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What Do You Call Someone Who Sews? (2023)

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Do you pause every time you try to explain someone that stitches? As a sewing blog owner, it’s something I discover myself doing commonly. There are so several various names, you can make use of to describe someone that sews. They each elicit various emotions and also indicate different things to various individuals.

If you such as to stitch or you run an embroidery service, determining what to call on your own is an essential consideration. After all, you could wish to place your stitching title on service cards and other products. I’ve put together a checklist to aid you determine. Here are 10+ points you can call yourself if you sew.

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Sewage system

Sewer: An individual or point that sews.

“Sewer” is the correct term to call someone that stitches. Nevertheless, lots of individuals do not like the name because the same punctuation also describes a city’s pipes system. Directly, I have a tendency to stay clear of using it consequently. To fix the trouble, I have actually seen people hyphenate words to “sew-er.” I sort of like that, although it’s not grammatically correct.

If you intend to proceed making use of “drain,” it is still the most dominate word to call someone who stitches. Just remember that, “sewage system,” works better in discussion, yet it can look odd in composing.


Sewist: (Not in the thesaurus)

The Grammarphobia blog claims, “The source of both ‘drain’ and ‘sewist’ is ‘stitch,’ an old English verb. Its earliest well-known look in English writing is from the early 700s.”

“Sewist,” is not practically in the thesaurus, yet that doesn’t suggest you can’t use it. People have actually been utilizing it for centuries. It seems to be a popular stitching title amongst blog owners. “Sewist” also gets rid of the unfavorable connotation people have with “sewer.” You could also hear people take it one step further and refer to themselves as a “sewista.”

To be sincere, I tend to avoid calling myself both “sewage system” and “sewist.” I like to just mention that I such as to stitch, making use of no title in all. The term, “sewist” emits a snooty vibe to me, so it hasn’t been my front runner.


Sewologist: (Not in the dictionary)

“Sewologist” is an additional composed word you can call individuals who stitch. I like the ring of it, since the “logist” portion of words indicates you have researched the subject intensively. I assume it is my individual fave. I may need to embrace this stitching title within my organization. I believe it plainly reveals my experience and passion for embroidery.

Sewing Enthusiast

Enthusiast: An individual who is full of interest for some concept, pursuit, etc.

If you assume “sewologist” sounds as well main, you could use “sewing fanatic.” It does not indicate as much know-how on the topic, just a hobby-level interest. However, “sewing enthusiast” is a little like a mouth full.


Seamstress: A lady whose occupation is sewing.

I often describe myself as a “seamstress,” yet it’s not the best term for people that are attempting to be gender aware. “Seamstress” is an extra-professional term for females that stitch, making it helpful for someone that runs an embroidery organization. A seamstress can make anything with a stitching maker– apparel, bags, drapes, you call it.


Tailor: An individual whose occupation is the making, fixing, or modifying of clothes, specifically matches, coats, as well as other outer garments.

When I think about a “tailor,” I typically believe of a male, however the term is not practically gender certain. It is a certain sewing task title for individuals that work in professional clothing stores. Sometimes specific stitching tasks have certain names, also, such as tailor, milliner, modifications specialist, outfit developer, and also garment maker.


Quilter: An individual that’s hobby or occupation is making quilts.

Some people just such as to sew quilts. It’s proper to make use of “Quilter” when you don’t intend to be linked with garment stitching, alternations, and also other forms of embroidery. Quilting takes a great deal of ability as well as I assume the term, “quilter,” shows that.

Textile Artist/ Fabric Artist/ Fiber Artist

Musician: A person who produces jobs in any one of the arts that are mostly based on aesthetic standards.

“Textile musicians” might be a great title for you if you think about sewing an art type. I believe it appears odd in most circumstances, though.

Crafter/ Maker/ Designer

Maker: An individual or things that makes.

Crafter, maker, and also developer are more generic terms for individuals who stitch. Nevertheless, these are terrific titles for people that stitch however additionally do other crafts, such as needlework, vinyl stickers, and crochet.

Stitcher/ Needleworker

“Stitcher” as well as “needleworker” are a couple extra alternatives to call people who stitch. They are not usual terms, so they are a good option if you’re wanting to attract attention. When someone hears you define yourself as a “stitcher,” it might cause them to pause as well as consider it.

Everybody chooses something a little various. I hope you can pick a term you such as to explain people that sew. Tell us your choice in the remarks below.

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