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How to Sew a Hole Full Guide of 2023

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Clothes with holes are back in fashion, but there is no need to buy new clothes!

You can easily change your current wardrobe for as much as it costs to buy a needle and thread, if you don’t already have them.

how to sew up a hole

If you feel intimidated – don’t. It’s easy to learn how to sew a window into a shirt or get a ripped jeans look that won’t fray – without having to buy a new one.

Introduction to basic sewing

If you are new to sewing, these types of projects only require basic knowledge of how to handle a needle, thread, and thimble.

Find for your project a thread the same color as the garment you are changing and select a thread length twice as long as your project – plus about a quarter.

Pass the thread through the eye of the needle and tie the ends together by keeping the ends parallel to each other, making a loop and both ends through the loop

For stitches, keep them fairly uniform and direction – the smaller the better.

When you’re done, cut the threads about two inches (or enough for your handle to tie a knot) from the base of the last stitch on the inside of the project, so it won’t show. Then tie them in a simple knot as close to the fabric as possible.

How to sew a hole in shirt

Open shoulders or a window in a high-collar shirt are super trendy right now, and quite easy to reproduce yourself.

Mark the selected area where you want to delete with a pen or fabric pen and cut along the line. To keep it from riding up or getting wrinkled, occasionally trim along the area you want to fold in to avoid pulling on it. Now fold the edges of the fabric inwards and sew.

how to sew a hole

If you are having trouble creating similar shapes with the pin on both sides for an open look shoulders, then take a piece of paper or cardboard and cut out a shape. You can use this as a template to mark the cut areas.

For windows on high collar shirts, you want to look like a sharp triangle, cut just below the collar, not on it. Then cut diagonally down each end of the first for any length you want.

At the corners of the triangle at the collar, cut a little more along the path. of the first cut. For the corner pointing down, cut the same amount.

You now have small flaps to turn and sew. Sew as close to the edge as possible and around the corners of the window to avoid fraying threads.

How to sew holes in jeans

Knowing how to sew a hole in jeans is useful, as worn and torn jeans continue to leave and re-enter the fashion world.

Denim jeans are a off the few, if only, cases where fraying at the edges of a crack is not only not looks messy, but is so fashionable that people pay extra for worn jeans.

To make your own worn jeans, select the area or the areas where you want worn jeans, not jeans with holes, turn the pants inside out and mark that. Surface. Then use a knife or scissors to scrape horizontally along the jeans (not with the tip!).

how to sew a hole

Run them out and check if the level of distress is what you want. would like. If that’s not the cases, continue the same movement on the inside or outside of the jeans. a horizontal fashion.

Sandpaper is another way to damage your jeans, but few people have it somewhere for easy access. It’s also a little harder to control if you want a worn look with loose threads rather than just a little wear on the top layer.

For jeans with holes, we recommend using loose pants, not skinny jeans.

When removing desired fabric, do not cut along the seams, or you will disrupt the structural integrity of your jeans. This can cause tears along the seams.

To damage the newly cut area, use a knife or scissors, and scrape horizontally along the edges. For loose threads, take a pair of tweezers and pull out the extra fabric.

Tips for sewing a hole

When cutting out parts of the fabric, cut as straight as possible to avoid confusion about how much to fold in or where to sew.

If you don’t have it at home fabric scissors, sharpen any scissors you have.

Don’t pull the fabric all the way into the scissors’visor as you will lose leverage on the cut. Use only the first half or less of the scissors.

Here’s a video showing you how to style your new worn jeans!

Do you have any tips for sewing a hole?

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