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What is Sewing Discord? Know the Sinful Characteristics & How to Spot It (2024)

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You’ve heard the phrase sowing discord, but what does it really mean? Picture a farmer sowing seeds into freshly tilled soil, carefully selecting each one and ensuring that they are placed in just the right spot.

This is how discord works. It’s like planting tiny little seeds of distrust, bitterness, and anger among people. It’s subtle yet powerful at the same time, with far-reaching consequences for those involved.

Those who sow these poisonous seeds have no idea of the devastation their actions may cause down the line. That’s why understanding this concept is so important. In this article, we’ll explore exactly what sowing discord means according to scripture.

We’ll also learn about its characteristics and how to recognize them within our own lives or communities.

Key Takeaways

what is sewing discord

  • Sewing discord is a deliberate act of spreading arguments, lies, or deceit using underhanded tactics, which is a heinous sin that God hates and is included within works of the flesh.
  • Overcoming discord is possible by using good words spoken in love, recognizing crooked speech, avoiding those who cause divisions, covering transgressions, and seeking peace always.
  • Preventing discord involves speaking with love and understanding, refraining from gossiping or spreading rumors, forgiving quickly, seeking to restore relationships, communicating clearly and often in the workplace, listening intently, and encouraging honest dialogue.
  • Discord causes distrust, arguments, and hatred, and it should be condemned and exterminated from the church. Christ is an example of forgiveness and love, and the church should aim to be unified with a positive team atmosphere where everyone is valued.

The Definition of Discord

The Definition of Discord
You’re sowing discord when you deliberately spread arguments, lies, or deceit between people. It’s a heinous sin in the Bible found in Lucifer’s pride and has been described as the father of deceit. Such divisive behavior causes distrust, arguments, and fights among God’s people.

Sowers of discord often work underhandedly by seeking out an individual’s weak points to exploit for their own gain without offering any constructive solutions. They seek followers to make their cases appear stronger, but those who follow them are mistaken into believing they mean well.

Proverbs 6:16-19 lists seven things that God hates, including this type of behavior, which also includes gossiping and refusing to forgive others. This behavior projects anger onto innocent parties within the congregation, resulting in separation from truth instead of unity with one another through discerning motives, recognizing lies, accepting criticism, and avoiding gossip altogether (Richard T Ritenbaugh).

A heart filled with peace can only be obtained through Jesus Christ, where your tongue speaks only that which is good, bringing forth fruitful works rather than destructive ones towards others around us, regardless of whether we agree or not.

Why Discord is Sinful According to the Bible

Why Discord is Sinful According to the Bible
According to the Bible, discord is a sin because it causes distrust, arguments and fights among people that can lead to irreparable damages. Furthermore, statistics show that most sowers of discord are driven by their own interests and derive pleasure from conflict.

God hates this behavior as He wants us all unified in His love bearing forgiveness and reconciliation. To counteract such divisive acts we must seek self control with Jesus Christ’s example of innocence blood shed for our sins being foremost in our minds when tempted otherwise.

Proverbs 6:16-19 speaks against the seven things God hates which includes sowing strife between brethren while James 4:11 advises against speaking evil of one another prompting us instead to cover transgressions rather than repeat them as outlined in Proverbs 17:9.

Matthew 5:9 promises blessings on peacemakers who practice unity building through constructive solutions versus seeking followers just make their cases appear stronger like many do today exploiting others vulnerabilities for personal gain without offering any real help or advice other then what serves them best at the time regardless if it pleases God or not according Galatians 6:1 , Titus 3 : 9 – 1 1 & Ephesians 5 : 11.

Characteristics of Sowers of Discord

Characteristics of Sowers of Discord
Be on the lookout for those who are sowing discord, as they often use crooked speech and attempt to recruit followers through pointing with their finger. Sowers of discord live selfishly and manipulate others by using deceitful words or hurtful actions.

Explosive arguments that lead nowhere can be a sign of someone attempting to sow discord.

