• sewing-knits

    How to Sew Knits

    Sewing with knits can seem like an impossible task. With such a complex fabric and so much room for error, how can you even start?...3 min

  • how-to-sew-pillow-case

    How to Sew a Pillow Case

    Have you ever wondered how to sew a pillowcase? Maybe you need a pillowcase but have you haven’t found one that is in a color...3 min

  • how-to-sew-ribbons-on-pointe-shoes

    How to Sew Ribbons on Pointe Shoes

    One of the most cherished and most tedious rituals of ballet is sewing your ribbons. Some schools require ribbons on engineering shoes for exams, and...3 min

  • how-to-sew-doll-clothes

    How to Sew Doll Clothes

    If you have a kid who loves dressing up with their dolls, from American Girl to Lori to Barbie, you’ll want to shower them with...3 min

  • how-to-sew-a-hole

    How to Sew a Hole

    Clothes with holes are back in fashion, but there is no need to buy new clothes! You can easily change your current wardrobe for as...3 min

  • how-to-clean-a-sewing-machine

    How to Clean a Sewing Machine

    If there’s one universal truth for tinkerers, it’s this: Sewing machines know when you have a deadline and they can smell fear. Why do sewing...4 min

  • how-to-hem-pants-with-a-sewing-machine

    How to Hem Pants With a Sewing Machine

    Blind hems are perfect for quickly and neatly changing your pants from home. The standard cross stitch method, made by manufacturers, is prone to snags...3 min

  • how-to-sew-spandex

    How to Sew Spandex

    Spadex: that magical fabric that moves with you ad makes your waistbad stretch a few iches more whe you eat extra .okies. Although spadex is...3 min