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51 Funny Sewing Puns and Jokes (Knitting, Quilting, Yarn 2023)

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The adhering to should keep you in stitches. A poor word play here, we know, but at the very least it has you smiling. Too, the lots of sewing, knitting, quilting and also thread puns and also jokes we have actually set up here. One word of caution, we did not plagiarise however kept the wording near the original so as not to spoil the wit

Did you hear the one regarding the specialist who told jokes as he analyzed his individual? He wished to maintain his patient in stitches. Puns are always negative however they do place a smile on your face even when you are sewing, weaving or quilting.

They state it is the best approach as well as to obtain a laugh today, just remain to review our article. It is full of jokes as well as puns intended to make you grin. The references we utilized to assemble this listing will certainly belong of each section.

Funny Sewing Puns

My pal composes tracks regarding sewing equipments. He’s a Singer-songwriter.

I can’t keep in mind any type of sewing jokes, I’m running out of product.”

My other half’s sewing equipment isn’t functioning effectively. Uncertain what’s wrong with it though, it just seems a little off”

Exactly how did you recognize the burglar was a seamstress? She seemed to be complying with a pattern.”

What do you call a celebration of quilters? A block celebration.”

A tidy residence is a strong indicator that the sewing device is broken”

My desire world? A place where the material is complimentary and also sewing make you slim”

Girl: Hi There Doctor, have you learnt what my problem is yet? Doctor: Yes, do you like sewing Woman: Yes, but what does that involve any one of this? Doctor: You seam-stressed.”

Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing Since they go down all their needles”

What did the quilter blame for having too lots of kids? Recreation material.”

Why could not Santa encourage the quilter ahead to see? He really did not have enough backing.”

I’m only hugging you to see if that fabric is woollen or polyester.”

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Sewing Jokes

My sewing teacher just informed me that I am the absolute worst pupil she has actually ever had …

Oooops! Incorrect thread …

So Mike Tyson is trip in Egypt. He is having a good time but gradually starts to lack points to do. A few days pass and he even grows exhausted of gawking at the pyramids. He’s looking for something to do! He heads to his neighborhood market. There he finds a book on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as a sewing kit. He believes to himself, “Thith will work!”

He’s in his hotel space sewing away as well as reviewing to hieroglyph book. He gets to the last page of the publication as well as seeing that the last symbol is scratched out of the publication! Because extremely moment of moderate frustration he mistakenly sticks himself with the needle. He screams,

Ouchie! I’m just mithing a symbol!”

As you stitch so will you tear.”

What did the tailor think about her new work? It was stitch sew!”

I developed my very own pillow. The pillow to rule all cushions. The ideal measurements, the perfect rigidity, the best material. I looked for the finest fabrics from around the world and also set to function on my grandest production. It took months, yet I completed. The last action was to deliver it from the sewing area upstairs to my room downstairs. Sadly, I dropped it from the top of the staircases and by the time it reached all-time low there was packing everywhere, and also all of the thread had actually come loose. It appeared I would need to live without my pillow or sew its seams.”

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Sewing Jokes One Liners

I should not tell sewing jokes, I’m constantly lacking new product”

Up, down, up, down. Currently, out to the sides as well as down and also across … Aaaand stretch, stretch! – This sewing course is functioning marvels for my aerobics!”

Don’t be silly medical professional, this is a material collection not a hoarding condition!”

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That You Callin ‘A Fat Quarter?”

How can you inform if a sewing machine is trustworthy?

If it seems legitimate”

What did Jean-Luc Picard say when Engineering offered to fix his electric sewing maker?

Make it stitch!”

I come from a very musical family members

Even the sewing maker’s a vocalist”

A lady at a sewing device manufacturing facility has actually functioned there for 40 years, working at a production line. An event is held to celebrate her 40 year work wedding anniversary.

At the event, the supervisor of the factory offers her a present: a fancy watch. She asks the director: “Why a watch? I would certainly have suched as to have gotten a sewing machine, I could truly use one.

The supervisor tells her to talk secretive. When she comes near him after the celebration, he informs her, “If you had taken a few pieces every now as well as after that, you would have a sewing device currently.”

The lady solutions, “I have taken a few items house, yet I’m having trouble developing a sewing maker out of them. I constantly finish up structure Gatling gun.”

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Quilting Puns And Jokes

I intend to state comforters are premium to patchworks

But I don’t such as to make covering declarations.

Did you become aware of the person that stopped his work at a quilt filling factory?

He claimed he was fed up of really feeling down …”

My good friend informed me he holds a globe document in patchwork making

I presume his whole story is made.”

