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Easy DIY Project: How to Make a Wool Pressing Mat That Works (2023)

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Prices are high, also when it concerns wool pressing mats. Getting the right tools to do a good ironing task should not cost you an arm and also a leg. Fortunately is that do it yourself tasks can generate the outcomes you desire at a far less costly cost.

How to make a wool pressing floor covering: It isn’t tough to make your wool pressing floor covering. The very first step is to discover as well as make use of 3 various textiles. Then press them while making 3 different layers. After that find a board that offers you a great deal of ironing space and location of the layers in addition to it. And also you are excellent to go.

To make your wool pressing mat or obtain concepts on just how to do it, simply remain to read our article. It is loaded with those concepts along with tips on exactly how to make your own wool pressing at and also conserve cash doing it.

What is a Wool Pressing Mat?

A wool pressing mat is basically what the name says. It is made of wool, and also it is utilized to assist you push your garments, patchworks, and various other sewing tasks. They normally run regarding 3/4 of an inch thick as well as striving to make your ironing time pass a little quicker.

What makes these floor coverings so prominent is that they are expected to catch the warmth as you iron as well as ‘press’ the opposite of your textile as you are working. This strategy means you can do both sides at the very same time as well as save you a great deal of ironing job.

The good thing concerning these mats is that they are not awkward, and also they are not that challenging to enter into the ideal placement. The technique is when to know to use heavy steam or not. Vapor generally goes through these floor coverings as well as soak materials beneath the floor covering.

If you do not mind that situation after that vapor away. Yet wool pressing mats function best when heavy steam is excluded from the ironing process.

Why Make Your Own Wool Pressing Mat?

The solution to that questions is business economics. Depending upon where you get your wool pressing floor covering, you may spend approximately $50 to $75 simply for one tiny one. That is a pretty steep rate to pay just to lower some ironing job.

Also, you can tailor- make your wool pressing mat to fit your scenario. Personalizing the mat to fulfill your pressing or ironing demands will be an excellent benefit to you and also make ironing easier on your body.

One of the sizes you can buy measures concerning 17 by17 inches and also you can obtain it in 1/2 inch densities. That brings up one more reason to make your wool pressing mat. You can make sure you obtain the density you desire that traps warm without damaging any kind of products beneath it.

A last factor why you ought to make your own is that by finishing the project you can really feel positive and also understand that you are really useful. This confidence lays a good structure that need to bring over to your sewing jobs.

Likewise, the added self-confidence assists you do a much better work at ironing or sewing. You are capable and equipped to handle simply about any sewing problem that comes your way.

Making a Wool Pressing Mat

Occasionally making your very own items are much more a labor of love than an affordable move. The costs can include up if you are just making one item out of the supplies you are buying. This consists of making a wool pressing floor covering.

Typically, your savings participate in the picture when you make greater than one. Making just one will make getting a ready to utilize wool pressing floor covering attractive by comparison.

Here are some steps to adhere to if you determine you intend to make your very own:

  • Action 1. you can purchase some wool to make your pressing mat or crochet an item of out of wool yarn. The dimension of your crochet piece of wool can get to regard 40 by 30 inches in size.
  • Action 2. If you do the last, then you will need to send it with the cleaning machine a couple of times making use of hot water to obtain it to appear like you desire. Simply do not use the spin cycle.
  • Step 3. Cut the wool piece as well as make sure you obtain all the loosened and also harsh strings and fibers off the wool
  • Step 4. trim the wool item to the size you desire as well as your wool pressing mat awaits use.

The trick is to make sure you plan for a lot of shrinkage when cutting or making your wool piece. The only drawback to this DIY choice is that your end outcome may not be as thick as the store-bought products.

DIY Wool Pressing Mat Tips

When you are preparing yourself to make your wool pressing floor covering, it is always a good concept to obtain a few suggestions to direct your work. There is no certain order to these pointers:

  • 1. Technique – by this we imply practice reducing the form you want and also obtaining the dimension of wool ideals. This action may conserve you from doing the procedure throughout when the wool reduces to a size that is also little.
  • 2. Wool shrinks – it is not a material that defends itself quite possibly versus water. Constantly reduce even more textile that you are mosting likely to require.
  • 3. Utilize a hinge – it is possible to position a material joint in your wool pressing mat. This function allows you to use it folded up or unravelled, particularly if the thickness is not as well thick. The hinge additionally makes it less complicated to lug the floor covering if you require to take it with you to a course or various other sewing activity.
  • 4. Wool blankets functions – if you are a little bit low-cost and do not wish to invest a great deal of money on materials, you can use a wool covering rather. Just fold it up so it has the density you require. Its weight must keep it really still.
  • 5. Finding a wool blanket – thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales are constantly excellent places to discover inexpensive wool blankets to utilize.

