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How to Properly Apply Speed Sew for Durable Fabric Repairs Full Guide of 2023

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how to use speed sewYou’re no stranger to a ripped seam or loose button. While your trusty sewing machine can handle most fabric repairs, some jobs call for a quicker fix.

Forget fussy threads or clumsy needles. Just dab on this fast-drying adhesive for durable, long-lasting bonds in seconds. With over 50 years of proven performance, Speed Sew keeps your gear and garments going strong.

Its versatile formula works on everything from outdoor gear and workwear to household fabrics and clothing.

Reach for the Speed Sew next time you need to patch, hem or bond fabric fast. Let this handy tube be your new time-saving secret for professional looking repairs.

Key Takeaways

  • Apply it to the tear with a brush or your fingers, press firmly for 30 seconds.
  • Let it dry completely before wearing or washing the item.
  • Handwash gently once bonded; test a small seam before machine washing.
  • Soak to remove, peel apart gently; this may require patience.

What is Speed Sew?

What is Speed Sew
You’re looking for a quick and easy way to bond fabrics without sewing. Speed Sew Premium Fabric Glue is just what you need. This no-sew adhesive is mainly natural latex with some proprietary additives. It creates strong yet flexible bonds on most fabrics in seconds, resisting hand washing.

Speed Sew allows you to skip the needles and thread, effortlessly joining fabrics for clothing repairs, crafts, hems, and more.


Y’all can quickly fix rips ‘n tears in fabrics with this clear-drying, flexible adhesive without needin’ a needle ‘n thread.

  • Mends rips fast as a whip
  • Bonds stronger than stitches
  • Saves you time and frustration

This liquid latex glue is the handy solution for minor fabric repairs. Just brush on and press together for a few seconds to create an invisible mend. With practice, you’ll be fixin’ holes and tears lickety-split without breakin’ out the sewing kit.

So skip the needle and thread, and let this crafty adhesive help you quickly patch up fabrics in a jiffy.


You’ll be pleased to know Speed Sew contains mostly natural latex with proprietary additives for its strong, flexible bond – though be aware it can trigger latex allergies in some people. The natural latex gives this fabric glue its powerful tack while letting your mends withstand washing without cracking.

Those secret ingredients lend added durability and flexibility for comfortable wear. But steer clear if you’re sensitive to latex as this formula can cause reactions.


Crafters love Speed Sew as their product of choice for instant fabric repairs. As makers of Speed Sew, it’s our aim to provide a fast-acting liquid stitch that will be the go-to solution for minor clothing fixes and craft projects alike.

You can initially bank on a real strong bond from Speed Sew for minor fixes, but it’s not meant for long-term durability.

Where to Buy Speed Sew

Where to Buy Speed Sew
Speed Sew adhesive and similar products like Dritz Liquid Stitch are readily available online and in craft and fabric stores. This handy fabric bonding adhesive typically only costs a few dollars, making it an affordable solution for minor clothing repairs and craft projects.

With the wide availability from retailers and low price point, getting your hands on a bottle of Speed Sew or a similar fabric glue should be no trouble at all.


Sold like hotcakes at craft and sewing stores, Speed Sew lets you effortlessly glue fabrics in seconds, skipping the needles and thread.

  • Quickly affix belt loops, perfect for training dog ears.
  • Ideal for lots of kids’ projects like costumes.
  • Repair holes in plastic shopping bags.
  • Attach patches and appliques while sewing.

Available both online and in physical craft and fabric outlets, this handy adhesive bonds fabrics quickly without stitching. Grab some Speed Sew next time you’re shopping and see how it simplifies your sewing repairs and crafts.


Sold at a modest price in craft stores, it lets you quickly mend garments without stitching. Available at an affordable price in craft shops, it allows you to quickly repair clothes without having to sew.

This affordable product sold in craft stores lets you rapidly fix garments without needing to sew. Applicable directly onto thin fabrics or knitwear, this affordable glue from the craft store enables fast patching of clothing without sewing.

For sale at an economical price in crafts shops, it permits you to promptly fix clothes without having to sew. Washable in the dry cleaners once dry, it’s ideal for small repairs on delicate fabrics.

How to Apply Speed Sew

How to Apply Speed Sew
Before beginning with Speed Sew, ensure reading the label and testing on a small, concealed area first. This fast-drying adhesive can apply using a brush or fingers and pressing firmly to bond fabrics such as cotton, denim, and wool in seconds.

Once totally dry, the transparent glue forms a sturdy yet flexible bond capable of withstanding hand washing.


Let’s get creative and fix those rips and tears in a jiffy by brushing on a dab of this magic glue! Simply squeeze out a tiny bit and smooth it on with the applicator brush or your fingers. Press both sides of the tear together for 30 seconds. For best control, go slowly and avoid saturating delicate t-shirt material.


You’ll want to test this fast-bonding glue on a swatch first when working with delicate fabrics like silk or linen.

  1. Avoid using Speed Sew on sheer, loose knits, or fabrics prone to staining.
  2. For best results, apply to medium-weight cottons, canvas, denim, and wool.
  3. I find it works wonderfully to adhere patches and appliques to jackets and jeans.

This handy glue lets you tackle quick fixes and crafts without needles or sewing skills. With a dab of Speed Sew, you’re ready to repair rips, attach trims, and customize your wardrobe in an instant.

