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Vintage Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine: Review and History (2023)

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Throughout the numerous years, various sewing equipment producers often made a selection of sewing makers under different trademark name. The sad point is, you may lose out on a good machine because you have never become aware of it.

It seems that the Good Housekeeper sewing machine was made by White before it was bought out by Husqvarna. If you lose the guidebook you might be able to get a duplicate type Husqvarna for about $20 approximately.

To learn more about this Good Housekeeper sewing equipment all you need to do is remain to read our post. This is among those equipments that may still serve you well once you learn more about it.

Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine History

Locating the history of the Good Housekeeper sewing maker is as difficult as it is to track down the tricks to Fort Knox. This difficulty is not due to the fact that the sewing machine is a state key is that it is a generic badge sewing maker whose history is shed to time.

Some individuals assume sibling made it back in the 60s while others state that White was accountable when the company was still called White Sewing equipments. A 3rd event has specified that the Model 73 was made in Japan yet, there is no actual company name connected to its manufacturing or history

What can be stated regarding this brand of sewing machines is that if they are like the version 492, then they are workhorse sewing makers. The problem with tracing sewing equipment made in Japan is that over 5,000 different versions were generated and also there are no documents.

In addition to that, there were regarding 15 Japanese businesses that were duplicating the Singer versions 15 as well as 99 giving them American-sounding names to make them sell much better. The various other issue is that American chain store would buy big quantities of these devices as well as have their own name positioned on each one.

Discovering Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine Parts

While very little of a secret as the history f the Good Housekeeper sewing device, it may be a little challenging to find parts for them. Do not anticipate walking right into any sewing equipment retailer and expect them to have the parts remaining on the shelves waiting on you to find in.

The internet showed up one British parts store that supplies Good Housekeeper components. You will need to pay in British Pounds and also add 5 for shipping costs however you might locate what you require via them. Right here is their link

Most likely the best location to look for components for this old sewing maker would certainly be those vintage sewing factories that sell as well as repair old sewing makers. A regional search might show up some favorable results for you.

Ultimately, public auctions and also estate/garage/rummage sales may be your best bet. This old machine usually opts for under $10 at these sales. Acquiring one may get you a lot of spare parts for your equipment.

Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine offers for sale

If you do not intend to do a traditional search around your city, the best location to find an old Good Housekeeper sewing maker gets on The existing one we located available for sale there is going for $149 as well as it is claimed to be in top mechanical form and also does well.

Various other locations may imply escaping your computer system and also exploring the various vintage sewing equipment shops in your city. It is highly likely that they will have a version or two available for sale or understand where you can get one.

Several individuals have actually been fortunate enough to locate an old Good Housekeeper sewing machine when they go to various garage sale. The primary drawback to your search will certainly be is the reality no person knows the number of were made and where most of them offered.

Exactly how to Use a Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine

These old equipments were typically made of challenging steel. That suggests that they were as well as our strong machines that recognized how to work tough and finish the job. Actually, one proprietor has actually maintained theirs in good shapes and it sews via as much as 8 layers of natural leather or jeans effortlessly.

To utilize one you might have to do the old test as well as mistake integrated with the procedure of removal technique to discover exactly how it functions and also what it can do. We believed we had one web site that had a PDF variation of the owner’s handbook however the complicated part in discovering it is in the name. Good Housekeeper is as well near housekeeper, housekeeping and also Good Housekeeping magazine to tighten the search down.

Just how to Thread a Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine

Threading this device may be a bit challenging. It is side-mounted and might not thread as most modern sewing machines do. Considering that Japan cloned a minimum of 2 versions of Singer sewing equipments, the best technique to utilize is to replicate the Singer’s threading process.

Some drains do have guidebooks with their designs yet they have stated that threading the equipment is not much easier when taking a look at it. Manuals might not be of any kind of suitable assistance if you can locate one.

Like the Singer technique, some people are using their Kenmore’s and also Whites to provide them an assisting hand when it concerns threading their old Good Housekeeper.

Some Final Words

This is one of the concerns when it involves old sewing equipments like the Good Housekeeper. They may not have a history that you can track as well as due to the fact that they were mass-produced in Japan and given strange names, you can’t find any details on them.

The one point you require to be careful of is that there are sellers out there making use of those unusual names as well as trying to increase the cost of their sewing machine designs. Good Housekeeper has nothing to do with Good Housekeeping publication.

Advertised uncommon Mitsubishi, and other names Americans know with are just usual Japanese clones. They are not worth more than about $ 20.

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