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The Best Ironing Boards for Quilting Projects for 2023

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best ironing board for quiltersConsider this when choosing an ironing board for quilting, fellow quilter! You’ll want something durable to stand up to the heavy quilts you’re pressing.

Most importantly, make sure it’s the right height – you’re spending hours at this, so comfort matters.

When you choose one made for quilting and not ironing a simple shirt, you get features specifically for handling yards of fabric. A stable, sturdy surface prevents slipping, metal braces add durability, and extra width gives you the space you need.

Don’t let a mediocre ironing board hold you back from satisfying results and a calm quilting experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Seek wide, sturdy ironing boards with at least a 15-inch width.
  • The recommended size is at least a 48-inch wide surface for ample room when quilting.
  • Look for ironing boards with sturdy construction, such as alloy steel or a steel frame.
  • Consider adjustable height options for added convenience and comfort.

Top 9 Best Ironing Boards for Quilters

Quilters, choosing the right ironing board is key to keeping your quilting projects neat and wrinkle-free. Top-rated options like the spacious Brabantia Extra Large ironing board, the heavy-duty Ironing Board with a pressing surface, and the adjustable European-made board offer the stability, surface area, and features needed to smoothly press quilts.

Brabantia Ironing Board Extra Large Steam Iron Rest Height Adjustable

Brabantia - Ironing Board CView On Amazon
With its generously sized 49 by 18-inch ironing surface, you can comfortably handle large quilting projects on this sturdy Brabantia board that won’t tip over. The sturdy alloy steel construction keeps the board stable, so you can confidently iron quilts without any tipping or wobbling.

The adjustable height range from 29.5 to 38.6 inches lets you iron while seated or standing for ergonomic comfort.

The included metal holder fits larger steam irons securely. This high-quality board has convenient features like a transport lock, cord binder, and a cotton cover with Stretch-System. With a 10-year guarantee, it’s built to last through years of quilting projects.

  • Wide 49 x 18-inch surface
  • Sturdy alloy steel construction
  • Adjustable 29.5-38.6-inch height
  • Secure holder fits large irons
  • Convenience features like cord binder
  • High quality with a 10-year guarantee
  • Expensive price tag
  • Heavy at 17.82 lbs
  • Takes up space when set up
  • Cover replacements may be needed

Ironing Board Large Pressing Surface Heavy Duty Frame

Reliable 320LB Home Ironing BoardView On Amazon
You’d appreciate how its heavy-duty frame provides stability when ironing large quilts. This 2-in-1 ironing board easily converts to a 60 x 18.9-inch surface that lets you smoothly iron oversized quilts, curtains, and pants legs.

The sturdy metal construction, wishbone legs, and memory foam cover offer the ultimate quilting ironing experience – no tipping, no wobbling.

Simply remove the cover and attach the extension to reveal the extra-large ironing area. The built-in heat-resistant zone also enables safe placement of a 400°F+ iron. While heavy at 25 lbs, its folding safety latch and rectangular shape provide efficient storage in your quilting room.

Overall, this board allows crease-free ironing of any large fabric without having to move around.

  • Very stable, no wobbling
  • Allows ironing large fabrics without moving around
  • Well-made sturdy construction
  • Holds large quilts, pants legs flat for creases
  • Handle awkwardly placed, takes getting used to
  • Works best left open as a permanent ironing station
  • But damaged first fabric; may need a pad cover

Ironing Board Extra Wide Adjustable Height Foldable European Made

It’ll provide a wide, stable ironing surface perfect for quilts if you select the high-quality European-made board that folds down compactly. Ideal for anyone who irons large projects or sews voluminous fabrics, this sturdy ironing board offers adjustable heights from 30-38 inches to suit your needs.

With its thick cotton cover, foam padding, mesh metal top, and heavy-duty steel frame, it aims to optimize your ironing experience.

  • Wide 51×19 inch surface prevents wobbling
  • Adjustable height 30-38 inches
  • Thick 100% cotton cover & foam padding
  • Sturdy, stable heavy-duty materials
  • Heavier than some ironing boards
  • More expensive than basic models
  • Requires some assembly

June Tailor Quilters Cut N Press

June Tailor QuilterView On Amazon
You’ll love this handy little board that kills two birds with one stone, letting you press and cut your latest quilt project without taking up a ton of space. This compact 14.4 x 15.7 inch 2-in-1 cutting and ironing board from Notions is just the ticket for small sewing and quilting tasks.

The durable cutting mat on one side and cushioned pressing surface with grid markings on the other provide everything you need in one portable unit. Pop it on your table or desk and you can cut fabric pieces one minute and press seams the next without any hassle.