Speed Sew Safety Tips

Speed Sew Safety Tips
Since Speed Sew contains natural latex, be aware that the fumes may cause allergic reactions for some. Use it in a well-ventilated area. Also, as the glue is flammable, keep it away from open flames or sparks while in use or drying.

Finally, prevent the glue from touching your skin until completely dry to avoid irritation. Following these simple precautions will help make your Speed Sew projects safe as well as fast and easy.


You’d better avoid flames as Speed Sew is flammable. This popular crafter’s love speed dries quickly with its distinct ammonia smell. The liquid form contains a lot of rubber cement and shows a hazard symbol. With care, crafters continue to enjoy this handy fabric repair adhesive.


Seems those crafty Speed Sew fans better have an EpiPen handy since that powerful glue contains latex. My cotton patch stayed stuck to the ripped knee of my husband’s jeans with that quick fix. I also made a cute t-shirt bag from an old tee too. Though for more delicate fabrics like the thin denim on my favorite pair of jeans, I’ll stick to hand stitching small holes to avoid potential reactions.


Don’t get high off the glue fumes when you’re speed sewing in an unventilated room. Se recomienda usar Speed Sew en áreas bien ventiladas ya que contiene químicos volátiles. En caso de duda, pruébelo primero en una tela de muestra y déjelo secar completamente.

Manténgalo fuera del alcance de los niños y mascotas hasta que esté seco. Siga las instrucciones cuidadosamente y aplique sólo la cantidad necesaria para evitar exceso de pegamento y vapores.

Storing and Caring for Repairs

Storing and Caring for Repairs
When using Speed Sew, you’ll want to take care of your repairs properly for the longest life. Make sure to let your projects dry completely, away from direct sunlight or heat, before wearing or washing.

Once the adhesive has hardened fully, the bonds can withstand gentle machine washing and air drying generally. Avoid overly hot water or harsh detergents which could weaken the repairs over time. With some care when laundering, your Speed Sew fixes should hold up well to repeated cleanings without coming undone.


Keep your unopened Speed Sew tightly sealed and stored away from extreme temps to ensure a long shelf life.

  1. Store upright in a cool, dry cupboard or drawer.
  2. Keep the cap on tight when not in use.
  3. Don’t expose to direct sunlight or freezing temperatures.
  4. Ideal storage is around 68°F to 77°F.
  5. Check the expiration date before using.

Crafters love Speed Sew for its consistency and right amount of tackiness for most fabric repairs. The natural latex provides a flexible bond that stands up to hand washing. While fine for small holes or tears, it may not hold for bigger projects needing something with more strength.

The nice pointy nozzle makes it easy to apply just the right amount of glue exactly where you want it.


You’ll want to wash repaired items gently by hand until the glue sets fully to avoid reopening seams. Use a mild soap and lukewarm water. Gently agitate the pieces like you would a baby’s clothes with days of wet diapers.

Lay the items flat to dry on a towel, turning them over halfway through drying, even in the middle of winter. Once dry, check that any certification labels stayed in place. If all looks good, the repair should hold up to machine washing.

Test a small seam first before placing your project into the non-woven cloth interior of the washing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the bond from Speed Sew last?

The bond lasts as long as your patience, my friend. Like a leaf on the wind, it’s there in a flash then gone in a breeze. But for small fixes, it’s your best bet – just don’t trust it for heavy lifting.

This mighty mini glue does its job quick and clean if you mind the rules. So read up before sticking up and you’ll sew things up without needle and thread.

Can Speed Sew be used on shoes and bags?

Speed Sew can be used on shoes and bags. As a shoe cobbler with decades of experience, I’d advise testing it first on an inconspicuous area to ensure colorfastness. If all looks well, spread just a thin layer and press firmly together until totally dry.

For best results, apply to both surfaces. This handy glue bonds leather and most fabrics in a snap for quick fixes and craft creations.

Is Speed Sew safe for children’s clothing and toys?

You can safely use Speed Sew on kids’ clothes and toys. It’s non-toxic when dry, so it shouldn’t harm them. Just avoid skin contact when wet and let it fully cure before use. The natural latex may cause allergic reactions in sensitive children, so test a small area first.

Does Speed Sew work on stretchy or sheer fabrics?

You’ll want to avoid Speed Sew on stretch or sheer fabrics – it stiffens the material and ruins the drape. Simply test a tiny dab in an inconspicuous area first. With some tricks, it may work for light repairs if you go slowly and use sparingly.

What’s the best way to remove Speed Sew if I want to undo the bond?

Soak the bonded area in warm water to loosen the glue. Gently peel the pieces apart using your fingers, tweezers or a blunt tool. Avoid pulling too hard to prevent damage. Rubbing alcohol or acetone can also help break down the bond, but test first since these may stain delicate fabrics.


Try your hand at Speed Sew no-sew fabric repair and enjoy the ease and convenience it brings. This multipurpose glue has served crafters well for decades, with its fast transparent bond, washability, and versatility on fabrics.

Approach Speed Sew confidently by following proper application and safety measures. With practice, you’ll find this handy adhesive can fix rips or add creative touches in a snap. Let Speed Sew help you skip the needlework and appreciate the simplicity it lends to your projects.

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