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Insulbrite Instructions: the Complete Guide to Using Insul-Bright Insulation (2024)

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insulbrite instructions directions

You’re in luck! Insulbrite is incredibly easy to use.

Start by cutting the material to size.

Then sandwich it between layers of insulation batting or fabric.

For potholders, place Insulbrite between cotton batting and sew together.

For casserole carriers, layer it between the outer fabric and batting.

The key is allowing enough Insulbrite to provide superior insulation.

With its breathable polyester construction, it resists heat conduction while staying durable.

Follow these simple Insulbrite instructions, and your projects will offer exceptional heat protection.

But that’s just the beginning – keep reading to discover the full potential of this versatile material.

Key Takeaways

  1. Insul-Bright is a versatile insulation material suitable for various crafting and sewing projects.
  2. It is made of polyester fibers needle-punched through a reflective metallized polyester film, providing exceptional insulation and heat conduction properties.
  3. Insul-Bright is available in different sizes and can be used in a variety of projects, such as pot holders, oven mitts, and casserole covers.
  4. To use Insul-Bright, sandwich it between layers of insulation batting or fabric, and sew the layers together. The key is to allow enough Insul-Bright to provide superior insulation.

What is Insul-Bright?

What is Insul-Bright

Insul-Bright is a unique insulation material that’s ideal for crafting and sewing projects. It’s made up of polyester fibers that are needle-punched through a reflective metalized polyester film. The material is breathable and won’t break down with washing. The polyester fibers resist conduction, while the reflective metalized polyester film reflects radiant energy, hot or cold, back to its source.

Insul-Bright isn’t recommended for microwave use and is best known for its applications in pot holders, oven mitts, and casserole covers. It’s available in various sizes and can be used in a variety of projects to provide insulation and heat resistance.

Benefits of Insul-Bright

Benefits of Insul-Bright
Insul-Bright is a versatile and effective insulating material that offers numerous benefits for your sewing projects. Its superior insulation, heat conduction properties, durability, and ease of use make it a popular choice among crafters and DIY enthusiasts.


Insulbrite protects you when it’s time to keep things warm or cold. It’s a superhero’s cloak for your kitchen projects, offering excellent insulation with a dose of style for your home’s design.

  • Insulation Methods: Become a temperature control expert.
  • Heat Shielding: Your culinary creations remain safe.
  • Kitchen Safety: No more burning your fingers.
  • Kitchen Crafts: Enhance your creative abilities.
  • Home Style: Add a warm, practical touch.

Heat Conduction

Insul-Bright is a distinctive insulation material that provides exceptional heat conduction characteristics. It comprises polyester fibers that impede conduction, in combination with a reflective metalized polyester film that redirects radiant energy, regardless of temperature, back to its origin. This synergy guarantees that heat remains within the insulated material, rendering it a perfect option for diverse projects where heat retention is paramount.

When utilizing Insul-Bright, it’s imperative to consider its positioning and thickness. For maximum effectiveness, position the lustrous, silver side of Insul-Bright adjacent to the heat source, as this facet reflects heat back to the source. Furthermore, employing multiple layers of Insul-Bright can augment its insulation capabilities. For less demanding projects, a single layer may suffice, whereas for more demanding applications, multiple layers may be required to sustain ideal heat retention.

Contrasting Insul-Bright with other insulation materials, it exhibits comparable insulation properties to Thinsulate, which utilizes sizable polyester fibers with a vacant core and fine polypropylene fibers for close-range applications. However, Insul-Bright isn’t suitable for microwave use, and it’s advisable to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific projects and applications.


Insul-Bright is renowned for its longevity, making it a preferred option for diverse applications. Here are some advantages of utilizing Insul-Bright:

  • Insulation: Insul-Bright offers exceptional insulation, retaining warmth and repelling cold, guaranteeing that your belongings remain at the optimal temperature.
  • Heat Conduction: The material is crafted to dissipate heat away from your hands, enhancing safety when handling hot items.
  • Durability: Insul-Bright is constructed from premium materials that can endure frequent use and cleaning without compromising its insulating capabilities.

To safeguard the durability of Insul-Bright, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Washing Durability: Launder by hand or in a washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water.
  • Needle Type: Employ a sharp needle to stitch through the material.
  • Tumble Drying: Tumble dry on low heat or line dry to avert damage.

Ease of Use

Insul-Bright is renowned for its user-friendliness. Its pliability enables it to be effortlessly cut and molded, making it ideal for crafting insulated products such as ironing board covers, casserole carriers, and coffee cup sleeves. Its washable nature facilitates effortless cleaning.

The material’s breathability guarantees that it won’t retain moisture, and it can be discarded conveniently when no longer in use. Furthermore, Insul-Bright is resistant to ignition, enhancing safety during its application.

