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Arrow Gidget II Sewing Table Review (2024)

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I acquired a brand-new sewing equipment in 2014 as well as decided I required a sewing table to opt for it. I desired one with a lift as well as customized insert for flatbed sewing I ended up acquiring the Arrow Gidget II Sewing Table. I enjoy with the acquisition. I made a decision to create a review to help you decide if it will certainly work well for you.

My mother had a sewing cupboard with a lift inside when I was maturing as well as I had constantly wanted one. The Arrow Gidget II Sewing Table was created for large sewing makers. It has a lift with a 23.5 “x 12.5 opening where your sewing machine can rest. You merely increase the lift for freedom sewing and also reduced it for flatbed sewing It is not a large table, but it has lots of additional room on the right to place tools while you sew.

I acquired the Gidget II Sewing Table as well as a custom insert to fit my sewing machine from It was a wonderful experience. I informed them the make and also model of my sewing equipment and also they sent me a plexi-glass insert that flawlessly fits my sewing device when the lift is reduced. also followed up to ensure I enjoyed with my sewing table and also the personalized flatbed insert. They agreed to make any modifications I required. The only downside is that I needed to wait regarding six weeks for the personalized insert to arrive after my sewing table shown up.

The purpose of the lift is to decrease your sewing device so that the needle plate is flush with the surface area of your table This places less pressure on your when sewing and aids lessen wrinkles and the quantity of time you have to invest in textile manipulation when sewing

Right here are some images of my Gidget II Sewing Table:

bernette b79 4gidget ii 2gidgett ii

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 40″ broad x 19.75 deep by 28.25 hi
  • Tough Legs: The legs are made of steel and they secure in location to develop a tough base. I hardly discover any vibration when I am sewing at broadband.
  • Folding Capabilities: The Gidget II Sewing Table folds as well as having wheels for simple mobility. This is fantastic if you ever plan to take your sewing maker with you for traveling. I do not plan to move my sewing table extremely usually, yet it’s still a great attribute.
  • Leader Sticker: There is a sticker along the leading edge of this sewing table that you can make use of for quick dimensions. I locate it extremely handy. I was worried at very first that the sticker would certainly hinder or peel in time, yet I have not had any issues yet.
  • White Paint Finishes: The Gidget II Sewing Table has a white, melamine surface with a slight appearance. It matches my sewing room well. If you don’t desire a white sewing table, you must check out Kangaroo items They are available in several timber surface shades.
  • Flexible Lift: All sewing devices are different sizes, however the Gidget II lift is completely flexible. There are a chain as well as screw to aid you obtain it in the best area for your machine.
  • Custom-made Insert: There is a beveled side on the opening of the lift where a custom-made insert can rest. For a little cost, will produce the custom insert to flawlessly fit your make and model of sewing devices.
  • Size Capacity: The Gidget II Sewing Table can hold sewing makers as much as 45 extra pounds.

Why I Chose the Gidget II Sewing Table By Arrow

My decision to purchase the Gidget II Sewing Table was based on 2 elements– cost as well as room. I had just invested $ 2,000 on my Bernette b79 sewing machine as well as really did not wish to spend a great deal even more to obtain a sewing table This sewing blog site generally funds my hobby, but my new sewing equipment as well as table would not totally be covered. The Gidget II expenses around $300 without a sale.

I additionally had actually restricted room for a sewing table When my other half began working from the house, he took over our workplace area where I normally sewed as well as I had to relocate my sewing room to our washing space. The wall surface where I wanted my sewing table to rest was just 42-inches broad. Therefore, I recognized I could not obtain among the bigger, expensive sewing cabinets that fold up out. I went with the Gidget II since I have a huge sewing maker. If you have a small sewing machine, the Gidget I has a small opening that would certainly work much better for you.

I was pleasantly amazed when my Gidget II Sewing Table showed up. It was already totally set up. All I needed to do was pull it out of the box, unravel it, and adjust the chain where I wanted my sewing equipment to remain on the lift. It was simple to find out.

On the whole, I more than happy with the Arrow Gidget II Sewing Table. It is sturdy as well as matches my functions well. One point I desire I would have thought about before buying this sewing table is that my Bernette b79 included a detachable flatbed. I would have been fine establishing my sewing equipment on a conventional table A lot of sewing machines do not come with the flatbed device. Additionally, I desire there was built-in storage space on the Gidget II.

What do you use for your sewing table Leave a remark listed below.

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