With its affordable price, this combo board is ideal for quilters and sewers needing to save room and money on equipment.

  • Pros: Compact size, portable, built-in handle, durable cutting mat, gridded pressing side, affordable price
  • Cons: No slipcover included, some odor initially from manufacturing

Mabel Home Extra Wide Ironing Board With Shoulder Wing Folding

While pressing yardage, the Mabel Home’s wings cradle sheets against its sturdy frame. As an experienced quilting instructor, I often recommend this sturdy ironing board for its extra-wide surface and convenient shirt wings.

The 100% cotton cover provides a smooth surface for pressing, while the powder-coated metal frame offers excellent stability. This 2023 model features an adjustable height range from 27.5-36 inches, allowing you to iron while seated or standing.

The innovative shoulder wings on this European-style ironing board are perfect for efficiently pressing pillowcases, shirts, and other large pieces. With conveniences like an iron rest tray, garment rack, and storage basket, the Mabel Home board makes your ironing more efficient.

  • Extra-wide surface great for quilts & sheets
  • Sturdy powder-coated metal frame
  • Convenient shoulder wings
  • Assembly required upon purchase
  • Some issues reported with leveling
  • Raising/lowering mechanism problems noted

Oak Ridge Deluxe Ironing Board Cabinet White

OakRidge Deluxe Ironing Board withView On Amazon
To neatly hide your ironing board, the Oak Ridge Deluxe Ironing Board Cabinet is a sleek storage solution. It features a fold-down ironing board and vertical storage, keeping your ironing station organized yet accessible.

The cabinet is constructed with melamine wood and has magnetic door catches to securely enclose the board. This space-efficient cabinet matches well with white cabinetry, creating a cohesive look. Although assembly is required upon delivery, it provides a tidy spot to stash your ironing essentials.

  • Concealed storage with a fold-down board
  • Durable melamine wood construction
  • Matches white cabinets for cohesion
  • Assembly is required upon delivery
  • Less mobile than open ironing boards
  • Smaller ironing surface than full boards

Household Essentials Folding Ironing Board Gold Black

Household Essentials 895018-1 Board–Steel top,View On Amazon
This sturdy folding ironing board’s steel and mesh construction provides a wide surface area, plus a premium cover and padding for smooth ironing right at home. With its wheels, you can easily move it around to wherever you need to press and iron fabric.

The sturdy steel iron rest with a built-in garment hanger allows you to conveniently hang items after ironing.

When finished ironing your latest quilt or sewing project, simply fold it up and tuck it away.

  • Sturdy steel and mesh build
  • Wide ironing surface area
  • Smooth premium cover and padding
  • Iron rest with a garment hanger
  • Foldable and mobile with wheels
  • May not fold completely flat for storage
  • Wheels could catch on uneven floors
  • Cover and padding wear down over time

Minky Ergo Plus Prozone Ironing Board UK

Minky Ergo Plus Prozone IroningView On Amazon
You’ll adore ironing quilts on the sturdy, adjustable Minky Ergo Prozone board. This high-quality ironing board from the UK provides the ideal surface for pressing your quilt projects.

The thick felt pad and laminated cover create a smooth, seamless surface so your iron glides easily.

With multiple height settings, you can iron comfortably whether sitting or standing. The sturdy loop leg design and wide base give you a stable, wobble-free ironing experience.

The ambidextrous iron rest and built-in shelf add convenience as you work. While an investment, this board’s excellent construction and handy features make quilting tasks like assembling blocks and pressing finished quilts a breeze.

  • Sturdy steel frame for stability
  • Extra thick pad prevents bumps
  • Laminated cover with metallic layer speeds ironing
  • Adjustable height levels
  • Convenient iron rest and shelf
  • Expensive price tag
  • Heavy weight makes moving difficult
  • Some complaints of damage upon receipt

Adjustable Height Deluxe 4 Leg Steel Mesh Ironing Board

Ybm Home Adjustable Height DeluxeView On Amazon
Setting it to the perfect height lets you iron with ease and avoid back strain. While folding compactly for space-saving storage, this sturdy steel board adjusts from 29-36 inches to suit your stance. The extra-wide 15 by 48-inch surface smooths wrinkles from all fabrics, preventing tipping.

Vent holes let steam penetrate, while the padded cotton cover glides. The built-in rest protects from hot iron burns.

