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Fae Cardigan & Duster Sew-along Full Guide of 2023

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I register for ThreadCrate, a sewing membership box that sends you a pattern, textile, as well as every little thing else you require to stitch a ladies’s apparel thing each month. It’s a great deal of enjoyable! (If you’re interested, you can obtain 10% off with code: Society10) The pattern in package this month was the Women’s Fae Cardigan Duster from Made for Mermaids. I made two versions of the garment and chose to develop a stitch along in the instance you want to make it, too.

I got a lovely, deep purple textile and a rather blue-green fabric from ThreadCrate. I made the tunic length with serape collar and equipped sleeves out of the blue-green and the cardi size with routine collar and light sleeves out of the purple. I think both transformed out truly well. I like the fitted sleeves and also stole collar the best

Right here are a couple of pics of me using the Women’s Fae Cardigan:

I made the cardigan totally with my serger. You can make it with a stitching maker, however I such as the completed edge you get with a serger. ThreadCrate consisted of a little spool of string for the job and I used it as the 4th string in my serger. That’s the one that develops many of the looping. I had just sufficient to complete the project.

serger with one spool of thread 1

To make the Fae cardigan, you’ll require 2-3 backyards of knit textile as well as working with string. You’ll need closer to 3 backyards if you desire to make the duster length. I recommend you pick a material with 4-way stretches.

If you have not stitched lots of jobs with woven, I suggest you review my message on How to Sew Stretchy Fabric Without Losing Your Mind.

I typically wear a ladies’s huge or extra-large t shirt and also chose to make the yellow size cardigan I feel like the pattern runs a bit large. If you’re in between sizes, pick the smaller one. This pattern is very flowy.

It takes a while to tape all your pattern assemble and cut them out. That component might have taken longer than the real sewing part! The Fae cardigan is very easy to stitch as well as being excellent for beginners. It’s also an excellent initial job if you’ve never used a serger prior to.

Embroidery Tip: me such as to put a pin at the top of each pattern piece on the ideal side of my textile when I remove the pattern. This helps me understand the appropriate side from the incorrect side. It helps a lot if your material looks similar on both the right and incorrect side.

put a pin in the right side of fabric


This sew-along is indicated to be used along with the instructions from Made for Mermaids. I hope it helps make clear a few of the actions for you. Do not fear. This pattern is not too difficult!

Action 1: With appropriate sides with each other, line up both shoulder seams and stitch them with each other utilizing a 1/ 2-inch seam allocation. I did not stabilize my joints with clear, flexible remain tape , however you can if you’re worried about your material obtaining extended in time.

Step 2: Unravel your shoulder joints and lay them flat with the finished side revealed. After that, pin your sleeve pieces (appropriate sides together) to your garment at the armscye. Align the facility factor on your sleeve item with your shoulder seam. For the fitted sleeves, the larger end of your sleeve piece is what you line up. For the light sleeves, there is a notch in the facility top that you line up. Stitch both sleeves in operation a 1/ 2-inch joint allowance.

Action 2.5: If you’re making the color-blocked light sleeves, this is where you’ll affix the other half of the light sleeve with appropriate sides with each other. Utilize a 1/ 2-inch seam allowance.

Action 3: Align the corset front and back with the best sides with each other. Likewise align each sleeve with right sides together. Stitch both with each other making use of a 1/ 2-inch seam allocation. Repeat beyond.

Tip 4: (Optional) If you’re making lantern sleeves, stitch gathers right into the opening of your sleeve. Relying on your textile, this will assist you attach your cuff extra easily. I skipped this step because my textile has a 4-way stretch.

Step 5: Develop your sleeve cuffs by folding your cuff pieces in half lengthwise with right sides with each other. Bear in mind that your cuffs for the lantern pieces are short as well as your cuffs for the fitted sleeves are long. Sew your cuffs along the lengthy side with a 1/ 2-inch seam allocation. After that, transform your tubes so that your joint is hidden.

sleeve cuffs 1

Action 6: Turn your sleeves appropriate side out as well as moving your cuff onto your sleeve with raw sides revealed. Stretch your textile to make your cuff fit and also sew making use of a 1/ 2-inch seam allowance. I use pins to mark the halfway directs to extend the textile just as.

Embroidery the cuffs onto your sleeves is the trickiest part of this project. Take it slow-moving and be added careful if you’re utilizing a serger due to the fact that it’s very easy for loose fabric to get captured under your presser foot.

lantern sleeve

Step 7: Develop your hem band by outlining your back hem piece and also pinning your two front hem pieces to the back at the short sides with appropriate sides together. Sew both sides with each other making use of a 1/ 2-inch seam allocation. After that. Fold your band in half lengthwise with incorrect sides with each other.

Tip 8: Line your hem band up with the base of your cardigan, matching the side seams. Pin it in position and stitch it on making use of a 1/ 2-inch joint allowance.

Tip 9: Create your neckband by sewing your two lengthy neckband items together on the short end with appropriate sides with each other utilizing a 1/ 4-inch seam allocation.

Action 10: Fold your neckband in half lengthwise with appropriate sides with each other. Stitch both of the brief ends shut utilizing a 1/ 4-inch joint allocation. Then turn your neckband right side out as well as press the edges out so they have a factor.

Step 11: Fold your neckband in half with incorrect sides with each other to make sure that you have one long, skinny item. Pin it to the entire opening of your cardigan with the joint in the facility back. Sew it on using a 1/ 2-inch joint allocation.

Step 12: (Optional) Attach pockets to the front of your cardigan I avoided this action.

Exactly how did your Fae Cardigan end up? If you used this sew-along, please leave pictures in the remarks listed below.

I believe my Fae cardigans transformed out remarkable. It isn’t a pattern I would generally select to stitch for myself due to the fact that I didn’t locate the slouchy shoulder joints appealing initially. However, I’ve been wearing my cardigan all the time and also it’s really comfortable. That’s why I enjoy Threadcrate. They consist of brand-new patterns each month that aid me construct my wardrobe and attempt brand-new designs. If you’re interested in trying this monthly embroidery membership box, you can obtain 10% off with the code: Society10

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