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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Out Pattern Pieces Full Guide of 2023

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After I obtain home from the textile shop, I’m always super thrilled to start on my brand-new project. But after that I keep in mind all things you need to do prior to the sewing part can really begin … You have to preshrink your material and also then reduced out all your pattern pieces — 2 laborious jobs that require time. This post is everything about the cutting stage.

Exact cuts as well as proper marking go a lengthy means in establishing your stitching project up for success. Right here are four mistakes you’ll intend to avoid while cutting out your pattern pieces

Ignoring to Mark Notches

Notches are the little triangles you see on the side of specific pattern pieces In some cases you see double notches and also triple notches. They are made use of to match up shoulder joints and also line up various other vital pieces while you stitch. Do not forget to mark notches because they make stitching less complicated as well as also assist your completed project look better.

If you do not recognize what notches are, here is a wonderful video clip from Professor Pincushion that explains them well.

In summary, to mark a notch, you just cut a triangular right into your joint allocation to mirror the triangular on your pattern item. People often tend to avoid this action since it reduces down the cutting procedure. To quicken marking notches, you can just clip a tiny slit right into your seam allowance where the triangle notch mark is at, but beware that it can compromise your joints and is not the best alternative for noting anything that frays conveniently.

Letting Excess Fabric Hang Off Your Cutting Table

When material is curtained off the edge of your cutting surface, the weight causes your material to stretch, even if only a bit is hanging. This causes an unreliable cut since your pattern pieces near the edge of your cutting surface area are being pulled a lot more firmly than near the other end. Consequently, never let excess fabric hang off the side of your cutting table.

To stop your fabric from extending when you are cutting out a pattern, fold your excess material in an accordion design at the end of your cutting surface. The food doesn’t have to occupy really much area, and also it will make your job to turn out a great deal better in the long run. Plus, it’s less most likely for you to accidentally move your fabric and shake off the grain or center layer.

One more service is to utilize a bigger cutting surface area where none of your fabric will hang off the side. If you have the cash, purchase a unique fabric cutting table that folds so you can save it when you’re not utilizing it.

Making Short Cuts

Long, smooth cuts help you align joints better while you sew. Avoid making brief, rough cuts. Your overall sewing project will end up better if you meticulously cut out each pattern piece with a quality pair of dressmaking shears as well as making cuts as long as possible.

If you don’t own an excellent pair of stitching scissors, I recommend obtaining some that are 8 inches long so you can make longer, straighter cuts. I think Gingher makes the best sewing scissors worldwide. A rotating cutter and also floor covering can also aid you make more precise cuts.

Not Using Enough Pins

Yes, pinning needs additional time, yet it’s an action you can not miss if you desire your sewing tasks to transform out well. Your textile can relocate as well as shift as you sufficed. If you are not utilizing enough pins, your cuts as well as notches will not be as precise as you need them.

If you truly hate pinning, you need to spend in a rotating cutter and some pattern weights That is the only way you can truly avoid the pinning step.

I really hope these cutting suggestions will make your sewing projects end up better. Do you recognize any various other cutting mistakes to include to the list? Share your experience in the comments below.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Fabric

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