Care Instructions

Insul-Bright is a versatile insulated material that can be used in a variety of projects, from pot holders and oven mitts to casserole carriers and lunch bags. To guarantee the durability and effectiveness of your Insul-Bright projects, it’s crucial to adhere to proper care instructions. Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Washing: Insul-Bright is machine washable on a delicate cycle with cold water. Avoid using chlorine bleach, as it may cause damage to the material.
  2. Drying: Machine dry your Insul-Bright projects on a low heat setting. Always remove them promptly from the dryer to prevent overheating.
  3. Ironing: To iron Insul-Bright, place it between cotton fabrics and use a low heat setting. This will help prevent damage to the material.
  4. Microwave Use: Insul-Bright isn’t recommended for use in the microwave. Always consult the instructions that come with your Insul-Bright when you have questions or concerns about its use.
  5. Storage: Store your Insul-Bright projects in a cool, dry place to prevent damage from heat or moisture.

How to Use Insul-Bright

How to Use Insul-Bright
To use Insul-Bright for sewing and quilting, you’ll need to follow specific steps. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Prepare Your Materials: Gather your Insul-Bright, the fabric for your project, and any necessary tools like scissors, pins, and a sewing machine.
  2. Lay Out Your Pattern: Pin your pattern onto your Insul-Bright and fabric, making sure the shiny side of Insul-Bright faces the outside of your project.
  3. Sew Your Project: Use a 1/4 seam allowance and sew along the edges of your pattern. Be sure to press your seams open to guarantee proper insulation.
  4. Finish Your Project: Once you’ve sewn all the pieces together, bind your project with a 2 wide double fold binding to secure the edges and enhance the appearance.

Insul-Bright in Pot Holders

Insul-Bright in Pot Holders
When creating potholders with Insul-Bright, it’s crucial to meticulously consider the design and construction for maximum heat retention. Make sure the lustrous, metallic surface of the Insul-Bright faces the heat source to fully utilize its insulating properties and ensure the safety of your hands.


When crafting pot holders, Insul-Bright’s your ace in the hole. Its Mylar core reflects heat, keeping fingers safe and soufflés secure. Choose from a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns to match your kitchen’s vibe or whip up whimsical tea cosies. With Insul-Bright, the thickness is your call—double down for that extra oomph. Durable? You bet—these babies can take the heat!

Insul-Bright Uses Emotion Evoked
Tea Cosies Cozy Comfort
Pot Holders Secure Grip
Table Mats Elegant Dining
Baby Toys Joyful Play


To construct a potholder using Insul-Bright, you can follow these steps:

  1. Gather your materials: Insul-Bright, cotton batting, and fabric for the front and back of the potholder.
  2. Cut your fabric and Insul-Bright to the desired size for your potholder.
  3. Sandwich the Insul-Bright between two layers of cotton batting. This will provide extra insulation and help protect your hands from heat.
  4. Sew the layers together, leaving a 4” opening on one side for turning the potholder right side out.
  5. Trim any excess insulation material from the corners to reduce bulk.
  6. Turn the potholder right side out using the opening you left.
  7. Top stitch all the way around the potholder to secure the layers together and close up the gap left to turn it right side out.

Remember to test the heat protective properties of your potholder by stacking all the layers and grabbing a hot pan. If you can only pick it up for a few seconds before your hand gets too hot, you may need to rethink the fabric configuration or increase the layers.

Heat Retention

With regard to heat retention, Insul-Bright in pot holders revolutionizes the game. The metallic poly sheet with polyester batting offers exceptional insulation, retaining heat and safeguarding your hands.

The silver threads adorning the top side of the table runner reflect heat, preventing damage to the table from scorching dishes.

Insul-Bright enables you to achieve precise temperature control for your pot holders, ensuring that your dishes remain warm while your hands stay protected.

Insul-Bright in Casserole Carriers

Insul-Bright in Casserole Carriers

Insul-Bright is a versatile insulating material that can be incorporated into various projects, including casserole carriers.

By utilizing Insul-Bright in casserole carriers, you can guarantee that your hot dishes remain hot for extended durations, making them ideal for transporting food to gatherings or events.

The metalized polyester film in Insul-Bright reflects radiant energy, retaining the heat within the carrier and shielding your hands from burns.

To utilize Insul-Bright in a casserole carrier, simply layer it between the outer fabric and the cotton batting, ensuring that the shiny side faces the hot surface. This will provide an additional layer of insulation, keeping the carrier and its contents warm.

Furthermore, Insul-Bright can be used in other projects, such as pot holders and oven mitts, to enhance their insulating properties.