Have you ever became aware of the woman that was accused of being the infamous Quilted Killer?

She’s innocent up until proven guilty.”

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The quilter died and increased to the Pearly Gates. (It doesn’t begin well, however it gets better …) There, she was confronted with a selection: she had actually lived her life to ensure that she might either most likely to Heaven, or Hell– her option. She was rather sure this would have all been chosen by currently, as well as she was rather certain where she intended to go, but she was also an extremely interested quilter.

She asked Saint Peter if she could simply have a look at what could be awaiting her in Hell.

They went into a substantial area (anyone ever been to the Houston Quilt Festival? Larger than that!), with tables and also chairs. There were many pleasant looking quilters sitting almost everywhere. Yet it was what remained in the middle of each table that captured her interest: a fantastic big pile of material. She assumed she ‘d passed away and gone to Heaven!!!

She comprised her mind on the area and also counted on Saint Peter: “I understand that Heaven is possibly really nice, yet I’ve determined that I wish to stay below, thanks.”

As the door shut quietly behind him for all infinity, everyone at the tables resorted to her with a smile on their faces and also stated, with one voice:

Did you bring the needles?”

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Knitting Puns

If they don’t want me to dance in the Yarn Aisle, why the heck do they play the music?”

10 Things I Want In My Life:


Even more Yarn

Close friends with Yarn

A big residence for all my yarn

Cash for thread


A hubby that is ok with thread

A big car to fit my thread

A space for my thread

Thread “

I would certainly enjoy to pick you up at the flight terminal, but the rear of my vehicle is full of thread my family doesn’t learn about.”

Woollen you just allow me weaved in tranquility?”

I’m one of those individuals you need to watch on, or I’ll stray into the Yarn aisle and also fail to remember ahead back!”

This witch can be approached with thread and also chocolate.”

Cash can’t purchase joy, yet it can acquire Yarn which is sort of the very same thing isn’t it?”


Jokes About Knitting

Instructor: “What’s your leisure activity, Mary?” “Knitting and also swimming.”

“But does not the wool obtain soaked?”

The best point concerning knitting squirrels is that their nuts regarding picture writing

You can even pay them in peanuts till they unionize as well as start demanding pistachios”

A freeway patrolman pulled along with a speeding automobile on the freeway … Glancing at the car, he was amazed to see that the blonde behind the wheel was weaving …

Recognizing that she was unconcerned to his flashing lights as well as siren the trooper cranked down his home window, activated his bullhorn, and also shouted, “PULL OVER”

“No!”The blonde yelled back,” it’s

a scarf.”

Just how do you describe an individual that loves to knit yet only does the manliest designs? Male pattern boldness.”

I was planning on doing some knitting. Yet I will knot.”

I got drawn over while driving since I was weaving way too much. I informed the police it’s my initial time knitting, so I’m rather slow-moving at it.”

I missed my last two weaving club conferences … I wish when I return I’m not out of the loop.”

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Thread Jokes

What occurred to the pet cat that ingested a round of yarn? It had mittens.”

Well I was functioning on my lamb farm. We had simply sheared the flock and also spun the wool right into yarn. As I was passing away one skein of thread environment-friendly, a lamb wandered over as well as fell under the bathtub of color. By the time I saved the bad point, he would certainly already taken care of to turn himself completely environment-friendly.

Well, a little later, a city-slicker was driving by and saw the environment-friendly lamb frolicking on a hill. He drove in as well as I greeted him out in the driveway. He asked me if environment-friendly lambs were usual, as well as I informed him they weren’t. He supplied me * ten times * the worth of the lamb, so naturally I marketed the lamb to the man.

Pretty quickly, I was dying them blue and also pink and orange and offering them for means more than they’re worth.

And also now I’m the largest lamb dyer in the globe!”

A Tailor Had His Eyes Replaced With Yarn Balls … … So currently he has optical fiber.”

What did one strand of yarn claim to the other? I’m not prepared to color, I still have a couple of ends to tie up.”

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Sewing Machine Humor

Everybody in the town agreed that I did an excellent work of sewing their mouths shut. After I left, they were humming my applauds.”

My sewing instructor just told me that I am the absolute worst trainee she has ever before had … Oooops! Incorrect string …”

I’m trying to consider a sewing word play here yet I’m truly battling. I needle the help I can get”

Coffee: you have not had sufficient up until you can string a sewing machine needle while it’s running.

Hey, bro, I require a 50 dollar costs.” “What? Why do you require a $50?”

“I want to get a thimble.”

“A THIMBLE?? What do you need a thimble for? As well as because when were you right into sewing anyways?

“Thewing? I require it for my drumthet.”

