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How to Change Light Bulb in Singer Sewing Machine (3 Steps 2024)

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You need light to see. Light bulbs wear out on sewing makers. When it happens to a Singer model, you may need to have special instructions on exactly how to change the light bulb The light bulb holder is not precisely one of the most hassle-free of places.

Just how to change light bulb in the Singer sewing machine: Unfortunately, you may require a number of devices to change a singer sewing machine light bulb For the featherweight, the major special device is the plastic tubes you need to aid you comprehend the bulb as well as get a company hold. After that, it is merely a twist and pull procedure.

To obtain all the realities concerning transforming a Singer sewing machine light bulb just continue to review our write-up. It will only take a couple of mins to read as well as in that time, you must know exactly how to change a light bulb on a Singer sewing machine

Singer Sewing Machine Bulb Change Tips


The first tip that you need to understand is that Singer light bulbs, generally, are not screwed in kinds. This is a typical blunder made by individuals who have actually not had much experience transforming a sewing machine light bulb

The 2nd thing you require to find out about changing a Singer light bulb is that they are not all the exact same dimension. One dimension does not fit done in these equipments. Third, you must not use your fingers when changing the bulbs. Not only can they break easily, the oil on your fingers may make the brand-new light bulb susceptible to damage.

4th, it is feasible to go from an old incandescent light bulb to a longer life LED sewing machine light bulb All you need to do is inspect a contrast chart to discover the suitable LED substitute bulb and utilize it.

Fifth, when the room is small, try not to use your fingers. Slip plastic tubes or some soft but solid long handle tool over the light bulb and push and also turn. Sixth, do not neglect to unplug the sewing machine from the power supply. Shocks can happen when you are not cautious.

Seventh, loosening the light assembly will provide you even more area to work and make that job more secure for you. If you are getting rid of the light bulb from an older machine and also the light bulb has actually rested in the machine for many years, beware. The light bulb will be brittle, breakable and stuck. Beware and use all safety and security precautions that use.

Singer Sewing Machine Light Bulb Type

The Singer sewing machine company has made a variety of sewing machine models throughout the years. These makers all have a couple of different layouts that help the individual service their clothes.

But one thing does not seem to change that much. While Singer has one incandescent screw-in light bulb you can use, a lot of their light light bulbs are the press and also transform kind. That suggests that the base of the bulb has two little handles that hold the light bulb in position.

You need to push these light light bulbs to obtain past the metal overview and after that look to the right to obtain those knobs ready. Once that is done, you let go of the stress and also allow the bulb spring into location.

Something you need to be aware of is that even if a light bulb is created for a specific Singer series sewing machine That style does not guarantee that the light bulb will fit all the sewing machines in that collection. One fine example is the light bulb that is created the 14SH654 series.

This light bulb does not work on various other sewing devices because SH series. You require to inspect the private bulbs to find the appropriate suit.

Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine Bulb


The style of light bulb that goes into the Singer featherweight sewing machine is the simple push and turn model. If you possess this machine you may currently understand how challenging it is to enter the light bulb setting up and remove the old bulb

There is a little trick to the strategy and also it entails a nice box cutter or similar blade as well as a plastic tube. For the best accessibility, you need to transform the sewing machine on its hand wheel end. This setting allows you to see what you are doing clearer than other placements.

To safeguard your fingers you need to utilize a 3/4 inch inside diameter plastic tube that has to do with 3 to 4 inches long. After you have the tubing cut to size, utilize your blade as well as reduce some slits regarding 1/4 to 1/2 inches long on one end.

The slits make it easier for the tube to broaden and slide over the glass light bulb After you have television over the light bulb squeeze television and press down. After that turn counterclockwise to relocate the handles into removal position.

While still holding television over the light bulb, pull the bulb out. When that part of the exchange mores than, position the tube over the new light bulb and reverse the procedure. Flip the sewing machine back up as well as you are done.

Singer Futura Sewing Machine Bulb

There is a great deal of great news with this Singer sewing machine version. Initially, you have the press and twist style of light bulb That need to make the process of transforming bulbs straightforward as well as very easy to do.

Second, you can get an LED compatible light bulb so you do not have to do this exchange whenever quickly. The bad news is that there are a great deal of different Futura sewing makers in this series.

For this section, we have taken the handbook for the XL 400 to discuss exactly how to change the light bulb To remove the old light bulb, you need to reduce the light bracket. There is a tab you draw on as well as your thumb and forefinger should be all that you require.

to the light brace is decreased simply press and also turn the light bulb as well as it should bulge. Do not attempt unscrewing it. To put a new bulb in, simply turn around that process. When it is all done, press the light bracket back up till it breaks back into area. When you hear that click, you can begin sewing again.

Currently if you wish to access the proprietor’s manuals for all the models in the Futura series simply click on this link For all other models, you will certainly require putting your serial number in the search box as well as press the switch. Just click this link to reach the ideal web page.

Old Singer Sewing Machine Light Bulb


As stated earlier the old Singer sewing machines may have light light bulbs that were first placed in when Thomas Edison was still alive. That indicates that you have to be added cautious when trying to remove the light bulb

The glass will certainly be very weak and may break really easily. Some individuals have actually reduced their fingers when they do not make use of protective devices to aid them. The primary step is to make sure you unplug your machine The second injury that happens frequently is a mild electric shock when people forget to take this action.

Currently, you may need to loosen the light assembly so you obtain a little far better accessibility to the light bulb If the bulb is not stuck after being in there for numerous years, you may be able to transform it slowly and also loosen it.

Some, if not most, older Singer’s use the screw in variation, (collection 99, 185 as well as older versions). If it doesn’t transform, then you have to push and turn at the same time. Next, make use of a towel, plastic tool, or whatever fits best and also clamp it over the glass and eliminate the light bulb

That is all there is to it.

Sewing Machine Bulb Keeps Blowing

One of the extra typical reasons that some sewing machine light bulbs blow is often due to the fact that sewing machine companies outsource their construction to different countries that have lower top quality requirements.

What that suggests is the sewing machine light light bulbs are made with inferior materials and also will certainly not last a long period of time. Another reason that cuts the life of the light bulb is that it is not positioned tight enough in the socket as well as an arc develops blowing the light bulb

To fix that trouble, just confirm the connection as well as ensuring it is limited.

Some Final Words

It may be an easy item on your sewing machine but when the light bulb goes out, you discover the difference. Recognizing how to deal with the trouble helps you save money and time.

Simply keep in mind that not all sewing devices are the very same and also that they all do not take the very same type of light bulb One method to lower the exchange process is to upgrade the light bulb to an LED model.

These light bulbs are supposed to last for countless hrs as well as can simplify your sewing life a little.

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