Where to Buy Insul-Bright

Where to Buy Insul-Bright
Ready to get your hands on Insul-Bright? This insulated material is perfect for pot holders, oven mitts, and casserole covers, and it’s available at various suppliers, retailers, and distributors. Here’s where you can find it:

  1. The Crafternoon Shoppe: Insul-Bright is available at The Crafternoon Shoppe, but currently out of stock.
  2. You can purchase Insul-Bright from for $8.99 per yard.
  3. Sallie Tomato: Sallie Tomato is a United States supplier that offers Insul-Bright in 1/4 yard increments. Their fabric is rolled, sealed, and packaged to protect quality.
  4. Decorative Stitch: Insul-Bright is available by the yard at Decorative Stitch.
  5. The Warm Company: The Warm Company offers Insul-Bright in various sizes, including a 45 x 40 yard bolt.
  6. Quilt Batting: The Quilt Batting Store provides Insul-Bright in bulk, offering discounts for larger purchases.
  7. Hobby Lobby: Hobby Lobby stocks Insul-Bright Batting, which consists of hollow, polyester fibers needle-punched through a non-woven substrate and a reflective metallized poly film.
  8. Joann Fabrics: Joann Fabrics offers Insul-Bright Polyester Fabric in 45 width.
  9. Michaels: Michaels is another retailer that carries Insul-Bright.
  10. Amazon: You can find Insul-Bright on Amazon, with various options available.
  11. Checkerdist: Checkerdist offers Insul-Bright in 22 1/2 x 20 yards.
  12. Mended Hearts Quilting & Boutique: Mended Hearts Quilting & Boutique provides Insul-Bright needle-punched Insulated Lining.
  13. Quilt Lizzy: Quilt Lizzy offers Insul-brite 22.5 Wide – 6320WN.
  14. Missouri Star Quilt Company: The Missouri Star Quilt Company is a distributor of Insul-Bright.
  15. Amazon: Amazon offers a variety of Insul-Bright products.
  16. Walmart: Walmart stocks Warm Company Batting Insul-Bright Needlepunched Insulated Lining.
  17. The Fabric Patch: The Fabric Patch offers Insul-Bright Package.
  18. Roxanne’s: Roxanne’s is another distributor of Insul-Bright.
  19. Fab Fabrics: Fab Fabrics is a supplier of Insul-Bright.

Remember to check the availability of the specific Insul-Bright product you’re interested in at each of these locations, as stock can vary. Happy crafting!

Project Ideas for Insul-Bright Insulated Batting

Project Ideas for Insul-Bright Insulated Batting
Quilted potholders and insulated casserole carriers are excellent projects for Insul-Bright insulated batting. With its combination of insulation and heat conduction, Insul-Bright helps protect your hands from heat while keeping dishes warm. You can also use Insul-Bright for other kitchen items like oven mitts, trivets, and microwave bowl holders to enhance heat resistance and safety.

Quilted Potholders

Creating quilted potholders with Insul-Bright insulation is a great way to add durability and insulation to your potholders. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a quilted potholder using Insul-Bright:

  1. Choose your materials: You’ll need a fabric for the top of your potholder, Insul-Bright for insulation, and a layer of cotton batting for padding. You can also use a backing fabric for the back of your potholder.
  2. Prepare the layers: Layer the materials in the following order: the backing fabric (wrong side up), the Insul-Bright (there is no right or wrong side to this fabric), the cotton batting, and the top fabric (right side up).
  3. Pin the layers: Pin the layers together to secure them for quilting.
  4. Quilt the potholder: Use a home sewing machine with a walking foot to quilt the potholder. Straight line quilting and stitching in the ditch are both great options for this project.
  5. Trim the potholder: After quilting, trim the potholder so the edges are even, cutting away excess batting and backing layers.
  6. Make the binding: To make the binding, start at one end of your fabric strip and fold the strip in half lengthwise (wrong sides together), pressing until you have reached the end of the strip.
  7. Bind the potholder: Bind the potholder using prepared binding or purchased ready-made binding. Bind the potholder just as you’d bind a quilt.

Remember to use a walking foot or free motion foot for quilting, as the layers can be quite thick. You may also want to baste around all edges 1/8 from the edge to keep the layers together while binding.

Quilted and Insulated Casserole Carrier

Elevate your casserole carrier game with a quilted and insulated design using Insul-Bright insulation.

This efficient insulation guarantees heat retention, making it perfect for gift ideas.

The quilted pattern adds a stylish touch, while the insulation preserves the temperature of your food.

It’s not just a carrier, it’s a statement piece for your kitchen.

Experiment with it and witness the difference it makes.