My dressmaker came to be a lawyer. Currently he’s sewing everyone”

So my partner obtained a new sewing equipment today and I understand what you people are thinking … … sew what?”

A religious woman was fretting whether to take up sewing She heard it can be addictive “

I simply purchased a sewing machine I required to get my sheet together”

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Stitch Jokes

After a negative cut, I asked the ER registered nurse if I could do my very own stitches.

She claimed, “Suture self.”

My daughter told me this today as well as it had me in stitches. 2 goldfish remain in a container …

One relies on the various other and also says: “You man the weapons, I’ll drive”

What’s the first regulation of customizing club? Britches get stitches”

The bear made a decision to walk down the street as well as he came across an alley where he heard some strange noises. Being a teddy bear, it figured no person would certainly care if it saw them as long as it acted all-natural. So it visited what was taking place.

The bear discovered a notorious criminal beating a guy to near death. This bear was instead afraid and did instantly worried, which the criminal discovered. He waked over and also grabbed the bear making hazards toward it. The bear vowed it would be quiet on the matter, and never claimed anything to anyone.

Time passed and also the bear was seen by a stray canine, who took the rate of interest in it. The teddy bear could pick up that it will be eaten and escaped while the pet chased it. The pet dog ultimately captured up to the bear and also took only an arm prior to leaving disgruntled. The bear was in awful pain, yet bore in mind something that may assist him. He instantly mosted likely to the cops as well as reporting the criminal he saw previously.

When the police went to the lawbreakers location they discovered a great deal of prohibited proof. They jailed him on the area and thanked the bear. However, the bear was not thinking about appreciation as well as instantly went to the cuffed wrongdoer.

“Before you go away, can you repair me up?”

“Why would I do that?” The criminal responded.

“Well I shed my arm, as well as you told me that snitches get stitches.”

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Stitch Puns

Out to lunch with a pal when he discovered a switch was coming shed from his jacket.

Me: “you need to find out just how to sew, I’ve saved a lot …

Him: “a lot of”

Me: “yes, I do see lots of garments”

Two medical professionals are out hiking and also the very first one journeys and cuts his knee pretty badly on a rock. The second doctor states, “That looks quite poor. Desire me to stitch that up for you?” The first medical professional claims, “Nah, I got it.”

The 2nd physician reacts, “Suture self.”

Never ever most likely to a physician that does standup comedy on the side.

He’ll leave you in stitches.”

My close friend always uses this coat which has actually LED lights stitched onto the back.

He is such a LED-back individual.”

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Needle Jokes

Review a brand-new site called Took me ages to find it.”

A good friend with knitting needles told me he has a pattern for sunglasses. I believe he’s trying to draw the wool over my eyes.”

I ‘d tell you a joke regarding a blunt needle however it’s pointless.”

The most impressive feature of it taking twelve lambs to make a jumper is that I didn’t understand they had any kind of knitting needles.”

I wager some friends I could producer a sewing needle. It was a ridiculous difficulty yet I made my factor.”

A team of buddies with needles are a component of a clothing knit area”

Great acupuncture is a jab well done”

I would inform you a joke concerning a needle in a haystack, however I don’t think you ‘d see the point.”

A law enforcement officer identified a guy driving along the freeway with weaving needles. He obtained his interest and screamed “pull over!”. The guy recalled and also said “well, I consider it a lot more as a jumper”

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Quilting Jokes

The girls were all at patchwork resort, near a main street around. That early morning, a funeral cortege passed, as well as one female from the team stood reverently at the window as it passed. Heading from the church to the burial ground, it passed the window once more, as well as again the lady stood silently to enjoy it pass.

One more woman at the resort discovered, and also claimed to her “I’m so satisfied by the reverence you revealed to that funeral service. It’s extremely thoughtful of you.”

The female stated to her: “It’s the least I can do: we were wed for over 36 years!”

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You recognize you are a Quilter If … …

There’s even more Fabric in your house than Food

“Fat Quarters” is not the heaviest part of your body

Your ironing board is always established however you never iron clothes

You think of your work as a disturbance of your quilting time

You pet Fabric

People are always selecting strings off you

You can gauge a scant 1/4 by eye

“Featherweight” Doesn’t imply Boxer

You tidy up your sewing area your family members believes you are leaving”

A current study has shown that fabric produces specific Pheromones, that actually hypnotize ladies as well as cause them to buy unearthly quantities.”

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Some Final Words

We wish you to take pleasure in these funny lines. And also that they maintained you in stitches throughout your reading this checklist. We left out those jokes with blasphemy, sexual hum, or and the ones that were too ill to read.

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