  • Adjustable 29-36 inch height
  • Wide surface area
  • Ventilation holes
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Built-in iron rest
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Setup and adjustments may be tricky
  • Cover wears out over time
  • May tip if on an uneven floor

What to Look for When Finding an Ironing Board for Quilters

What to Look for When Finding an Ironing Board for Quilters
When choosing an ironing board for quilting, focus on having a wide surface area and sturdy construction. Look for boards with generous width and length to easily fit large quilt pieces. Full-size and wall-mounted boards tend to offer the most stability and the largest ironing surface.

Also, consider convenient features like adjustable height, storage racks, and cord management.

Size of the Ironing Board

Focus on the width of the surface when finding an ironing board for quilting. Seek out an adjustable width board or one with a generously sized surface, at least 15 inches across. This provides ample space to smoothly iron large quilt pieces, full garment lengths, and other oversized projects.

Sturdy legs prevent tipping when pressing heavily on the edges. Optimize your quilting with a wide, sturdy ironing board suited for large quilting projects.

Style of the Ironing Board

When choosing an ironing board’s style, consider your available space and tasks when deciding between models like full-size, tabletop, or wall-mounted. Folding full-size boards offer a wide surface and adjustability at the cost of storage space.

Tabletop boards save room but lack width. Mounted boards maximize space yet limit portability. Compare ventilation, stability, dimensions, and storage convenience when selecting a style suiting your quilting needs and workspace.

Optional Accessories

When picking accessories, consider ones like covers, racks, or cord managers that’ll make your board more convenient to use, like football tailgate setups make gamedays easier.

  • Extra covers help keep your ironing surface clean and smooth.
  • Sleeve attachments provide extra width for sleeves and hems.
  • Cord holders keep cords neat and out of the way.
  • Iron holders give a safe resting spot for hot irons.
  • Seam rollers make pressing long seams quick and easy.

Optional accessories for your ironing board, like surface conditioners, sleeve attachments, cord holders, extra covers, or iron holders, can really optimize your ironing station. Choosing ones that make the job easier or improve results helps make ironing less of a chore.

Create Professional-looking Quilts With Ironing Boards

Create Professional-looking Quilts With Ironing Boards
You’ll craft professional-looking quilts using a specialized ironing board. Select one with a wide surface area and sturdy construction to support large quilts without scorching marks. Ensure it has adjustable height for standing or sitting comfort. Look for a thick, quality cover to prevent impressions and facilitate steam release.

Determine your ideal temperature settings. Manage the cord to prevent tripping. A board with long-term durability withstands daily use.

With the right ironing board, you can achieve crisp seams and sharp creases for beautiful finished quilts. Your precision pressing takes your skills to the next level. Let your ironing board assist you in creating heirloom quilts with elegant detail work worthy of contests and shows.

You Need a Reliable and Sturdy Ironing Board for Quilting

You Need a Reliable and Sturdy Ironing Board for Quilting
As a busy quilter who needs a dedicated ironing surface, you’ll want a heavy-duty ironing board designed for the job. From the June Tailor Quilter’s Cut ‘n Press portable board to the full-sized Minky Ergo Plus Prozone with an innovative metallic cover, models like the sturdy OakRidge Deluxe Cabinet and Adjustable Height Deluxe 4 Leg provide the stable, wide surfaces you require when pressing yardage, assembling quilt blocks, and finishing quilted projects.

Reliable 320LB Home Ironing Board

You’re gonna love the heavy-duty HomeStyle Ironing Board that’ll handle even your biggest quilting projects without breaking a sweat!

This sturdy ironing board holds up to 320 pounds, so you can confidently iron quilts, drapes, and other heavy fabrics.

The vented, cotton-blend cover allows steam to pass through for fast, wrinkle-free ironing.

Adjustable legs provide the perfect height for sitting or standing. Plus, they fold up neatly for compact storage after use.

With its reliable iron rest, ventilated cover, and foldable legs with height adjustments, this quality ironing board offers the stable support quilters need for professional results on all sewing projects.

June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press

Compact yet versatile, the June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press lets you cut fabric on one side and iron on the other in tight spaces. This 2-in-1 combo board is ideal for small sewing projects. It features a durable 14.

4 x 15.7 inch cutting mat on one side and a padded ironing surface with grid markings on the reverse.

Feature Description Benefit
Compact Size 14.4 x 15.7 inches Fits in tight spaces
2-in-1 Design Cutting mat on one side, ironing surface on the other Convenient all-in-one solution
Lightweight Built-in carrying handle Easy portability

The small size of the June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press is perfect for piecing and pressing small quilt blocks or shorter fabric lengths. The markings on the board help align pieces while pressing. Additionally, its portability provides efficiency wherever you sew.

The June Tailor Quilter’s Cut’n Press combines both prep functions in one affordable, space-saving unit.