According to the Bible, this is a wicked sin that God hates and strongly denounces those who do it. Lucifer was cast out from heaven due to his pride in trying to sow discord among brethren. It’s important to not just identify but eradicate such behavior from our hearts before it causes irreparable damage like distrust, hatred, or disunity among church members.

We must learn how to recognize these characteristics so we can prevent it from spreading further.

How to Recognize Sowers of Discord

How to Recognize Sowers of Discord
Train your eye to recognize the signs of a sower of discord, from crooked speech and refusal to forgive, to rolling eyes and grimacing. It’s important for us all, believers or not, to understand discord’s effects on relationships so we can identify sowers soon enough before it causes further distrust among people.

When we mistake these spiritual enemies of Christ as persons who mean well due to their fancy words or kind gestures, they are actually trying to exploit our vulnerabilities by speaking evil against one another.

Overcoming discord is possible with good words that come out from our mouths in love towards others instead of engaging in unprofitable and vain contentions about the law. We must remember God blesses peacemakers when they strive diligently for unity through laying aside malice, guile, hypocrisies, envy, and evil speakings – replacing them with humility, respect, patience, kindness, joyfulness, peace, long-suffering, faithfulness, gentleness, etc.

Such practices will bring forth fruit unto righteousness rather than ruin which comes upon those making excuses for sowing discord!

The Importance of Exterminating Discord in the Church

The Importance of Exterminating Discord in the Church
You must take action to exterminate discord from the church, lest it spread like a virus and poison all relationships. Discord is caused by pride and deceit, sown in secret by the father of lies. It brings about distrust, arguments, and fights among God’s people – resulting in innocent bloodshed.

This divisive behavior is included within what the Bible calls works of the flesh and should not be tolerated within any Christian community or fellowship as it goes against kingdom living principles.

There are measures we can take to help prevent discord from entering our churches. We should recognize when somebody speaks with crooked speech that could lead to division, avoid those who cause divisions contrary to doctrine, cover transgressions instead of repeating them, and seek peace always rather than strife or gossiping maliciously behind backs.

By doing these things, we show that we value unity over divisive forces such as discord, which can so easily divide us if left unchecked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the consequences of sowing discord?

Sowing discord has serious consequences. It can cause distrust, arguments, and fights among people, which often result in irreparable damage. Moreover, it is a sin according to the Bible, and its author is Lucifer, the father of lies, who delights in causing division and strife.

Are there any strategies to avoid sowing discord?

To avoid sowing discord, speak with love, understanding, and humility. Refrain from gossiping or spreading rumors. Forgive quickly and seek to restore relationships rather than divide them. Cover transgressions instead of repeating them, walk in wisdom towards those without, and flee from fornication.

Is it possible to repair a relationship after sowing discord?

Yes, it is possible to repair a relationship after sowing discord. Through humility and grace, broken bonds can be mended by speaking truthfully about the hurt caused and sincerely asking for forgiveness.

Visualize turning back time together as you work towards healing with tenderness and mutual understanding.

How can sowing discord be prevented in the workplace?

Make sure to communicate clearly and often with your colleagues. Listen intently, encourage honest dialogue, and practice active empathy. Strive for understanding instead of winning arguments. Stay away from gossiping or making assumptions about others’ intentions.

Show respect by avoiding negative language and look for solutions instead of focusing on problems.

What is the biblical definition of sowing discord?

Sowing discord is a form of deceit, pride, and falsehood that the Bible condemns. It causes distrust, arguments, and hatred among people. However, Jesus can help us to speak only good rather than sowing discord in our hearts.


Discord is a destructive force that can tear apart relationships and communities if not addressed. As a result, it is important to recognize sowers of discord and take steps to exterminate discord in the church.

To combat discord, individuals must be willing to forgive and have a heart of love, just like Christ did.

Just like a prism can break light into many colors, discord can break relationships into many pieces. But, with Christ, we can stay focused on Him and have the strength to resist discord and be unified.

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