Other Insul-Bright Projects

Insul-Bright isn’t just for pot holders and casserole carriers. This versatile insulation can be used in a variety of projects to add an extra layer of protection and style. Here are three project ideas for Insul-Bright insulated batting:

  1. Insul-Bright Table Runners: Create a stylish and functional table runner that keeps hot dishes from damaging your table.
  2. Insul-Bright Placemats: Protect your table from spills and heat with these insulated placemats.
  3. Insul-Bright Trivets: Keep your countertops safe from hot pots and pans with these heat-resistant trivets.

These projects are perfect for adding a touch of insulation and style to your home. Plus, they’re easy to make with Insul-Bright insulated batting.

Insul-Bright Vs. Insul-Fleece

Insul-Bright Vs. Insul-Fleece
While both Insul-Bright and Insul-Fleece are insulating materials used in quilting and pot holder projects, there are distinct differences between the two. Insul-Bright features silver threads woven into the batting, while Insul-Fleece has a shiny, silver side that must face outwards to provide effective heat insulation.


Insul-Bright and Insul-Fleece are two distinct products designed for different purposes.

Insul-Bright is a metallic poly sheet with polyester batting, providing extra insulation and preventing heat damage. It is commonly used in pot holders, casserole carriers, and other insulated projects.

Insul-Fleece is a crinkly-sounding, silver-coated fleece used in pot holders, offering heat retention and a shiny appearance.

Both materials have their unique benefits, but they serve different needs in the context of insulated products.


Insul-Bright and Insul-Fleece are two different insulation materials with distinct features and uses. Insul-Bright is a needle-punched, insulated material made of polyester fibers and a reflective metalized polyester film. It reflects radiant energy, hot or cold, back to its source, making it ideal for heat-safe projects like pot holders, oven mitts, and casserole covers. Insul-Bright is washable, breathable, and resistant to conduction. It isn’t recommended for microwave use and can be used in clothing, although it may be noisy due to the crinkling film.

On the other hand, Insul-Fleece is also made of polyester fibers but doesn’t have the reflective metalized polyester film. It’s often compared to Insul-Bright but is considered less effective. Insul-Fleece isn’t as stiff as Insul-Bright, which is known for being quite stiff, and it may not provide the same level of insulation.

In terms of heat retention, Insul-Bright is designed to reflect heat back to its source, making it a more effective insulator. However, it’s important to note that using Insul-Bright for projects exposed to prolonged high temperatures, such as microwave use, isn’t recommended.

When it comes to durability and ease of use, both materials are suitable for sewing and crafting projects. Insul-Bright is known for its crinkly sound, which can be attractive to babies and animals, while Insul-Fleece doesn’t have this characteristic.

Insul-Bright Care and Maintenance

Insul-Bright Care and Maintenance
Caring for your Insul-Bright isn’t rocket science, but it does need a bit of TLC to keep it in tip-top shape. Here’s how:

  1. Cleaning Insul-Bright: Toss it in the wash on a gentle cycle. Avoid high heat like it’s the plague.
  2. Storing Insul-Bright: Roll it up snug as a bug in a rug. Creases are the enemy.
  3. Repairing Insul-Bright: Got a tear? A simple patch job works wonders. Remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Insul-Bright be used in the microwave?

Like a trusty oven mitt, Insul-Bright is microwave-safe. You can use it to protect your hands from piping hot dishes straight out of the microwave’s embrace.

Is Insul-Bright heatproof?

Yes, Insul-Bright is heatproof! Think of it as a superhero fabric – it can take the heat without breaking a sweat. With its metallic threads, it’ll protect your surfaces from scorching temps like a champ.

How many layers of Insul-Bright are recommended for pot holders?

For heavy-duty potholders that protect well, you’ll want to use two layers of Insul-Brite. That metallic poly sheet with polyester batting offers excellent heat insulation. It’s a surefire way to keep those hot dishes at bay!

Can Insul-Bright be washed?

Imagine a sunny day, enjoying lemonade after meticulously caring for your potholders. Yes, you can machine wash Insul-Bright – simply use cool water and gentle detergent. Its durable fibers guarantee it’ll look vibrant, keeping you protected from scorching accidents.

How does Insul-Bright compare to other insulating materials like Thinsulate or CCF?

You’re right to compare insulators. Insul-Bright beats Thinsulate and CCF for potholders – its metallic layer reflects intense heat, while the batting cushions. An industrial-strength insulator conveniently packaged for crafters.


With Insul-Bright’s adaptability, your constraints are solely determined by your ingenuity. Unleash its boundless possibilities by adhering to these Insulbrite guidelines. From pot holders to casserole carriers, this permeable insulation will shield you from searing mishaps. Welcome its user-friendliness and longevity to create outstanding heat-resistant projects that enhance your culinary adventures.

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