Why Use a Wool Pressing Mat?

Among the primary factors to make use of a wool pressing floor covering is the truth that you can use it almost anywhere. An ironing board, table, a makeshift reducing board or perhaps an old p [ice of wood that is lying around the house.

That versatility lets you use any surface you have handy. Another good reason is that you do a better job of pressing. You save time by using a top wool presser mat. A third reason is that the wool construction materials keep your blocks still.

The wool grabs the fabric you are ironing and hold sit in place making your ironing time a lot easier on you. That is a big benefit especially when you have a busy schedule to maintain.

The final reason you should use a wool presser mat is that it is made from natural construction materials. And if you like the smell of wool, these top wool presser mats will accommodate that feeling.

These items may be expensive but in the long run, you may save on time and a little money by using one. They are a durable and strong product that should last you a long time under normal use.

Are Wool Pressing Mats Worth It?

After looking at the reasons why you should use a wool pressing mat, you should agree that they are worth the time and trouble to add to your ironing arsenal. One of the more frustrating things about ironing is that the fabrics can move on you at the wrong time.

These wool pressing mats eliminate that frustration making your ironing less stressful and a lot easier on you. The wool should grab your fabric and keep it nice and stable so you can get through your ironing chore quickly. Also, with the heat help, you should only have to press one side of the garment.

These advantages may have you enjoying doing the ironing once again. Having your workload cut down a little bit also gives you time and extra energy for your family when they come home.

That alone makes using a wool pressing mat worth it.

How to Store Wool Pressing Mat

When not in use, storing your presser mat should not be that difficult. Depending on their size, they should fit into a cupboard with ease. Failing that, you may just leave them behind your sewing machine leaning against a wall.

Since wool can absorb moisture, you certainly do not want to store them in an area that gets a lot of moisture. Because they are flat and not that thick, there should be a nice out of the way place to put them until you need to use them again.

What to Look for When Buying a Wool Pressing Mat

When you are not in the mood to make your own pressing mat, you can always buy one. They are readily available and you should be able to find one just about anywhere.

Having a few guidelines to follow help you find the best wool pressing mats on the market today:

  • 1. Flexibility – make sure the wool presses down easily. This feature helps hold your fabric and makes your blocks a lot flatter.
  • 2. Texture – since it is wool there is always going to have a texture you want to make sure that the texture is rough enough to grab your fabric and hold on tight. Cheaper mats may not perform very well here because they are not made out of superior wool products.
  • ​3. Thickness – the thicker the better for your items that you are using to iron on. Usually, 1/2 inch is about as thin as you should go. Thicker pressing mats should work best with thicker fabrics like quilts.
  • ​4. Get more than one – here you should have a few mats on hand. That is because you may need to iron when you are away from home. The smaller versions travel better. Also, different sizes fit different fabrics better than others. You should always be prepared and not just have one lone wool pressing mat around the house.
  • 5. Odor-free – if you have a sensitive nose, then this version should be the best one for you. An odor-free wool pressing mat won’t distract you from your work.

Where to Buy a Wool Pressing Mat?

If you didn’t already guess, Amazon is a great place to find a good wool pressing mat. They come in all shapes and sizes and you should find them a lot cheaper than the $50 to $75 prices quoted earlier. Just click this link to get to them.

Joann has wool pressing mats for sale but be forewarned, they are not that cheap when you use their payment option. Click here to be taken to the website. Then the internet is full of options where you can find a pressing mat to purchase.

You can look at your local sewing or fabric stores, department stores, and small shops.

There shouldn’t be a problem in finding a wool pressing mat that fits your budget and needs.

Some Final Words

Making your own wool pressing mat may be your ticket to saving money while easing your ironing work. They are not hard to make and do not take a lot of time. Plus, you may save a few dollars when you do it yourself.

The good thing about doing it yourself is that you can make them any way you want and have them look any way you want. That freedom is priceless.

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