfolio. You could even stitch a QR code that links to a video showcasing your wearable art piece in motion.

For fabric panels or holiday decor inspired by nature, videos can bring your embroidered masterpieces to life.

Upcycling Ideas

Upcycling Ideas
One innovative way to showcase your embroidery is by upcycling old furniture pieces, breathing new life into them by incorporating your stitched artwork into the upholstery. You can also get creative with repurposed objects like old frames, mirrors, or even kitchen utensils, transforming them into unique displays that highlight the intricacies of your embroidered pieces.

Furniture Upholstery

upcycling embroidered fabric into furniture upholstery offers endless creative possibilities. Consider upholstery styles, fabric choices, color combinations, pattern placement, and texture combinations when incorporating your needlework. Envision embroidered seat cushions, armchair backs, or headboards—your stitched artistry transformed into functional decor. Embrace sustainable creativity by giving new life to old furnishings.

Repurposed Objects

Repurposed objects offer boundless creative possibilities for showcasing your embroidery. Transform vintage frames with fabric embellishments or upcycle everyday items into unique displays. Scour flea markets and thrift stores for one-of-a-kind finds that can be reimagined into stunning showcases for your needlework. Creative upcycling allows you to craft distinctive, sustainable pieces that truly celebrate your art.

Seasonal Displays

Seasonal Displays
Embroidery can be beautifully incorporated into seasonal displays, adding a personal touch to your holiday decor or bringing the warmth of nature indoors. From ornaments and tree trimmings for the winter holidays to floral embroidered accents that evoke the vibrancy of spring, your needlework pieces offer endless creative possibilities for celebrating the changing seasons.

Holiday Decor

You can showcase your embroidery skills during the holidays with:

  1. Holiday ornaments featuring festive designs
  2. Festive coasters for drinks and decor
  3. A personalized stocking embroidered with names

Get creative by incorporating embroidery into a seasonal bunting or an embroidered wreath. These handmade touches add warmth and character to your holiday decor.

Nature Inspired

Let nature’s beauty inspire your embroidery displays! Highlight organic textures and botanical motifs with rustic charm.

Frame your stitched floral scenes within grapevine or driftwood hoops for a woodsy accent.

Mount embroidered landscapes on bark canvases or suspended from birch branches for an earthy, naturalistic presentation.

Incorporate botanical details like pinecones, feathers, or pressed leaves into shadowboxes housing your nature-inspired needlework.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you display embroidery designs?

Hanging embroidery pieces like prized trophies, you can frame them, stretch over canvas, or display in hoops – letting your needlework shine like a masterpiece in any room.

What can I do with my finished embroidery?

You’ve got plenty of options for showcasing your lovely embroidery! Frame it, hoop it, quilt with it – or get creative with wall hangings, banners, and more. The key is finding a display method that highlights your hard work and personal style.

How to hang up embroidery?

With a touch of whimsy, like a secret garden awaiting discovery, transform your embroidery into an enchanting display – frame it, mount it on canvas, or let it shine in an embroidery hoop.

How do you frame an embroidery?

To frame an embroidery, purchase a custom-sized frame that complements the piece. Carefully stretch and secure the fabric over an acid-free mat board or backing. Add a dusting of creativity with matting or embellishments for a polished presentation.

How do I keep embroidery from fading?

To prevent embroidery from fading, display it away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Use acid-free matting when framing, and consider UV-filtering glass or acrylic. Avoid excessive humidity, and rotate textile artworks regularly to minimize light exposure in any one area.

What is the best way to store embroidery?

Like a treasured memory, keep your embroidery masterpieces safe by storing them in acid-free boxes or sleeves, away from direct sunlight and moisture. This way, their vibrant colors and intricate details will remain radiant for years to come.

Can embroidery be displayed outdoors?

Yes, embroidery can be displayed outdoors with the right precautions. Use weather-resistant fabrics and frames, and position pieces away from direct sunlight and moisture. Check regularly for fading or damage from the elements.

How do I clean or maintain displayed embroidery?

To keep displayed embroidery pristine, dust gently with a soft-bristled brush. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading, and if framed, clean the glass regularly with a microfiber cloth. Be gentle when handling, as embroidery threads can snag easily.


Like an artist uncovering new canvases, you’ve only scratched the surface of different ways to display embroidery.

From framing techniques that elevate your stitches to transforming ordinary objects into embroidered masterpieces, the possibilities are boundless.

Explore digital showcases, gallery installations, or create seasonal displays – the choice is yours.

Set free your creativity, and let your embroidery shine in whichever showcase resonates most.

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