OakRidge Deluxe Ironing Board

Hide your ironing supplies in style with Oak Ridge’s space-saving cabinet. The full-size ironing board stores vertically within the sleek white cabinet when not in use. Simply fold down the board for easy access to press fabrics. Sturdy melamine construction and magnetic door catches keep your ironing nook tidy.

With assembly required, this cabinet neatly conceals your ironing board, delivering stable ironing and compact storage.

Household Essentials 895018 Ironing Board

The sturdy folding Household Essentials ironing board with wheels helps roll your ironing surface around the room for convenience as you press those unwieldy quilt pieces. The steel and mesh board provides a wide surface to smoothly iron large quilts or other bulky fabrics.

Mounting the iron temporarily on the built-in hanger allows for adjusting the fabric hands-free. The mobility from caster wheels and collapsible storage benefits any quilter lacking space. Thoughtfully designed for stability, padded fabric protection, and accessibility, this quality ironing board easily transports wherever garment care is needed.

Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Prozone

You’ll love the innovative features and sturdy build of Minky’s Ergo Prozone for smooth, efficient ironing of your quilts. The metallic Prozone cover helps remove creases faster, while the thick felt pad and laminated cover ensure a smooth ironing surface.

Adjustable height levels allow you to iron while sitting or standing for comfort. The sturdy steel frame provides stability during use. With its ambidextrous iron rest and clothes shelf, this board offers convenience when ironing.

Your quilting projects will really benefit from the excellent ironing experience the Ergo Plus provides.

Ybm Home Deluxe Ironing Board

Gotcha – here’s a satirical sentence discussing the Ybm Home Deluxe Ironing Board without starting with Hide, The, or You’ll and avoiding the other words you mentioned:

Grab that trendy Ybm Home Deluxe gizmo if you’re keen on smoothing fabrics without the kit and caboodle tipping on ya!

  1. Adjustable height
  2. Sturdy steel frame
  3. Convenient accessories

As your trusted quilting confidant, let me tell you – this quality ironing board’s got all you need to press those quilt pieces to perfection. The adjustable height lets you iron sitting or standing comfortably. The sturdy steel frame provides stability when ironing large quilts.

And convenient accessories like sleeve attachments and cord managers make your ironing experience a breeze.

Its advanced design and easy assembly means you’ll be cranking out crisp quilts in no time.

Ironing Board Buying Guide

Ironing Board Buying Guide
You’re gonna want a wide, sturdy board with adjustable height when picking one out. Look for at least a four-foot width and a thick padded cover to support those heavy quilts as you press seam allowances.

Sturdy legs provide essential stability, so compare build quality and weight capacity. Space-saving wall mounts work for limited areas if installed properly. And don’t forget handy accessories like an iron rest, cord manager, and sleeve attachment to maximize your ironing experience.

Proper storage will also prolong your board’s lifetime, so follow tips to prevent damage after each use.

With some thoughtful selection, you’ll find the perfect ironing partner to expertly press all your quilted creations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I clean and care for my quilting ironing board?

Did you know that over 70% of ironing boards collect dust and dirt that damage cover fibers? Simply wipe down the metal frame regularly and launder your quilted cotton cover often for smooth pressing.

What size ironing board do I need for quilting?

When quilting, go bigger – experts recommend at least a 48-inch wide ironing surface. This gives you ample room to smoothly iron yardage, blocks, and finished quilts. Look for sturdy construction with a comfortable height range, quality cover, and helpful accessories.

Then you’ll have the ideal setup for flawlessly pressing your quilting projects.

Are there any safety concerns I should know about when using an ironing board for quilting?

Don’t neglect safe ironing practices, my friend! Using a sturdy and stable board with an Iron-a-way cover will help prevent slips and burns. Always leave ample space around your board and keep the cord out of pathways. Focus on learning proper technique to build mastery while staying protected.

How often should I replace the cover on my quilting ironing board?

You should replace your quilting ironing board cover every 6-12 months or immediately if it becomes stained, torn, or develops any burns or holes. Regularly check it for wear and promptly replace it to ensure smooth, wrinkle-free ironing.

Are there any accessories or add-ons I should look for in an ironing board for quilting?

Sleeve board attachment to iron sleeves flat, iron rest tray to safely place a hot iron, cord holder to organize the cord, pressing cushions for added padding, quilting clips to keep fabric taut.


You’ve chosen such a great few boards here, quilter! With so many great options, there’s an ironing board out there for every quilter’s needs. Whichever you choose, having a reliable, sturdy ironing board will help you press those quilt blocks and seams to perfection.

Your quilts will have that crisp, professional finish when you’ve got the right gear.

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