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White Superlock 534 Serger: the Ultimate Guide (2023)

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What to select chicken it pertains to stitching every woman seems to have their individual fave. The various functions appeal to different ladies. The White Superlock 534 Serger is no various. It has features several ladies love to utilize.

White Superlock 534 Serger: This embroidery device is capable of doing a rolled hem. And also, its track record as a workhorse lets everyone recognizes that it will do their sewing jobs for many years to come. It has to be a great embroidery maker as it features a 40-page owner’s guidebook.

To find out about the White Superlock 534 Serger, simply remain to review our post. It includes all the information regarding this sewing device, who makes it and extra. By the time you finish reading this short article you may desire a Serger on your own.

That Makes White Sergers

Initially the White Sewing Machine Company made all the sewing devices with the White name. The firm was started in 1866, by Thomas White in Cleveland Ohio. At the time the company was called the White manufacturing Company however became the White Sewing Machine Company in 1876.

From 1923 till it shed its agreement with Sears, the White stitching Machine Company made sewing devices. That changed when the brand-new head of state took over in 1955. With the loss of the Sears contract, White acquired up leading device trademark name and also branched off.

Currently named the White Consolidated Industries, the firm bought Westinghouse in 1975 and also proceeded to produce sewing makers and various other family items. They bought Frigidaire in 1979 to include in their already varied line-up.

When Electrolux acquired the company in 1986, the White name disappeared from the firm’s stitching device line. Those equipments were as well as being marketed under the Husqvarna Viking Brand name.

FYI Husqvarna Viking, Singer, and Pfaff brand names are all possessed by SVP now.

How to Thread a White Superlock 534 Serger

Threading a White Superlock 534 sergers may not be as easy as it looks. The device has a special order to it as well as if by coincidence your thread breaks after you have actually threaded the maker; you need to begin throughout once more from scratch.

Below are the actions that require to be required to get the threading done right:

First, raise the needle to its acme utilizing the hand wheel.

Second, you need to begin with the bottom row and the top loop. Then you go to the lower looper prior to proceeding to the top row.

Third, you take the string through the appropriate needle and after that relocate it in the direction of the left needle.

A special note, before you start or as you pass the tension discs, set every one of these discs to 0. Also, make certain the string does not go down into the device. If you need a diagram to assist you, just click this web link

White Superlock 534 Fueling oil

To clean as well as oil your embroidery machine properly, you will need the adhering to devices and products:

  • Screwdriver
  • Spray duster
  • Vacuum utilizing the skinny pipe add-on
  • Serger hand-operated
  • Sewing equipment oil
  • Little brush or pipe cleaner

Once you have actually constructed your cleaning package, below are the steps you require to take to ensure your maker is oiled right:

Tip one – unscrew the lower cover and swivel plate.

Step two – vacuum and also obtain as much of the material out as you can.

Tip three – eliminate the needles, pressure foot as well as needle plate as well as get rid of all little bits and also pieces of textile and also dust.

Tip 4 – make use of the tiny brush or pipe cleaner to eliminate all the dirt as well as little bits of material from those locations.

Tip 5 – currently you utilize the spray duster to obtain those tiny fragments you may not see.

Step six – oil every moving component you can discover. About 2 drops of oil for each component ought to work.

Step 7 – put your stitching device back with each other and test it out.

White 534 Serger Needles

If your needles break a substitute might be discovered in a Kenmore or Singer needle. Likewise, a 15 x 1 universal needle ought to additionally be able to change the needle you have actually shed. If your needle goes on damaging, then there are 2 feasible sources for that taking location.

Initially, you need to examine the stress on the string. If that is established as well tight, after that excessive stress will certainly be positioned on your needle creating it to snap. Or, your spool may have a fracture in it.

This fracture might capture the thread and put way too much pressure on the needle. That pressure will certainly trigger the needle and its replacements to damage. This will continue till you deal with or replace the spindle of string.

White 534 Serger Locks Up

If you are having problems with your stitching device, the cause might remain in your lock-up system. To correct this issue, simply get rid of the needle plate initially, after that eliminate the presser foot.

When you have done that, examine to see if the clearance between the lock looper and also lock stitch needle is as the manual states it should be. That number is 0 to 0.1 mm. If it isn’t, then you just loosen the established screw on the lower pin and adjust the clearance by transforming the lock looked in the direction you need to go.

The lock loop transforms both ways. When you have actually that done, just re-tighten the screws. If you need more assistance, here is the link to the owner’s handbook for the stitching device It will certainly help you fix your troubles with your White Superlock 534 serger.

White Superlock 534 Serger Tension Settings

When you obtain prepared to sew, you ought to turn all the stress settings on all the stress discs to 0 first. After that you need to transform each disc to its particular stress that is called for to sew correctly.

For the left needle the stress disc should be evaluated 7; the best needle goes to 3 as are the upper looper as well as the reduced looper. Clicking on the web link over and reaching the owner’s handbook will certainly aid you ensure you have the right stress establishing for your next sewing session.

The discs turn counter-clockwise when you require to set them to 0. Then transform them clockwise to set the correct stress.

White 534 Serger Manual

Because White stitching machines are not made anymore, and the upgraded brand name has actually been offered to SVP it might be a little difficult to obtain an owner’s handbook to aid guide you via your embroidery maker procedure.

Hope is not shed as SVP has all of its proprietor’s guidebooks at the Singer brand website. That consists of the White versions also.

We have actually placed it below a second time for your convenience.

Searching For White Serger Parts (Power Cord And Foot Pedal)

Finding components for your old White Superlock 534 Serger is not mosting likely to be that tough in any way. Even the power cable as well as the presser foot are easy to find. All you require to do is click on this link and you will certainly find every component you need for your 534 stitching machine.

The power cable and also presser foot are best on the touchdown page. If you are not effective and also the components may run out stock, just do a basic web search or take place among the several sewing forums as well as ask the participants there.

They need to recognize where you can obtain the components you need effortlessly. Another location, you can inspect is located at this link Parts are not tough to find by when you understand where to look.

White Superlock 534 Value

Something is for certain, you will certainly not get rich if you own an excellent White Superlock 534 in excellent condition. One rate we have located has the sewing equipment valued at $ 110. Others have it at $ 90.

eBay has a variety of costs for various equipments but none of them will obtain you thrilled and make you rush to offer your equipment. Simply put, White Superlocks 534 sewing devices are only worth the amount someone agrees to spend for it as well as it may not be a lot.

In the end, you may obtain a wonderful dish at an extremely great dining establishment out of the proceeds of your sale.

Some Final Words

The White Superlock 534 server does come with an excellent credibility. It is a great maker to utilize even though it may be a trouble to thread. Maintaining it cleaned up and also oiled are the tricks to aid it last you a long time.

Also, if anything does damage on the device, you recognize that its components are not that costly as well as being very easy to find. Keeping your White stitching machine in leading problem will certainly not be that difficult.

Ultimately, while it is a great device, it is not worth a great deal of cash. Its worth is in its ability to remain to work well, long after it has gone out of production.

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